A list of names, suitable for Guinea Pigs .

Can you contact me? Think about common pet names and see if there one in particular that fits your guinea pig.

Asher are you Assyrian?

So any help will be appreciated. I took over my daughters when she brought them home from college. Do you treat your guinea pig like a king or a queen?

Perhaps it might be something to do with the way his hair looks on his head, or maybe it’s his distinctive coloring that brings a name to mind. Dunkin' shares soar on $8.8 bln acquisition deal, Sri Lankans push beached whales back into sea, Megan Fox accuses Brian Austin Green of making her look like an ‘absent mother’ while he’s ‘dad of the year’. , How cute & cuddly they all look I hadn’t, but it turns out that neural networks are amazingly good at this. My 6 year old daughter called her guinea pig Richard just decided that was what he was to be called she also named our bearded dragon Dave.

Cute names always work well, and the best ones seem to be short. Coming up with a funny name for your guinea pig is easy, especially if they have a specific feature, such as crazy hair, that really stands out. Look at this little strawberry!

Females are best in trios) also, your piggies will take up quite a bit of room.

i have four new baby guinea pigs and i can’t decide on a names for them. The names tend to be cute and affectionate in nature, so perhaps think about your favorite sweet treat and use that as a name. For guinea pig owners who are too late to get into the Halloween costume action, don’t worry.

What we are suggesting is that you make a game out of the guinea pig name selection. Part of the fun of owning a pet as cute and cuddly as a guinea pig is choosing the perfect name for him.

Using your mother’s maiden name is also a cute way to go. The first paper he eats food off is the name that you will use.

One thing I would like to add is guinea pigs are very social animals, so it is a CARE REQUIREMENT to get at least two, (males are best in pairs. If so, then why not give them a regal name that fits?

Picking a name that doesn’t necessarily fit his appearance or personality is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are doing it to be ironic. Your furry little friend will look magical in this unicorn costume — it also fits cats, ferrets, and rabbits!

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Books and movies are great, and you almost certainly have one that you love. My piggy is beautiful solid black and I wanted to name him for his color. Many people name pets based on unique aspects of their appearance. Good YouTube channels to check out for care info on your piggies would be: Saskia from LA guinea pig rescue. If your pet has a certain look or way of behaving, the name may come quickly, but it’s fine to take your time to choose the name that fits him best. The mom is frown and white her name is cloe. I there anything cuter than giving them a couple’s name?

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So I looked up the word black in different languages and found the word Doubh (Duff), it is the Gaelic Scottish word for dark. Though dog costumes are certainly the most common in the pet costume universe, you can actually find some Halloween flair online for just about any type of pet that you own, including guinea pigs. Why trust us? Whether you have a classic American guinea pig or a Peruvian piggie with lush hair, these costumes are designed to fit any breed. Try these bat wings. 7+ Nice Triple Bunk Beds Ideas for Your Children’s Bedroom, 8+ Varieties of Wrought Iron Doors for Your Properties, 25+ Inspiring Modern TV Stand Ideas for Your Living Room, 7+ Creative Red Front Door Designs for Extraordinary and Elegant Homes, 25+ Fantastic Shipping Container Swimming Pool Designs, 20+ Best Interior designs for a Modern Spanish Home Style.

Because what is a guinea pig if not an IRL Pikachu? This rather a-PEEL-ing costume doubles as an adorable bed for your piggie or hamster to snooze in. Your little piggy can party like it's his birthday in this rainbow stripe hat. The name you choose could be because of how he looks or acts, it may be a name of a loved one, or perhaps even something to do with your interests. His name is perfect for him. The big thing here is that you shouldn’t stress about guinea pig names.

If you are a bit of a history buff, perhaps there is a specific person that you like or identify with in some way. One of the most common ways of choosing a guinea pig name is to do so based off their appearance. So it turns out that neural networks, among their many talents, can come up with awesome names for guinea pigs.

If you are thinking of breeding your guinea pigs, chances are you will buy them as a pair.

My 5 Guinea pigs we raised over 17 years were Piglet (girl), Coconut and Gracie (male and female), and Butterscotch and Muffin (sisters).

Guinea pigs are becoming an increasingly popular option as a pet. Please help i want really unique names. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.
Mostly because they are relatively easy to maintain, and they do not take up a lot of space in your home.

Brainstorm how you could make a name that fits the way your pet looks. Silly rabbit, you're a guinea pig!

They're perfect to save for a later birthday or Christmas celebration too.

It’s no real surprise that some of the sweeter guinea pig names out there are those that are girly. Pets very quickly become part of the family, so it makes sense that you may want to give him the same name as a deceased relative that you really loved. We dearly loved them, though I developed a terrible allergy to them, which saddened me, as I love GPs so much! It’s really cute to give your guinea pig a human name, and it’s also a nice way to pay tribute to a friend or family member that you love. If you have a guinea pig that is easily spooked, you might consider going with a name that would lead people to believe he is brave.

For the guinea pigs that prefer the fancy things in life, these formal ties will be simply fitting. Or, Little adventures.

Halloween is almost here!

Even better, most of the guinea pig Halloween costumes on our list would be easy to pair with your own costume choice. Write possible names on a piece of paper and place some guinea pig food on each one. I found this out when the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue contacted me one day, asking if I’d ever thought of training a neural network to name guinea pigs. Oh, and if this is your first Halloween as a guinea pig owner, check out some one-of-a-kind guinea pig names fit for your new pal.

Assign a possible name to each person, and the first one that the guinea pig goes to is the name he will adopt. Can You Find The Pumpkin Missing Its Nose? As we mentioned earlier, it’s okay to take some time in choosing the right name for your guinea pig. For example, you may give him a name that suits his shy nature, only to find that he becomes an adventurous, fun-loving little guy once he gets comfortable in his new home. It’s easy to make a mistake when you choose a name right off the bat. This is a great chance to get creative. Like the curly coated variety From headpieces to full-body costumes, there are lots of different ways to give your little critter a bit of Halloween spirit. You are essentially killing two birds with one stone here, as you get to have a human name, as well as one that is short and easy to understand.

Mostly because they are relatively easy to maintain, and they do not take up a lot of space in your home. Guinea pig names are usually a very personal choice, and the name you choose may not come to you right away. Though not a color per se, satin guinea pigs have hollow hair fibers that make their fur shiny - like satin fabric.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Of course, we are not suggesting that you wait for your guinea pig to speak up here.

How about choosing a name based on a character in one of your favorite films? With each girl guinea pig having unique looks and personality, finding a name that’s worthy of each of them may seem like quite the challenge. How to train your guinea pig? Guinea Pig Names – There are few pets as cute and cuddly as a guinea pig, so we totally understand your excitement if you are in the process of getting one. I hope you find this list helpful. You can’t help but look at a guinea pig and think of it as adorably cute.

Amazon has hats, clothes, and every other accessory your little cavy could want.

A Guinea pig dressed up as a Ghostbuster to show it ain’t afraid of no ghost ahead of Halloween. Is It Safe to Trick-or-Treat During COVID?

There is a reason why common dog names have been around for a long time, and it’s because they are catchy and cute.

Look at his appearance and try to come up with a cool name that fits. Scatter them in different places in the room and wait to see where he goes. Take a good look at your new pet. Two satin guinea pigs. If you want a human name for your pet but can’t think of one, try reading a baby-naming book. If you can’t decide between several names, write all the options down on separate pieces of paper and place a little bit of food on top. The furry little Ghostbuster is a member of the Furballs family, a collection of animals owned by Trihey, whose adventures are regularly documented by Trihey on Instagram. It also makes it easier for him to learn and understand.

Have you thought about what you might name your guinea pig, or are you waiting to decide? “Cutest Ghostbuster in town,” Trihey wrote in the Instagram post that featured the video. The Himalayan is also a breed of guinea pig, but since other breeds of guinea pig can have Himalayan coloring, it is also recognized as a color. Oh, and if this is your first Halloween as a guinea pig owner, check out some one-of-a-kind guinea pig names fit for your new pal. 17 Werewolf Movies to Watch This Halloween.

View Gallery 11 Photos Khemn Designer . I realize that I have given you a lot to think about with all these guinea pig names, so I have decided to make it a little easier for you to choose the perfect name by putting together a list. (Watch Video), 'Extremely disturbing': Montana woman gets 50 years in prison for selling 5-year-old girl for sex, Man Who Called March 2020 Crash Has New Prediction.

Satin .

Owner Melissa Trihey posted a video on Instagram that showed Bingo the Guinea pig wearing a Ghostbuster cape and racing on a toy Ectomobile on October 29.

When's the Best Time to Go Trick-or-Treating?

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