If our dog is a little surly or even lethargic, we might want to give them an old man name because it … New profile pic Friday! Annoying habits? 29 HERMANOrigin and meaning: Of German origin meaning ‘soldier, warrior’.Famous namesakes: US novelist Herman Melville. Pronunciation: AE l b er t Origin: GermanMeaning: bright or shinyFamous Namesakes: scientist Albert Einstein, painter Albert Namatjira, actor Albert Finney, philosopher Albert CamusGeneral Overview: A popular name among the royals, such as Queen Victoria's husband and the current Prince of Monaco, it can be shortened to Al or Bert or Bertie.

Ambrose. OK, Horace took some time to grow on me, but gosh if it doesn't have a certain adorable quality about it.

38 OLIVEROrigin and meaning: Of Latin origin meaning ‘olive tree’.Famous namesakes: American film director Oliver Stone. 40 OTISOrigin and meaning: Of German origin meaning ‘wealthy’.Famous namesakes: American soul singer Otis Redding. A unisex name that can be shortened to Sid, though the girls' name is often spelt Sydney, like the city.
Ambrose: This is a fairly old-fashioned, traditional name, but I really happen to like it. If you're looking for a path to Fred, you can go directly to Frederick or take the long way around with the so-out-it's-in-again Alfred. In fact, if the word “uncle” seems a natural fit before your choice, that’s a fair test that it should be on a list of old boy names. What old man names would you give your newborn?

Pronunciation: p ER s ee Origin: GreekMeaning: rockFamous Namesakes: poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, Percy Jackson (played by Logan Lerman), R&B singer Percy SledgeGeneral Overview: your young ones will know him best as the green train in Thomas the Tank Engine. Edgar's English and means "wealthy spearman," so if this sounds like a super masculine choice your partner will love, push for it. Choose Eugene. , Thank you to The Book Of Man for the interview talking about all things #Butterfly #WomenOnTheVerge & #Lore which premieres this Friday. Or because it gives you good, sweet old-man vibes. As well as answering questions about why I got into this game? While it used to be pretty popular, it's fairly unique these days and means "Frenchman or free man. General Overview: k EH n ih th Origin: ScottishMeaning: handsome or of fireFamous Namesakes: actor/director Kenneth Branagh, R&B singer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, kids' author Kenneth Grahame, designer Kenneth ColeGeneral Overview: Shane Jacobson's plumber Kenny is one abbreviation of this name (see also country singer Kenny Rogers and death-magnet Kenny in South Park), Barbie's BF Ken is another. Pronunciation: m eh l v ih n Origin: ScottishMeaning: Possibly developed from the Old English for council friendFamous Namesakes: American footballer Melvin Gordon, scientist Melvin Calvin, US director Melvin Van PeeblesGeneral Overview: Much more acceptable as Mel, as in Blazing Saddles genius Mel Brooks. 15 EDMUNDOrigin and meaning: Of English origin meaning ‘fortunate protector’.Famous namesakes: New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and English astronomer Edmund Halley, after whom the comet was named. ), there is also actors Seymour Cassel and Seymour HicksGeneral Overview: For Simpsons fans, it's also the first name of Principal Skinner and part of the prank call name, Seymour Butts.

Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef. If your partner is thinking of the big red dog, I get it, but give Clifford a chance.

Pronunciation: v IH k  t er Origin: LatinMeaning: to conquerFamous Namesakes: French author Victor HugoGeneral Overview: The Italian version is Vittorio, while the female one is the popular Victoria. Check back through your family tree and give a nod to your ancestors by picking an old fashioned boy name that belonged to a beloved great-grandfather or cool uncle, or choose one of the popular names below. The name Albert sweetly means "noble, bright," which is the perfect description for a little guy, but that doesn't mean your SO will love it, too. The Importance of Being Earnest is a play by Oscar Wilde. Gillian Anderson and Elizabeth Banks have sons called Felix. innie (like actor Vinnie Jones), or Vince (like actor Vince Vaughan). shortened to Des, like British personality Des O'Connor, or Desi, like Lucille Ball's husband Desi Arnaz. (The best, right?) This is my husband's first name and he absolutely hates it, which makes me so grumpy because I think Frankie is just the cutest name in the world. Pick this one if you have some German links in your ancestry, or if your family has some military ties. Actress Elizabeth Banks named her son Felix.

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