Mu La Flaga: Give me a break. Muruta Azrael: [Seeing that he failed to destroy the Archangel] No, but I . Natarle Badgiruel: Oh, it will end all right. Humans are like that. Mu La Flaga: At that moment, you and I are the only ones who can protect this ship. "-Athrun Zala from Gundam SEED Abridged Trailor!- on Lightlover8's account "I'm Lacus. Don't worry. A key that's supposed to end this war. That's why I must see this through to the end! Even so the PLANTs are making every effort to bring this foolishness to an end and the you guys show up and confuse the situation even further! To Flay Allster? Sorry. Fighting each other isn't going to help one bit. Meer Campbell: I'm just Meer.

Athrun Zala: We cannot allow ourselves to exchange blows base on just anger and hatred alone. If one doesn't shoot, one gets shot! Athrun Zala: You heard me, Father. You were sleeping. Shinn Asuka: If you want to hit me, go right ahead! Flay Allster: I'll always protect you... my true feelings will protect you... Rau Le Creuset: It's a shame really, I did enjoy your songs. NOW FIRE!!! Is that you, Rau Le Creuset? I'm sorry. Clotho Buer: I've had enough, Orga. While I was working on Mobile Suit Gundam over the course of 10 years I began to think about how human beings might improve and. After all, how could the child ever hope to defeat the parent! Shinn Asuka: (to Athrun) This is all your fault! But the serpent, who was the most cunning of all the creatures brought forth at that time, had this to say, "Ye shall not die, for God doth know that the day ye eat thereof, thine eye shall be opened. I honestly think that this quote on its own encapsulates, within a single sentence, almost every series in the franchise in a nutshell. Cagalli Yula Athha: We can't keep hiding at the bottom of the sea like a bunch of oysters in their shells. Cagalli Yula Athha: I knew it. I'm only going to say this once: no more blunders. Father, I knew you'd betray us all! But you, you took revenge on him? Natarle Badgiruel: You may want to stay off the bridge. (everyone else looks in surprise) "[Lacus lays flowers on the memorial as others stand by her]", "[Lacus lays flowers on the memorial as others stand by her]", Athrun Zala: Yeah... (Another silent moment passes by, and Athrun steps forward to introduce Kira to Shinn), (Another silent moment passes by, and Athrun steps forward to introduce Kira to Shinn), Athrun Zala: Shinn, this is Kira.

We have reached the end of that path! Gilbert Dullindal: All I want is to win. I always win. You have the keys, don't you? Tell me, Father, is that really your true intention? I'm sure of it. It is time for us to rise! pass the aspirin) so given all this I don't think anything Treize says about God would come anywhere near to being worthy of anything but indifference or a raised eyebrow. He just didn't want to fly this stupid maze himself! Rey Za Burrel: Shinn, join forces with the Minerva, go after the Archangel. Place new quotes at the bottom of the page. To make matters worse, the PLANTs are led by someone who believes Coordinators are a new species, for Patrick Zala rules them now. Kira is alive. Yzak Joule: Don't take me lightly! Now that would be one hell of a cool present! Mu La Flaga: Don't worry. Mu La Flaga: Did you forget? Rau Le Creuset: They thirsted for knowledge. For if we agree to join them, then the day would come when we as a country would be forced to fight against other contries, other nations, whose only crime is that they are enemies of the Earth forces. It has been noted for extremely sharp-looking mechanical designs, numerous character monologues which keep the series true to the "unglamourous war" message of the first series, and its rising popularity. Given the situation, will people be able to keep their hopes alive? A classic line from a very well known speech. False by nature? But do you think they honestly mean it? After his tragic fight at the infamous One Year War, Amuro yet again enters a situation where he almost lost his former self. Cagalli Yula Athha: Stop running! Well? Athrun Zala: I already lost my mom at Bloody Valentine. Mu La Flaga: What?! If that key makes it into the hands of the Earth Forces, this war will come to an end. Knowing about a man you're about to fight with for your life just makes the battle more difficult. Rau Le Creuset: Even if that means killing Athrun, Your Excellency? Show us that same spirit that made you defy orders! Did he escape like you did? Nicol.... it's all because I was too weak to defeat Kira in the past. Nobody can do anything about it. You no longer have to suffer. (Kira's beam cannons are deflected and sent in another direction). Talia Gladys: I'm also confused by it. Yzak Joule: Bastard! Or your father's orders? And in the hands of his best friend, of all people! Auel Neider: Then I guess you'll just have to die here! Will you stop making decisions based on how you feel? Take good care of Lady Cagalli... and the future of our world. If we kill people to protect ourselves and this future, then what sort of future is it, and what will we have become? It's the only way I will ever forgive you. As equals? We're all fighting desperately! And anyone who betrays that fact will find they've bought a one-way ticket to Hell.

Shani Andras: Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

Do you understand? Athrun Zala: No. He loved the piano. The worlds you live in are different. I have to protect her!

Not just manufactured! We dislike war! I will deal with the Freedom. Athrun Zala: And now you're gonna destroy the future too? Andrew Waltfeld: I can't see how getting rid of all the Coordinators would lead to a pure world. And ultimately, they forgot why they were doing it. Even with our push toward regulated marriage, birth rates among third-generation Coordinators are declining! As a result, people were punished, and exiled from paradise and eternal happiness. As my final escort plan, with all of mankind's future at stake, I hereby declare the execution of the Destiny Plan. Mu La Flaga: ...Any ideas I have might not be worth mentioning. [Athrun is shocked by kiras words and is unable to pilot the savior then Kira enters SEED mode and demolishes the Savior as athrun does not fight back]. Who decided all this, and what's been decided? There's only a small memorial for them. Rey Za Burrel: Mankind's dreams... mankind's future! Mu La Flaga: Well, let's just say that's what's been decided. Murrue Ramius: Any ideas on how to deal with this problem? It's because you're a Coordinator too, isn't it?! Kuzzey Buskirk: I can't imagine Kira had any previous knowledge of that thing. Captain Todaka: They want us to side with the army that invaded us and fire on a ship that fought heroically to save Earth. —Cagalli Yula Athla, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. Gilbert Dullindal: The fights...the battles...the wars. The hardest battle, is to keep living! [Shinn continues to attack, to Lunamaria's shock. Andrew Waltfeld: Sorry, but we're going to have to finish you off... for what you did to Maylam. Uzumi Nara Athha: We've been declared an enemy, but does that mean we're not even worth listening to!? 101 Amazing Secrets to Looking Beautiful, Feeling Younger, and Having More ENERGY. Cagalli Yula Athha: What were you people thinking? Does anyone know if Ribbons says "Funnels" if you put him into a suit with em? Then...why do people fight, even when death is inevitable? Don't get killed until then. When a quest says "after exchanging blows at least thrice" do they have to fight the same character 3 times? It is really hard for adults to get inspired by those anime characters or cartoon movies. Stop it! Stella! You're in way over your head, Natural! Rau Le Creuset: But then what is hope? Athrun Zala: You can't just fight without knowing the true reason behind your anger! At least we're kicking butt instead of getting our own butts kicked. He just has a different view of God. Sounds like Kira hadn't changed a bit. but many of us have chosen to fight. It's unbelievable! It has been achieved in series like New Mobile Century Gundam X as well as recently, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Could you say with absolute certainty that you would not make the same mistake again? Natarle Badgiruel: Do they intend to hit us again within the colony? Rau Le Creuset: Aren't you the least bit curious? [Everybody in the room absorbs Kira's remorse]. So be it, Athrun. You expect anyone to believe that fairy tale? Athrun, you too! I'm positive that he'll come around to our way of thinking.

Are you one of those people who only fights battles that you know you'll win? Athrun Zala: I'm taking you to the Gamow. You don't really believe that, do you?

Cagalli Yula Athha: Did you really know Kira ? From here on, this war is only going to get worse. Obviously! If I'm ordered to go out and attack, I'll do what I'm told. Then why not put it to use. ZAFT Green Coat 2: My brother was stationed at Boaz! None of us can be anything other than ourselves. We have to overcome and release its influence it has on all of us. She's crying because all of this is exactly what she feared. Athrun Zala: My name... my name is Athrun Zala. Zeon is exhausted! Auel Neider: You don't think that's gonna hit me, do you? What is it you think we should be fighting against to end all of this? Rau Le Creuset: The Earth will burn! Not just a thing! Here you can vote for featured quote to be put on the Main Page. Murrue Ramius! Captain: We traced two vessels, but don't worry.

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