So if you don't live in Cali your shit outta luck. I'm a noobie. They have a 90% germination guarantee. Currently, Growers Choice proud to give over 40 cannabis seed strains meeting all requirements. Hopefully they end up being good.

Thanks! Delivery Guarantee. the smaller plant came out with hints of purple but nothing on the other plant. What’s interesting is, they are based out of the US and also ships from the US. I have used Attitude, Firestax and Artizen Seeds. About Growers Choice Seeds Growers Choice Seeds is a trusted North American seed company dedicated to natural health and wellness.

The best part is the shipping takes only 3 to 5 days max and is much faster even for international orders. You usually have to know someone or plunk down a bit of cash to get anything even close to those Fire genetics. You are using an out of date browser. That Amnesia that. I just ordered seeds form spain the first time with CC so Ill see how that goes.

Today I'm super excited to be introducing you guys to a new seed bank I just discovered. Growers Choice Seeds is a recent addition to the seed banks list.

1 of those auto got really fat ended up with a yield of about 5 oz off that one plant. Somewhere in the heavens...they are waiting. JavaScript is disabled.

Hope I can keep her going. A List Of Seedbanks To Buy From Or Not To Buy From With Ratings. Ive run alot of GCS gear, so far all of it was really high quality didnt realize they were a sponser. I ordered 3 just to check it out.

Growers Choice seeds !! They were suppose to be indica but the leafs were slim and long looking more like a sativa. Thanks for supporting this great community. 3 out of 4 failed to germinate Literally every plant I have ever grown from a seed vendor or bag seed has been better than Grower's Choice. That's why they target grower sites, hoping to find inexperienced growers. Very great strain all and all blueberry will always be one of my favorites but Growers Choice Seeds genetics for this are awesome.. I am novice grower with 4 crops harvested. Started them c/o GC's germinating instructions Tuesday morning (4am). Attitude took the longest but had the largest selection. Im growing their Purple Kush and amnesia right now. I live in OR and I have two different strains on the way! They are called Growers Choice Seeds. And shipping at 7$ is the cheapest i've seen. I didnt even know DCSE had autos.

JavaScript is disabled. Centralized in Hollywood California, 420 Magazine has been delivering cannabis education to thousands daily since its inception in 1993.

I have used the stealth shipping option when it is offered. Grower's Choice Seeds are the worst seeds that I have ever grown.

I guess I am jaded.

I germed 2 of each and only half showed roots. 2.1 Cheap cannabis seeds reddit; 2.2 Growers choice cannabis seeds for cannabis seeds tips; Growers choice cannabis seeds for cannabis seed sellers usa. After a dozen+ emails with customer service they sent 4 replacement seeds for the 4 that didn't germ, no replacements for the autos that didn't auto.

However, with ILGM, delivery is not a … I grew out a Tangerine Dream, after losing two Northern Lights that didn't break ground and one TD that didn't germ.

White Rhino's cheer!

Had to flip the auto's to 12/12 at 90 days to get them to flower. Got about an average of 1 or more ounces per plant.

Growers choice seeds have the same program that will enable users to enjoy their quality products As well as earn extra income. You're killing it Sofaking!

Never saw this thread lol.

Gorilla Seeds - Review of Gorilla Seeds' reputation, strain selection and quality, and special offers. Barely mids, certainly not dank.

8. The earnings are dependent on the number of visitors using your link as well as what amount they spend on the company. They don't put off a lot, but mine were apparently potent. blacklabel99 Newbie. And show the fact that autoflowering varieties here will only 5055 days at 420 nothing to. Excellent seeds! the beans are healthy, shipping is free and they back up what they sell. There simply is not 1 strain on their list that I would have any interest in growing or recommending to anyone to grow. Got my seeds Saturday and I am on the east coast. Many seed banks don’t guarantee that your seeds will arrive.

I have been lucky I guess as I have not had any shipments intercepted.

Ilovegrowingmarijuana knows you cannot wait that long. You might find a keeper but most likely not. 3 months ago. Discussions regarding Cannabis Seed Banks. Finally had a chance to check them out.

The discounts policy is 20% on each item that is purchased. !Welcome to 420 relax and enjoy!!! i like ilgm.

I have no idea whether the strains are good, but the reviews seem good, and the breeder's specs are impressive. Going to give them another try with Gorilla glue auto. Pretty sad that I live in kentucky and have to order my seeds from Europe but I can't get them from California and live this close to Cali. Have you ever ordered from them?? Huge waste of time and tent space. But are the complaints exaggerated? Eliminating as many variables as possible helps beginner in their first foot steps toward dank. I bought some seeds from Growers Choice ( Tangerine Dream Auto and Northern lights auto) CC and fast delivery. So i was running out of time so i went with growers choice seeds now im hoping i dint waste my money .Just thought i through that out there, Attitude seeds(, Does anyone have good luck with l lo be growing marawona for seeds, Oops has anyone have good look buy seeds from .l love growing marawona.

Growers Choice and ILGM are not inside the USA. Dude why the head ache learn from my mistake dcseedexchange and greenpoint seeds are way better.

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