Find out in this gripping hidden-object puzzle adventure! It won't be immediately clear who is really trustworthy. - Consult the helpful strategy guide. Find out in this riveting hidden-object puzzle adventure! Features: - Embark on a new adventure from a different perspective in the bonus game! Will you be able to clean up the Clutter in this double dose of Un-hidden Object action?

4.2 5. Be careful what you wish for in this spectacular hidden-object puzzle adventure game! - Use the Evidence Board to draw conclusions and find new leads! Do you have what it takes? An evil force is plaguing the spirits there. - Find photographs hidden throughout the game and then explore the photo puzzle. Mi6 has sent one of their top agents to help contain the calamity before these elemental forces destroy the world. - Never get lost with the helpful strategy guide! The mystical city of Agora is under attack! A doctor in Oldern Town has called you in to investigate the recent death of his wife. - Santa Claus! Come visit Huxley’s Boarding House, home of the mysterious clock tower! Features: - Solve the murder case of your future sister-in-law in the bonus chapter!

- Never get lost again with the included strategy guide! Meet other famous characters from Greek Mythology as you work together to solve problems and put their romance to the ultimate test in this intriguing twist on the tale of Persephone! What starts as a search for the truth quickly turns into the adventure of a lifetime when a ghostly apparition tries to thwart your plans! The sole heir to the Metzengerstein line is being plagued by visions of a mysterious spirit shrouded in fog. These artifacts have special powers, and one of them has trapped your uncle! Your mentor, the wise wizard Lucio, has given you an artifact that can send you home, but it is up to you how you will use it, for good or for evil. Evil lurks in the cemetery...Can you help the tormented spirits before it's too late? - Retell your story with wallpapers, profiles, and music! But not everything is as it seems in this magical world. Enjoy the newest addition to the Rite of Passage series!

You find out that the witch regained her powers. Douse the flames on this mystery as you explore hidden-object puzzles and solve mini-games! The past and present collide as you look for answers. The case went cold until the missing woman was seen in her childhood home having seemingly not aged a day! - Find out more about the enigmatic family members! After your father is arrested, you find out just what he had been researching in his hidden alchemy lab – the Clayborne, powerful mythical monsters, born from clay and fire.

A place which bustles with life during summer and depopulates during winter. - Find collectible pieces to solve a bonus jigsaw puzzle. Hundreds of breathtaking locations, thousands hidden objects, excellent graphics and extremely addictive plot, you’ll have a lot of fun for sure! Can you uncover what they're after and stop them before it's too late? Features: - 150 exciting Match 3 and Hidden Object levels - Investigation board that gets filled with new clues - Find out what happened with Amalia - Help Smith and Andy clear their names - Learn the story of the mysterious ring. With their condition worsening, you’ve been called in to investigate. Features: - Magic and mischief await you in the Cat Kingdom in the bonus game! - Experience the soundtrack, concept art, and more extras! - Includes wallpapers, artwork, soundtrack, and replayable HOPs and mini-games. - Delve into 17 marvellous Hidden Object Puzzles! 1000 puzzles in all. Find out in this captivating hidden-object puzzle adventure! - Enjoy wallpapers, concept art, and more!

- Take a peek behind the scenes with concept art and enjoy their final renders via wallpapers. What should be a joyous occasion quickly turns dark when she’s kidnapped by cloaked figures before your very eyes! Download only unlimited full version fun games online and play offline on your Windows desktop or laptop computer. Can you uncover what happened to the couple, or will you get lost in a labyrinth of mystery and deceit?

- Replay your favorite mini-games and hidden-object puzzles - Collect dragon eggs and morphing objects - Try the integrated Strategy Guide! How To Become Popular at School with Princess. All your old favorites are here along with twice asmany new ones to keep you playing for hour and hours.

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