While your party certainly cannot happen without you, there are some other notable people that are necessary for most events. Required fields are marked *, Green Park House Luxury villa and estate providers renting their properties to clients may want a butler to: Match the service levels to their properties; Offer extra services for their clients either for the whole stay or for some special occasion being celebrated by the client.

They can walk your dog, pick up your laundry or run to the shops to get your favourite food. What should be included in the package when hiring a butler?

Short or long term bookings – UK and Worldwide Rate: £29.50 per hour + VAT (minimum 5 hour booking) Or £295.00 per day + VAT (up to a maximum of 12 hours) They will then interview the candidates and see who is a potentially be good suiter for your household. A butler will always ensure that everything is as it should be on a day-to-day basis, that’s the real benefit! Ask your Butler to complete all the daily tasks on your behalf. It’s utter luxury and utter decadence. London, As well as our existing private service network, your jobs are also pushed out to highly targeted professionals across other platforms meaning that you only receive relevant applications for your job opening. We use cookies to help give you the best possible browsing experience. W1J 8LQ Within minutes, you can post a confidential job classified starting at a one-off fee. If you’re interested in hiring a butler or a chef for your next party we can help. I am having a Labor Day event on September 2nd at 1pm. If you want to have a formal or British feel and your party is large enough you can hire a whole team of butlers. Or do you crave to have the true etiquette and and class of a Quintessentially British lady or gentleman? Put your feet up and ask your Butler to wait on you hand and foot during the day. Have a lovely day!

Thank you for your request! If you have more room in the budget, you can go the extra mile and rent a Bentley for the day to complete the experience. Thank you. W1J 8LQ International Domestic Placement Group offers the best in all household staff including butlers, Housemen and Manservants, Qualified professional butlers for hire #butler #personalbutler #hireabutler Call us at 1-877-799-6600 for all your domestic staffing needs. Living arrangements for domestic staff usually come in three forms; live in accommodation, live out accommodation, without accommodation. For many years now, families around the world have looked to hire a butler to provide exemplary private service and to contribute towards the smooth running of the household.

Butlers working 10 hours per day over 6 days will require a higher salary to compensate for the longer hours. Gift experiences are available year round and focused in the London area. Employers may wish to consider an extra housing allowance/stipend on top of the salary which would contribute towards monthly rental payment. There are a few recruitment options when it comes to finding a butler for hire. and just being at your beck and call. Go on, treat yourself – you know you want to! From answering the door, bringing you your mobile on a silver tray, preparing you lunch (yes some Butlers cook!) The more clear and concise the description and ideals are, the more accurate the search.

Domestic staffing agencies will generally utilise Facebook groups, LinkedIn networks and free job boards to try and find suitable candidates to fill any position. Polo & Tweed are delighted to announce that from September 2016 we will be partnering with Red Letter Days and offering the chance to hire your very own personal Butler for the day! I am looking for a butler for 4 hours on my birthday in a manor house. A butler will typically work between 50 and 60 hours per week over 5 or 6 days.

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