If you have a chainsaw, then there is a good chance you will be cutting logs sooner or later. Should I let the logs dry before peeling/hewing?

For more pictures and information, click on adzes or broad axes. Cutting a large log with a small chainsaw is never too hard provided you use the proper techniques. This video explains the whole process pretty well: This can easily happen if the tree you intend to cut down is significantly bigger than your chainsaw’s guide bar. That said, sometimes it even gets stuck in logs that are already laying on the ground while you are trying to cut them into smaller pieces.

In this guide, we will discuss how to correctly cut logs with a chainsaw.

Try to cut from the fat end of the log toward the small end tapper so that the grain is running out at the end of the cut, this helps to keep the blade from digging deeper as you hew. The bar on the Husqvarna chainsaw I was using was 20 inches.
The material to the right of the line will be removed. Most felling wedges even have barbs on them to better hold them in place under high pressure.

Start measuring at the top (thinner) end of the log, since you’ll have more room to work with at the other, lower (wider) end of the log. Ship carpenter’s adzes have a flatter blade. A broad axe is a large faced, short handled, single bevel axe. Another trick when using a small chainsaw to cut a large log is to buy a longer guide bar.

Use the broad axe to shave the face down to the depth of the chalk line. I can personally recommend this set, the bright lime color makes them easy to find should you ever drop them by accident. Read on to find out all about it!

May 9, 2007. Working around the house has always been a big part of my life. A chainsaw with a 10 – 14 – inch bar is capable of felling a large tree (preferably under 20 inches in diameter) or blocking up firewood. That way when you are peeling, the tool will skip over the knot. Occasionally step back and check alignment of the face using the chalk line and end dimension marks as sighting guides.

If you think of cutting edge of a regular axe, it is angled, or sharpened, on both sides, making a sort of “V.” You can have that profile in your broad axe or have one side left flat and the other side sharpened. You need to start cutting the branches first.
It’s still a useful skill to have nowadays, as well as being very satisfying work. However, hewing axes – mostly called broad axes in the US – are made for this exact purpose.

Milling a log with a chainsaw or mobile mill just doesn’t give you the same sense of satisfaction.

A log hewn by a master is a sight to behold.

You need to inspect each tree branch and limb before you cut it to identify if it’s under tension. That will make sure that your chainsaw starts and runs without trouble. When cutting large logs, their weight creates extra tension in the middle of the log.

In effect, you swing the adz between your legs. I used the chainsaw-method on this 18 inch diameter log.

After you’ve done a bit (or when your arms need a break, and they will), step back and check if the hewn section is plumb.

Hewing is not a full swing.

Knots will give you the most trouble. The splitting maul looks just like an axe but it is heavier, to help push the sharp edge into the log. Make sure your axe is sharp and your measurements precise (unless you want to struggle with getting a good result at the end).

You can also stand on the opposite side of the log, which is very safe but involves turning the log so that you’re able to reach and strike the joggles, and then repositioning to plumb before you hew it.

There are four common positions logs may be in when you wish cut them into smaller rounds which we will cover today.

Does anyone have any idea as to how to charge? That helps you to cut big logs once you get too deep and your chain bar is shorter. Hand-hewing a beam from a log by hand, using an axe, is an ancient skill that has been perfected over thousands of years.

The process of creating a square beam from a round log, by hand, is quite simple though labour intensive. You can also use smaller logs known as cribbing to raise the main log up off the ground and make hewing easier on your back.

Depending on the end use and what exactly the customer wants the look to be, I would mill the beams on a conventional mill and then give them the surface treatment of being hewn by knocking off the corners and draw-kniving away any saw marks.

We then used a foot adz to knock off the chunks.

Most people will go with a gas chainsaw if they intend to cut logs, greater than 16″ diameter,  for long hours or work away from the mains power source. Needless to say that would be a very bad outcome, so here are the recommended methods for joggling: Remove the wood using whatever axe you have at hand. If necessary, use small pieces of wood to hold in in place. Just to make things confusing, even the blades can have a variety of sharpening profiles. Once it is off, you can try to pry it off. Like most working folks who like to tinker around their yards on the weekend, you probably don’t own a powerful gas-powered chainsaw. When felled timber was too difficult to transport to a mill, or not the right size for it, it was often hewn into a beam where it fell. The blades can be flat or curved and the handles can be as short as 8 inches up to 35 inches long. I then start working a barking spud that I made from a tough plastic.

An adze is wonderful, and dangerous-to-use tool. Joggling while standing on top of the log. That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan.

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