Also featured are 60 photos from Kate's musical life, a wonderful piece about Kate written by her long-time friend and co-musician Bruce "Utah" Phillips, a lengthy biography and a complete discography. But he’s still a man who loves you. You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab.Link to read me page with more information. Psalm 139:10 even there Your hand will guide me; Your right hand will hold me fast. As for us, our life is like grass. Pop A Top; 17. Don't Let Me Cross Over; 20. I wanted to know if there was something wrong with my sentences but it said there wasn’t.THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! Choose one of the browsed Your Grandma And My Grandma lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. And she’s taught you things for all that you’ve shown her. There’s ten free kittens, a square dance on Sunday, Know your future, it’s in the stars — fifteen dollars or fix my car, You can call mornings or evenings until nine, Do you want to lose weight, meditate? Isaiah 49:10 They will not hunger or thirst, nor will the scorching heat or sun strike them. Dr. Uke sings along with songs marked with an s.Songs marked with an * are suitable for beginners. Revelation 7:17 For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. First published in 1987, this songbook contains words and music to all of Kate's original songs recorded on her first seven albums. Herbal remedies you can take, So if you’re needing something and you don’t know where to start, Just make yourself a card that says it all, Use the words that say it best, include a number and address, And pin it up with the others on the wall, Of a house that stood and a garden that grew, One spring when the buds came bursting forth, Do you think, said the Lilac, this might be the year, and the people who came built their homes in the hills, But now there are cities, the roads have come, And the only signs of the farms in the hills, © 1974 Another Sundown Publishing Company, It’s the deepest channel that runs most true, With the ship on course and the sea wind fair, © 1979 Another Sundown Publishing Company, singing to the coffeepot and the kitchen wall, picking out some pretty run, on the strings, ones that kept me going on when I’d wonder why, turn to dust and fall before the open sky, And love can find you in the darkest hour, touch you lightly as a flower on colored wings, Like the morning dew, like the morning dew, Sweet love, don’t deny me just a hand to hold, Reaching out for someone who can take the lead, Although my eyes are dry, I’ve cried inside, And listen to your breathing ‘til it slows, You know the road looked straight ahead from far away, She rises like the dolphin with the sea wind in her eyes, And the sunlight casting shadows like a painter’s palette knife, Her hair fans out around her, floating like a crown, She plays on the water and lets it pull her down, Sometimes she swims in moonlight with the stars high above, And the night sounds of the water speaking soft of love, Her skin turns to velvet as she feels the waters glide, She loses all her boundaries on this magic carpet ride, You see ripples on the water and watch the shadows dance, Then she’s diving down and you’re looking through a glass, Like a one-way mirror her reflection’s far below, And where she was, she isn’t now; that’s all you really know, Two swimmers in the water, one of silver, one of gold, One below the surface, one reaching for a hold, One floating freely, one trying not to drown, A dreamer with two faces, a dolphin and a clown, If you think you’ll hold her in a shallow pool, Or catch her in a waterfall, you’re thinking like a fool, She’ll strike for the horizon like a ship out to sea, Leaving just illusions that look like memories, She wears the water like a mask, a brand new suit of clothes, A player on the stage, an actress no one knows, See her roll and tumble, falling like a clown —, A swimmer in the water that runs from higher ground, Great love of my life, how I feel you here beside me, Watching the clouds turn red at the close of day, And you know I think about you as the sun goes down, Great love of my life, I see your face before me, And it’s all that I can do not to want you here beside me, Great love of my life, you know it isn’t easy, Saying goodbye to the good times that we knew. Have you seen my boy, is he growing tall? Did you come here for someone who works with the land. Green, Green Grass Of Home; 12. Did you leave behind a shelter for your long hair blowing free? Please enter your email address: Subscribe Share your thoughts about with the community: 4 Comments. The Cottonwood thicket by the slow rolling river, nights with the drinking for a lost love that raged like a storm, But how his eyes smiled when he’d talk to a child, where the long sleeves rolled down on his faded blue cotton shirt, When times got hard he’d go out in the yard, Now the garden’s grown dusty, the handaxe lies rusty, Grandpa’s store is closed down, like most of the town, And the big white car sits out in the yard. Remastered with care by Michael Holland. ‘Cause somehow in that warm room, with coffee on the stove, It seems we really said the most when we didn’t talk at all, Let the songs speak for us like the sunlight on the wall, Now as we come and go, in sunshine and in rain, Some years are seen more clearly than the rest, And if it weren’t for kitchen songs and mornings spent with friends, We all might lose the things we love the best, You came when you were needed, I could not ask for more, Than to turn to find you walking through the kitchen door, It was twenty-five years ago, when I began my life, The second child of a woman, who tried hard to raise us right, She married a man, when I was just a babe, Who treated me just like his own, even giving me his name, I never knew my father, I only knew his name, Sometimes I got to wondering, about this man I never knew, When I’d find myself into something, just the way he used to do, Heard stories all my life, of how he loved to sing, And how he would take apart and fix most anything, Now I can’t say that I don’t care, that he died before I was born, I get to asking why he did, and I’ll probably ask some more, My life’s been good, I can’t say that I’ve had it bad, But now I’m seeing years that my dad never had, I can say I’ve had a full and a happy life, I’m amazed to find you’re still on my mind, I’m amazed to find that you’re still on my mind, Or just doing all the things that fill my time, Words and Music by Kate Wolf and Hugh Shacklett, Outside a country store there’s a board on the wall, And what the folks are looking for is written there to see, That everybody’s looking for the same thing, There’s someone going to Boston with a guitar and a dog. Just Someone I Used To Know; 19. How long, how long, will it be ’til you’re returning? Put your ear to the rail, you can hear my love come down Where hearts and heroes fail, I won’t be turned around Sleepwalking these rails, I let the grass grow long. That pierce you to your soul. Funny How Time Slips Away; 18. Did you come here for the living that makes you try your wings? Living in the mountains by the rolling sea? Songs These song arrangements for the ukulele are provided by Doctor Uke for his students and/or patients.They are to be used for educational and/or medicinal purposes only. and when he hideth his face, who then can behold him? : 40 Songs That Became Hits For Others... (CD), Hank Snow's Most Requested of All Time (CD), The Goldrush Is Over: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (CD), No Stones Unturned: 60 Songs Covered By The Rolling Stones... (CD), Country Hit Parade 1950: 25 Original Recordings by the... (CD), Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour: Best Of The First... (CD), Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes. Lately in the afternoon I’m crying over you, Though everything still seems just the same, And lately there’ve been questions in this heart of mine, And Honey, I can’t tell if it’s you or me, And if I thought that you could see it too, And lately you’ve been seen coming into your own. THOMAS: Mama: POP TOPS: Mamy Blue: DRAFI DEUTSCHER: Marble breaks and … For tasting cold and hunger and leaving pretty things? We grow and flourish like a wild flower; Holman Christian Standard Bible As for man, his days are like grass-- he blooms like a flower of the field; International Standard Version A person's life is like grass— it blossoms like wild flowers, NET Bible A person's life is like grass. But what is it that you’re trying to find? But the hard times came and took us where we never thought we’d go, Great love of my life, the flames are leaping higher, So happy and so sad with the twisted pain of love, Remember the time we stood laughing like small children, Caught in the rain and they took our photograph, With our arms around each other and our eyes on fire, Looking out at the rain running off our hats, Great love of my life, the first time that we touched, And it never changed all the years we were as one, Oh love, it’s your blue eyes turning to black, Shining down on me as I lie here on my back, And that lovelight shines deeper than even I can see, It makes my heart glad it’s shining down on me, Shining in the morning, shining in the evening, Shining in the summer,  and the winter too, Makes me sing with a glad heart, sing in my sorrow, Sing for those blue eyes that burn so true, I’d like to wrap you in my blankets, yes, and ride that morning train, Lie warm and soft beside you, listening to the rain, Rolling down the valley on its journey in the wind, And watch that light of love come shining down again, You get that look in your eyes, love it’s something I can’t name, I’ve seen that look before just not on something tame. Also, check out BEGINNERS. Love Love Can Build a Bridge Love Grows Under (A) Love, Love, Love Love Is the Greatest Gift Love Potion #9 Love the Lord Your God Lying In My Sleeping Bag (A) Magelina Hagelina (A) Magic Penny Mama Don’t Allow Man’s Life’s a Vapor (R) May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Michael Row The Boat Ashore More We Get Together (The) Mountain Dew . All rights Reid Jamieson Socan 2010. Stand By Your Man; Tracks of Disc 3; 1. whether it be done against a nation, or against a man only: Isaiah 8:6 Forasmuch as this people refuseth the waters of Shiloah that go softly, and rejoice in Rezin and Remaliah's son; Verb - Hifil - Imperfect - third person masculine singular | first person common singular, To crouch, be implication, to recline, repose, brood, lurk, imbed, Preposition-b | Noun - feminine plural construct, Habitation, house, pasture, pleasant place, Verb - Piel - Imperfect - third person masculine singular | first person common singular, To lead or guide to a watering place, bring to a place of rest, refresh, Repose, peacefully, consolation, an abode, He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers, OT Poetry: Psalm 23:2 He makes me lie down in green (Psalm Ps Psa.) THATISFUNNYHA. Detroit City ; 16. Lovebirds charm by Kurt Morrison. WAITING ROOM. and hugs his wife in a sweat-stained shirt, steps through that door to where it’s warm inside, How we’ve only got these times we’re living in, as I walk through the quiet streets the same, When the morning breaks and the sunlight warms my soul, In the East the Eagle flies and the Red-tail proudly soars, Let the Sundance guide my feet to your desire, the words like gold that shimmer in the sun, When the sun goes down and it grows too dark to see, I take my place with the woman in the West, Turn toward the South like the water I will run, In innocence and trust, the moonchild’s song is sung, Where the Turtle’s voice is heard upon the land, the Rattlesnake will call me to the dance, In the deepest night the stars watch over me, Old woman of the North, my mind seeks clarity, Let the thunder and the lightning carry me, Lay my thoughts to rest and send me into sleep, I wrote to you somewhere in South Australia, I struggle with finding words to sing these days, I said, As if my thoughts are waiting in the wings for the stage to clear, And you in your elegance and humor fill the room, Your anger at the injustice of man’s narrowness and fear, You wrote of love from the coast of Mendocino, The children of your body spread out across this earth, Like messages written across time measuring the years, I heard your songs reach out to California, A poet’s heart locked in the Coeur d’Alene, Of the old men and the booze, singing out the truth in lives, Of forgiveness and loyalties to friends, constant as the endless railroad ties, So here we are joined finally by our words, I remember how you said that language is a knife, That spreads what we feel across the dry crust of someone’s heart, © 1984 Another Sundown Publishing Company, Just an old house with the roof falling in, Watching the crops grow as it’s always done before, The sun’s going down in the Carolina Pines, I’m a long way from home and I miss that love of mine, Old memories come whistling like the wind, Through the walls and the cracked window panes, And the grass is growing high around the kitchen door, Once there were children and a few hired hands, A hard-working woman and a bone-tired man, Now that old sun steals across a dusty floor, © 1985 Another Sundown Publishing Company, ‘Cause you got me dancing down these muddy roads, The sunlight playing on my back, shirt in hand, And now the flame is out, but the light burns on, No one ever said he was bigger than his songs, So few ever knew the heart inside the man, But he gave himself away as only poets can, He took the stories of his people and gave them back in rhyme, But for the pleasures of the hearth there was never enough time, He said one day he’d quit and then he would come home, But there was always one more stage, always one more road, The candle’s burning at both ends, it’s burning in the middle, There’s no time to stop between the guitar and the fiddle, A crazy tune, a crazy time you know the words were true, Smiles lit their eyes but all he ever saw was you, And the road finally claimed him like a sailor lost at sea, Setting sail on the horizon that would not let him be, Following a star that drew him like a flame, And though he loved you so well it was not the same, with your heart like gold and a rainbow in your eyes, there are none of us who walk this path alone, it’s the only life that we have ever known, When they finally meet they can’t touch each other, She’s weaving him a pillow full of dreams, With the colors of the berries that grow among the hills, Strands of cloudy gray and deep blue indigo, And she sits beside the open door in the evening sun, Combs the carded wool in her lap, her long hair all undone, Talking to the one she loves, as she weaves the hand-spun yarn, Like a web around her there to keep her safe from harm, So fine the threads that bind the souls together, Sometimes the strongest love hangs by such a slender thread, He always loved to sing those country songs, About his mountain home and love gone wrong, That one about an old friend riding with the highway signs, But his favorites were the ones he could play between the lines, He would sit on her porch in the evening light, With his guitar in his hands singing to the night, Weaving pictures in her mind with every single word, But the songs he wrote for her were the only ones she heard, So fine the thread that bound the souls together, She loved to hear him sing that’s what she said, If he’d gone just another inch by now he would be dead, At times a life can hang by such a slender thread, He can only thank his stars for another day, And then he has to choose to live another way, But he can’t ask her how this time, she’s already said, That fine line that you walk is just a slender thread, She knows his heart can be as tough as leather, So strong the threads that bind the souls together, But still he counts the scars inside his head, She got it from her captain when he sailed around the horn, Bringing gifts from China to their Oklahoma home, There were fancy silks and carved wood chests from the places he had gone, She kept them all until she died but this was her favorite one, Just a little box all covered with blossoms white as snow, Chinese red and made of brass that he gave her long ago, Like the red dirt Oklahoma hills and the springtime flowering trees, That she kept with all the love they shared inside her memories, She kept it on her dresser filled with gold and silver rings, Necklaces of turquoise beads and other things, It filled her heart with the mystery and the magic of the day, When he gave it to her for her own in his quiet loving way, Ten years they spent together he’d come home and then he’d leave, And one day while she waited he disappeared at sea, No one knew how she’d call his name to the silent rocks and stones, Or how she’d sit and hold that little box so she would not feel alone, She never was a dancer or wrote a fancy line, The treasures of her life were the things she left behind, They buried her without them where the prairie grasses grow, In China or a woman’s heart there are places no one knows, and the time that’s left is yours to keep, I can see her sing through half closed eyes, Contact     +1 415-488-0772PO Box 151208, San Rafael, California 94915 USA© Owl Productions.

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