Fans across the world learned German just to be able to sing along to the lyrics. Click through the biggest selling single of every year since 1952 below: Acts with most singles to debut at Number 1, Artists with the most Number 1 singles on the UK chart, The biggest Halloween-themed songs revealed, We could see NINE new entries impact the Official Albums Chart Top 10 this Friday! There is also German female rapper such as Haiyti. Let's Love .

Many German rappers in 90s with his rap songs that draw attention in German music industry.

’s big comeback track I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb remix) spent four weeks at the summit in March/April and was the fourth biggest tune of the year, with a tally of 1.38m. So who is the best German rappers of all time?

Play. MORE: The Official Top 40 biggest songs of 2017. Lucilectric – Mädchen 5.

All rights reserved. See the song's full chart history here. Legal notice | Mike Posner’s big comeback track I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb remix) spent four weeks at the summit in March/April and was the fourth biggest tune of the year, with a tally of 1.38m. One Dance, Drake's first Number 1 as a lead artist, racked up 1.95 million combined sales over the year, made up of 530,000 downloads and an impressive 142 million streams. 4. Ich bin zu müde, um schlafen zu geh’n (1966) – Hildegard Knef 6. Head & Heart. The song stormed the German charts in early 1982, before an appearance on British TV show "Top of the Pops" triggered interest around the globe. Home » Music » Best German Rappers | List of Top 10 Rap & Hip Hop Artists in Germany. Read the latest music news on rock, pop, country, jazz, rap, hip hop and more, get ringtones and lyrics. The re-recording in English went platinum in Brazil, and double platinum in Canada. An alternative version in English made it to number 1 in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Birth name : Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi (also known as Sonny Black) Born : Bonn, Germany on 28 September 1978 Debut : 1988 Genres : Hip hop, gangsta rap Jobs : Rapper, producer, entrepreneur Best rap/hip hop songs : Fur immer jung, Nie wieder, Janine, Kennst du die Stars, Birth name : Patrick Losensky (also known as Frank White) Born : Bonn, Germany on 1982 Debut : 1999 Genres : Hip hop Jobs : Rapper, singer Best rap/hip hop songs : Ich sing nicht mehr fur dich, Jump jump, Eine chance, Zu gangsta, Birth name : Peter Pangerl Born : Linz, Austria on 22 February 1981 Debut : 2005 Genres : Hip hop, rap Jobs : Rapper, producer Best rap/hip hop songs : Eure kinder, Unter der Sonne, Charlie brown, Dings, Birth name : Aykut Anhan Born : Offenbach, Hessen, Germany on 16 December 1985 Debut : 2009 Genres : Hip hop, rap Jobs : Rapper Best rap/hip hop songs : Chabos wissen wer der babo ist, CopKKKilla, Depressionen im ghetto, Mama, Birth name : Marten Laciny (also known as Marsimoto) Born : Rostock, East Germany on 4 December 1982 Debut : 1998 Genres : Hip hop, electro, alternative Jobs : Singer, rapper Best rap/hip hop songs : Zum konig geboren, Aliens, Scotty beam mich hoch, Verstrahit, Birth name : Paul Hartmut Wurdig Born : East Berlin, East Germany on 30 November 1980 Debut : 1997 Genres : Hip hop Jobs : Rapper Best rap/hip hop songs : Mein block, Steh wieder auf, Strassenjunge, Nein, Birth name : Ronja Zcshoche Born : Hamburg, Germany on 20 January 1993 Debut : 2013 Genres : Hip hop Jobs : Rapper, producer, entrepreneur Best rap/hip hop songs : Gold, Mafioso, Sunny driveby, 100.000 fans, Birth name : Ekrem Bora (also known as Eko Freezy or Elektro Eko) Born : Cologne, West Germany on 3 September 1983 Debut : 2002 Genres : Hip hop, rap Jobs : Rapper, songwriter Best rap/hip hop songs : Die abrechnung, Ek is back, Ring frei, U-bahn ficker, Members : Tarek, Maxim, Nico Origin : Berlin, Germany Debut : 2000 Genres : Hip hop, alternative rap Best rap/hip hop songs : Ellenbogengesellschaft, Boom boom boom, Holle, Spasst, Birth name : Felix Martin Andreas Matthias Blume Born : Friedberg, Hesse, West Germany on 3 August 1984 Debut : 2003 Genres : Hip hop, gangsta rap Jobs : Rapper Best rap/hip hop songs : Kuck auf die goldkette, Jetlag, Von salat schrumpft der bizeps, Dynamite.

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