Manage your survivors so they won't shoot when you don't want them to. (20% chance).

You can clear out restricted areas of zombies (airport, prison, docks, etc). Pls let me know guys, does this mod still work? Inventory has item limits. Zombies can take a ton of bullets, and they WILL GUARANTEED get back up if not shot in the head. There is now a limit to a number of survivors you can have in your group. Thank you! They will no longer play the writhe/injured on ground animation even when riddled with bullets. If you are interested, please join the Discord server below. Fixed bandages so they will give both health and armor. This IS a survival mod, so food and sleep need to be managed, make sure you hunt for food and loot for resources regularly so you can stay alive in this cold new world. During a zombie apocalypse there is no such thing as being civil. (Don't worry I'll add a loot container soon). When the coroners are looking at his "dead" body, moving Michael's head will cause one of the coroners to say "He's reanimating!" Grand Theft Zombies. Fixed hunger sustainability not running out, and causing infinite hunger. Weather randomly changes after waking up from sleeping. While it is true that Zombies were created for the earlier version of the GTA game, most people do not know they have also been provided for this GTA 5 version. Sorted ammo crafting menu by weapon group instead of weapon. If you are one of those that do not know about this zombie game mod, you are not to worry as GTA Cache is the right place to confirm anything you need to know about this game mod. Y theres no 1 on this community to remastered this mode , is there way to reset progress? The difference in this game mod from what you used to know in the earlier version is that the game mod comes with simplified features.

These are what you need to stay alive as you continue to enjoy fun playing this GTA 5 with a zombie game mod. Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: 847,651 downloads , 2.68 MB Added fast zombies (enabled via .ini file). No longer will stealing vehicles or planning heists be your priority as the … So, be careful about how you make moves and go about your gaming. Interactables are now treated the same with different interaction logic (this gives me more options in the future to add even more interactables). Manage your survivors so they won't shoot when you don't want them to. (Your. Fixed resource limit where you could not craft weapon crates. Your survivors are depending on you to take actions such as shooting. In GTA V, there appears to be an actor imitating a zombie right next to a movie theater. When in front of a vehicle with low engine health, 'E' to repair it. But, if you do not manage them well, they may start shooting when you do not want them to shoot. Please make an update so i can get more than 7 survivors .

(Remember that you can apply tasks to all survivors at once). Added ability to lock/unlock doors and gates. Optomized some of the performance issues (still looking into it). Merry-weather peds shouldn't linger around anymore even after finishing the loot drop. They will tackle you, and. Lurcher, a hearse added in the Halloween Surprise update, has a coffin with a zombie mannequin in it. Check through GTA Cache to learn more about this zombie game mod and understand how to benefit from it. Have you ever longed to play a zombie game in the Grand Theft Auto new version? Make sure you know the exact model name before entering it. Fixed map not loading after game load, it should work 100% of the time now. When you get to a zombie apocalypse, you should be smart as it does not encourage anything civil. Patched vehicle spawning so they won't always spawn in walls. Bandages give a bit more health than before. Zombies are a myth in Grand Theft Auto V. In GTA V, there appears to be an actor imitating a zombie right next to a movie theater. i started with franklin then wanted to try it with trevor so switched to him and saved it via the f10 button then when i come to load it it loads up all of franklins saves, any help is appreciated.

- Fixed only a few zombies attacking you. Hostile survivors will not spawn near you anymore (was noticing people having issues with them spawning in front of them). If you make a mistake and shoot at the friendly group, you may not survive your enemies. Is there any way to change the maximum limit of guard/survivors?

Fixed script crash after being in restricted area with survivors enabled. Added vehicle parts and repair kit required for fixing vehicles. Zombie Street Performer Increased the distance that survivors will spawn. This is meant to be an Easter egg, but Rockstar Games could be hinting a zombie apocalypse myth.

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