Added to this, her zodiac sign spans to Sagittarius. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved Bio Gossip. Likewise, they also own a car, Toyota Prius. Her mother, Julia Roberts is an American actress as well as producer while her father Daniel Moder is a cinematographer.

As of now, Moder is still associated with her young school days.

As an actress, Roberts is bound to travel a lot of new places. She mostly always travels with her brood to these film locations. Julia Roberts has always been upfront about the difficulties of raising her kids in a more technologically enhanced world. She rarely shares her kids pictures in Instagram or tweets about them. While some celebrity parents let their children grow up in the same lifestyle as them, there are some who opt to take a much grounded approach to raise their children. Even if she is dating someone, we hardly have any idea about it. I’m grateful to give it to my daughter when she grows up.

We feel that Moder will take the acting and study hand in hand in her future endeavors.

Is the Mother of a Daughter-Hallie Jackson Married to Frank Thorp? Talking about these notes she said, “I have a box that a friend gave me and it is painted on the inside where it says ‘Love letters to Julia from Danny’ where I have kept all my notes and letters that my husband has written to me over ten years. Her father, Daniel was still married to his previous wife while her mother was dating Peruvian-American actor, Benjamin Bratt. Not only this, but the salary and assets possession is not known to the general media. It is easily possible to be under the shadow of a celebrity parent, but some kids tend to overcome it with high precision.

Wild ‘N Out’s Comedian Chico Bean Father of a Daughter; Who is His Wife? Previously, Hazel along with her brothers has appeared as cartwheel kids in their mother’s 2016 romantic comedy ‘Mother’s Day’. Moreover, she belongs to American nationality and holds white ethnicity. This star kid is making her mark in the field of acting. Not only this, but the vital body statistics of this artist are also far away from the prying eyes of the media. She revealed that she is very careful about turning the TV on. However, Her net worth and salary are missing at the moment but her parents have a combined net worth of around $225 million out of which Julia Roberts has about $140 million. Moreover, father Moder is best known for his work in movies like Secrets in Their Eyes, The Mexican, and Fireflies in the Garden. Roberts once mentioned in one of her interviews that she is teaching her kids basic things like making their bed, doing laundry and making one meal.
A Father of Kids, Ultimate Fighting Championship-Nate Diaz with Girlfriend; Who is Mixed Martial Artist Wife? Hazel is the daughter of the famous actress Julia Roberts. But she has fraternal twin brothers; Phinnaeus Moder (Finn) and a younger,  Henry Daniel Moder who was was born on 18th June 2007. Currently, Hazel is focusing on her studies as well as building up her profession as a child actress. Well, most of our readers might not know Hazel Moder by the name.

Apart from these, Julia also has another stash of her life to give to her daughter. Hazel Moder was born on 28th November 2004 in LA, California. Her mother is aware of the possibility and is open to the idea of enrolling Hazel into acting classes. Julia Roberts falls on the later half. Because of this, all of her kids are exposed to multiple cultures from a very early age.

She was born to the parents Julia Roberts (mother) and  Daniel Moder (father). Well, that is Jerome Jarre.

Although her publicist was in complete denial about the fertility issues, the fraternity raised eyebrows when she only revealed the sexes of her kids after 9 weeks. Hazel Moder does not have half-siblings from her parents’ previous marriage.

Hazel is one of the hardworking students. Hazel has two other siblings: Phinnaeus Moder (her twin) and Henry Daniel Moder, their youngest sibling.
The American child actress, Hazel Moder is from a very wealthy family and has a huge fortune waiting for her and her siblings. The name of her parents is Daniel Moder and Julia Roberts. Directed by William D. Russell. She is said to be attending Our Lady of Mercy School in Los Angeles. Rather than spoiling her kids with all the wealth, she is letting them live as independent beings. But it is hard to imagine that the budding Hazel is dating someone at the moment. The name of her parents is Daniel Moder and Julia Roberts.

Julia is one of the famous actresses who has been laced with lots of awards all her career. Many might not know this, but Daniel is an American Cinematographer. Being a child actress, this star kid is more focused upon building a career of own. This star kid is making her mark in the field of acting.

Coming from a family with talented actors like her uncle Eric Roberts and cousin Emma Roberts, growing up Hazel could also be interested in acting.

While there might be restrictions regarding the media, Hazel’s mother has made it clear that she regularly talks to her kids and holds family meetings which has given her and her siblings enough freedom to voice out their opinion. Julia is one of the famous actresses who has been laced with lots of awards all her career. Moving towards her professional career, Hazel Moder has starred in only one movie Mother’s Day (2016) directed by Garry Marshall. Her parents met for the first time on the set of the 2000 romantic film ‘The Mexican‘. She has dreams of becoming even more popular and richer than her parents in the future. Afterward, the children were given new names after Hindu gods, with her name being Laxmi. However, her cousin Emma Roberts along with an uncle, Eric Roberts, and aunt, Lisa Roberts Gillan are also actors.

While she became the woman American men wanted to ‘take home to their mom’, she also came in the constant spotlight of the media for her romantic entanglements. Well, there is no clear picture of this artist on the internet.

She has blonde colored hair with a pair of blue eyes. Hazel has fraternal twin brothers Henry Daniel Moder and Phinnaeus Moder. Just from the two projects, there has been huge buzz and recognition. She will soon carve a niche for herself in the American film industry to follow the footsteps of her parents.

Beyond this, the actress starred in a series named VH1: All Access (2001). But we as fans are always at the edge of the seat wanting to know about our favorite celebs private life.

Since 2002, Julia Roberts has been married to cameraman Daniel Moder with whom she shares three children. She was born in LA and is having a great time there. She has starred only in a movie and a television series through which, she must have earned a decent amount of money. Shall we begin? Likewise, Hazel has starred along with Bex Schwartz, Brian Donovan, Jill Dobson, and so on in the television VH1: All Access. But surely it will change quickly with more and more projects coming her way, and we will keep you all updated about it in detail. Her mother’ Julia took her children to Swami Daram Dev’s Ashram Hari Mandir in Pataudi, Haryana, India in September 2009 during the shooting of her 2010 drama-comedy film ‘Eat Pray Love‘. Hazel has been part of Mother’s day and other acting stints. Hazel Moder was born on 28th November 2004, in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America with the horoscope of Sagittarius. Currently, she is studying at Our Lady of Mercy School in Los Angeles and has actively participated in various sports events.

There is undoubtedly more to come from this child artist in the future.

Similar is the case of Karen Kopins. However, the blonde hair color and the blue eyes are earning her a massive amount of fans globally. Hazel’s mother Julia Roberts revealed in one interview that she has kept all of her love letters that she received from Hazel’s father. Well, within a short period of time,  she has received a huge recognization.

With hardly any public appearance there is no knowing how Hazel’s childhood days are going on. Fame is contagious, and it can transfer from one person to another.

Well, Hazel is pretty young to have any relationship. Hazel Moder was born on 28 November 2004 in Los Angeles, California.

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