card classic compact. In case you’re not familiar with this great law, Godwin’s Law is a wonderful internet-age adage worth familiarizing yourself with. (TM) Basil Fawlty. If I have missed the point then again I apologise. However in the example you give I think Godwins law is appropriate. By the ever-brilliant XKCD. Top. So whom exactly did Cruz compare to Hitler? Yes I misquoted. To me the the point of your post appears to be that Godwins law is being abused. It seems Godwin’s Law is better named Godwin’s Defence, the trump card to shut down any conversation pointing to parallels, in order to escape due critique. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Neville Chamberlain told the British people: Accept the Nazis. In older internet forums its considered end of thread and the person who invoked the Nazis is seen to have lost the argument as they had to resort to the lowest comparison. Hell, it is magical. Create a free website or blog at Obamacare is an extension of a principle “begun” by Otto von Bismarck. I think any Nazi comparison counts as Godwins law not just with a person. He was saying that when we have a cause, we shouldn’t give up, even when it looks as if the other side will win. Franco was everyone's first thought when it came to bombers. Hitler As 2010 Political Analogy Of The Year. Join. Why, exactly?”. Similarly, a November 2007 issue of Jeph Jacques’s webcomic Questionable Content, entitled "Godwin Wars", referenced (and contrasted) Godwin’s law and the reductio ad Hitlerum. Interesting how the engines are placed above the wings rather than being faired into the wings via nacelles. It’s beautiful viewing. LAME. I think it’s more specific than that. Why, exactly? We cannot possibly stand against them. If this had happened in the 1940s, we would have been listening to them. My writing has appeared in The Onion, Fangraphs (once), Philadelphia City Paper, and locally wherever fine IP addresses are served. Enter your email address to subscribe to our monthly newsletter: Economic Philosophy, Politics and Economics, All he did was use a number of historical incidents of defeatism and show that in each case the defeatism was unjustified. back to top. Buy my book The Next War in the Air: Britain's Fear of the Bomber, 1908-1941 (Ashgate, 2014; Routledge, 2017) in hardcover, paperback or ebook format. Thanks for the quote. Essentially, just judge for yourself who appears to be engaging in bad faith. Chamberlain was the one who declared war on Germany after the invasion of Poland. I’m saying that I misunderstood Godwin’s law to mean something more general, and I think most other people do too. At one point in his 21-hour speech in the U.S. Senate, Cruz made the case that we should not take as given that opposing something is futile just because many people say that opposing something is futile. I’m not defending Cruz’s strategy. Comments are closed. Its a cheap form for debate. In case you’re not familiar with this great law, Godwin’s Law is a wonderful internet-age adage worth familiarizing yourself with. He gave a number of instances. He was making a point. And make sure you vote for the sort of person whose election strategy isn't destroying any mechanism that helps peo…. They would have gotten beyond the carrier pigeons and letters and they would have been on TV saying: You cannot defeat the Germans. Rising. Godwin’s law. We saw this recently in the case of the junior U.S. If “Godwin’s Law” is supposed to be act as an admonition against bad faith in debate, as opposed to an observation of a peculiar likelihood in word usage, then Henderson’s Law is much better. Godwin's Law, the place for bad historical analogies r/ godwinslaw. A May 2007 issue of Randall Munroe‘s webcomic xkcd anachronistically portrays Allied officers trying to discuss Axis military tactics, but being interrupted by Godwin’s Law. Do you feel the same sense of fun when the left use the “Think of the Children” argument to make a comparison? In its October 2007 issue and … A quote: “It fell to Neville Chamberlain in one of the supreme crises of the world to be contradicted by events, to be disappointed in his hopes, and to be deceived and cheated by a wicked man. SFAIK, comparing people to Bismarck gets you blank stares, not Godwin Awards… but if you consider WWI as a vain attempt by the French to get out of reparations for the Franco-Prussian War…. card. The Nazis are the best thing that ever happened to Hollywood action movies, but they were a pox on American political conversation in 2010. Comments. Yes, they will dominate the continent of Europe, but that is not our problem. In this case, I suggests it is not one whose unambigious argumentative point is being supported by examples othar than those involving World War II references – Man on the Moon, etc.– but rather the other whose subliminal argument is based on the misapplication of a quote. Hot New Top Rising. He was being sardonic, yet surprisingly accurate. Seitz’s Law: crappy writers will name-check contemporary pseudo-Laws in an effort to seem not-clueless. If giving up is okay then Nazis must be okay. After he seeded Godwin's Law within various BBS threads, it caught on with ease, even morphing into different versions of the same basic idea, much like … Hot. Happy Cakeday, r/godwinslaw! Perhaps the next generation’s Godwin’s Law will be Osama Bin Laden and 9/11 comparisons. Posted by 6 days ago. Curiously we are always being reminded that in order not to repeat the same mistakes, we must always remember the war and the hideous NAZI regime and learn lessons from it, but then we are chastised when we do. Surely his goal was the containment of German power in Europe, but without another catastrophic war. Required fields are marked *, interested in or enthusiastic for the use and development of aircraft (Oxford English Dictionary). The Senator invoked giving up against the Nazis as an indirect comparison to giving up against Obamacare. Anyhow, Jon Stewart recently paid his staff tribute while simultaneously pointing out, yet again, that FoxNews is a morally-and rhetorically-bankrupt rage dispensary. In America there were voices who listened to that; I suspect the same pundits who said it couldn’t be done. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. ("Regarding Mussolini" from xkcd.) They were surely among the most noble and benevolent instincts of the human heart-the love of peace, the toil for peace, the strife for peace, the pursuit of peace, even at great peril, and certainly to the utter disdain of popularity or clamour. Good point. Why? He certainly wasn’t proposing a hands-off “that is not our problem” policy in Europe! Apologies if I am coming across as aggressive or harsh. For example, “Hitler loved his German Shepard Blondi, not unlike how the president loves his Portuguese Water dogs. Really, we’re supposed to try to ignore one of the biggest events of the 20th century in all discussions? Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year. 6. What I am saying is that in discussing opposition to Hitler, Cruz did not compare anyone to Hitler and he did not say that ObamaCare was Naziism. The original formulation was "As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." Hot. As the Wikipedia entry further explains: There are many corollaries to Godwin's law, some considered more canonical (by being adopted by Godwin … Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. What was that faith that was abused? I think this is a clear example of academia failing to adapt to the new realities of the Internet age. Godwins law or Godwins rule of Hitler analogies is an Internet adage asserting that As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1 that is, if an online discussion regardless of topic or scope goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will.

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