Titch – the perfect name for an adorable and small guinea pig.
Noel – perfect for Christmas time guinea pigs. Mittens – a cute name for a guinea pig with different coloured legs that look like mittens! Bingo – you have heard of the song but this name suits any gender and pet type. Phoenix – a positive name for an awesome pet. Only, instead of battle-cries, they let out adorable guinea pig sounds. Here is a list of some real cute names for your girl guinea pig. Rosy Posy – cute and flowery – a great name. Here is a selection of our favorites Sheldon – named after a favorite TV character from the big bang theory. Brandy – a favored tipple that has a lovely warm colour which might match your guinea pigs fur!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'officiallypets_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',110,'0','0'])); Bugsy – a cute name for any boy guinea pig. Spartacus – a feisty name that matches a feisty guinea pig. Iggle Piggle – a favorite children’s television character but also a great pun for a name. But why not have something more creative? Honey – this sweet treat has a lovely warm colour that is the perfect name for a warm coloured pet.
My pig is a Himalayan Skinny pig named Mr. Shrimp. Posh and Becks – the perfect couple of guinea pigs named after our favorite celebrity couple. Scamper – there are lots of variations of this name including scamp and scampi and all of these names work brilliantly for a mischievous guinea pig. Comet – a comet moves fast and so does your guinea pig! There are guinea pigs with straight hair, curly hair and even guinea pigs with rosettes over their body! Cadence – this means rhythm but is also a character from My Little Pony. Marshmallow – gooey, fluffy and sweet – just like your guinea pig! Trillian – your guinea pig isn’t one in a million – it is one in a trillion! Biscuit – a favorite sweet treat that makes a sweet name for a guinea pig. And a great sounding name.

Sparkles – another version of the glittery name. Remember, when you bring home a new guinea pig you should spend a day or two with your sweet pea before you come up with name ideas! This might be a name that means something special to you or is a name of a favorite celebrity or person. Shamrock – instead of picking lucky as a name why not use this name that has a similar meaning but is a little different? No, just our favorite pair of guinea pigs. That was my Guinea pig I have the exact same pic at home and we called her buttercup.

Do Italian Greyhounds Shed? Personality is probably the most common thing to draw inspiration from when naming your guinea pig. Rocket – a great name for any guinea pig that zooms around like a rocket. Fidget – do you have a guinea pig that never seems to stay still? Popcorn – a name that reminds you of movies and great time spent together. Peppa Pig – a great choice for children and can be shortened to Peppa. Ok, creativity is subjective. Percy – a great name for a pig and a guinea pig! Beatrice – this means she who makes happy which I’m sure you will agree is a fab name for a pet that makes it’s family happy. Lily – a name that means pure which makes a great choice if your guinea pig is pure in colour. If you are still unsure then pick a name that shows how you feel about your guinea pig! Guinea pigs may be small but they have big personalities and each one is unique and needs a name that suits them.

If so this is the name for you. So if there are any “No Doubt” fans still out there, this creative name may just be the one for you. Bulgaria – everyone’s favorite uncle womble. they are very social animals and sometimes just you and family giving them attention isn’t enough. Your guinea pig will have a character all of its own and names that match are examples of great names. I would follow Porkellus into battle, wouldn’t you? This selection of fantastic guinea pig names works brilliantly for both girl and boy guinea pigs. Crumpet – a tea time treat that makes a cute name for a pet.

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