Eventually the Ferrari spins out, and having built up an appetite, Bond reveals a chilled bottle of Bollinger and moves his “evaluation” to the “practical” stage, that is, hint hint, “sex”. The sight of Bond trying to wrench Onatopp’s killer thighs off him before flinging her into a wall is just icing on the BDSM cake. 'Natalya Abuse': Funny Ways To Die - GoldenEye 007, for the Nintendo 64. Pretty remarkable run from Henrik here. But a missile emerges from the water and shoots down the plane. Bond and Natalya break into Trevelyan’s under-dish lair, which while in possession of what my podcasting buddy Stuart Layt calls a “Doom Screen”, also looks like a bland open plan office. Bond first meets Natalya where both are being held prisoner. Will he turn his attention to Agent now and threaten Marc's 0:57? I remember deciding to run on the bush track.

The button then launched the cockpit into the air before some missiles that had been locked to the helicopter's coordinates when they fired struck the rest of the helicopter. While Bond went to work cutting a hole in the train's inch-thick plating, Natalya made use of a nearby computer terminal to triangulate the location of her former coworker Boris Grishenko, who was working for Trevelyan. And so here we are, half way through the movie, and finally, the reveal of Janus’ true identity. Natalya responded that there was a possibility, so the transmitter on the antenna must be destroyed. Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova The chase leads to a missile train used by Janus, in which Bond kills Ourumov, before escaping from the train with Natalya before Trevelyan destroys it.
Bond protecting Natalya at the St. Petersburg archives. Probably a silly question, but I only passively follow the GE speedrun community...Does the elite accept runs not performed live in this age of twitch? Red If you enjoyed it, you can sign up to support the series and my other writing/podcasting efforts via my Patreon page. She found her way out by climbing on the control centre satellite that had fallen through the ceiling during the centre's destruction. Despite her skepticism in the existence of a god, Natalya prayed for her family until Boris came. Natalya worked as a Level 2 programmer for the guidance system at the Severnaya Satellite Control Center. Indeed, the casting of Sean Bean affected the script, which had been developed first by Michael France, then later reworked by Jeffrey Caine, Bruce Fierstein and Kevin Wade. Status

A helicopter hijacking in Monte Carlo leads James Bond to Russia, where the GoldenEye satellite has been stolen by an international crime syndicate headed by the mysterious Janus. Also, a massive shout out to Minnie Driver, who does such a great job in her tiny cameo as Zuchovsky’s cat-strangling wannabe Tammy Wynette. Bond then reconnected the rope that rappelled Xenia down to her safety harness and used her AK-74 rifle that was slung across her back to shoot the helicopter's cockpit which killed the pilot and fatally damaged the vehicle. Occupation But seeing him suffer a burn so fierce even Australians in summer would give it a low whistle is borderline erotic.

Hi all, have always struggled with the 00 Agent on the train, I just can't escape with Natalya. Unfortunately for players, the Cougar Magnum cannot be taken away from her; even if Natalya is killed, th…

Natalya then ordered the pilot to pick up Bond from the antenna before it exploded and fell, crushing Trevelyan to death. Only Clemens on Surface 2 00 Agent and Boss on Statue 00 Agent have held a series of Untied WRs for more days than Marc has held the Train Agent UWR. Eon Productions had good reason to show off its new line-up of stars, with the emphasis on new. For some reason, my emulator was acting up, hence the fuzzy graphics when using a weapon at times. Thank you for reading this instalment of the James Bond Retrospective! And it’s not like M doesn’t care about Bond - she just wants him to hold back a bit on the loose cannon business and focus on the mission. He raised a clenched fist to her face before being restrained by Trevelyan. It’s not to say it wouldn’t have worked - there had been a script in development about a terrorist threat to a Scottish nuclear facility and a corrupt East Asian businessman - but a few extra years allowed Eon breathing room to see what the washing and rinsing of the Iron Curtain would do to the geopolitical clothesline, and maybe, just maybe, get a yarn out of it.

“Come back, Natalie!” I can remember my mother calling out after me, worried I’d slip and fall, or possibly be abducted and murdered. The helicopter then began to plummet towards the ground dragging the screaming Xenia with it and trapping her in the fork of a tree, which ironically crushed her to death. There was a real risk the franchise itself might have become that scenario writ large - embroiled in legal dramas after Licence to Kill, some critics believed the Bond films had run their course, and were best left as a nostalgic collection of Cold War era novelties. While Bond went to work cutting a hole in the train's inch-thick plating, Natalya made use of a nearby computer terminal to triangulate the location of her former coworker Boris Grishenko, who was working for Trevelyan. Fortunately Natalya had hidden herself in one of the cupboards. the man from the helicopter, who introduced himself as James Bond, then threw a chair at him and they tried to escape the facility. Afterwards they travelled to Cuba where they were greeted by a friend of Bond's named Jack Wade who gave them a plane and also warned them that Trevelyan knows that they were coming. Of course, given Bond bungee jumped down a big-ass dam to get to the facility, it makes no sense that the facility itself is still sitting atop a mountain, but hey, don’t let the physics get in the way of a good stunt. Not me, of course, I’m far too mature to try to re-enact the sexy girls hammering away at statues of fallen dictators. However he was proven wrong when the satellite had already been programmed for re-entry and would be burnt up somewhere over the Atlantic. Natalya uses the time to track Boris on the computer, to find out where Alec might be going. A quick compilation of funny ways for everybody's favourite computer programmer to die in GoldenEye 007. Unnamed ParentsUnnamed Grandfather Of course, Alec is captured by the Russian in charge, Colonel Ourumov, sensationally played by Gottfried John as someone with a lot of external power, but tortured by the internal knowledge that he is a simple coward not worthy of any of it. Vehicle information Bond seized his chance and knocked the pen amongst the canisters which had a devastating effect on the control room. The tension builds as the GoldenEye satellite fires at the Severnaya facility, blasting its way from rumour into fact with a searing electro-magnetic pulse that wipes out MI6’s cameras - not to mention the entire base with Natalya trapped inside.

She plays the damsel-in-distress role in Bunker (ii) as well as the St. Petersburg levels. Fun fact: The last person to hold a WR on Train that hasn't held an untied sweep on the stage is David Clemens way back in 2010. Natalya however remained silent. The enforced and yet ultimately refreshing break breathed new life into the series, and we can thank GoldenEye that we still have Bond today. The fact that it grossed more than $350 million in worldwide box office is not just a reflection of nostalgia for the franchise after a six-year hiatus, but for its genuine thrills and fantastic characters. Runway Agent done in 21 seconds, dethrones oldest WR in game.

This sent pieces of the concrete ceiling crashing to the floor. Bond knows this is a reference to the timers he switched to three minutes at Arkangel resulting in an early explosion that burned the right side of Alec’s face. The action recommences with Bond machine gunning his way out on a conveyor belt, then grabbing a motorbike and chasing down a plane taxi-ing on the cliffside runway. I adore the messed up magnificent garbage person he truly is. GoldenEye : Trivia Questions and Answers This category is for questions and answers related to GoldenEye, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. James Bond Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Bond had escaped and was planning a rescue, which was confirmed when they were tailed through St. Petersburg by a T55 tank. We’ve seen other Double-Os referenced before, or briefly turn up before dying horribly, but actually seeing a pair in action is giddying. Once Janus reveals himself as Trevelyan to Bond, he states that neither she nor the helicopter are needed any longer as they have the GoldenEye firing key. Featuring Natalya, with deaths ranging from the glitchy, to the downright comical.

But before that, he was a former Top 10 player back in 2005-06 or so, famously untying Aztec 00 Agent 1:55 in early 2005, (which is where I end Part 1 and start Part 2 of the Aztec SpeedLore episodes,) as well as coming up with a strategy on Train itself where you can escape the train before Natalya starts her hacking... something which saves about 13 seconds on Secret and 00 Agent.

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