Our company is dedicated to understanding and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers as well as solving problems and delivering our products on time. According to the Association of Public Transportation Authority’s most recent members’ survey (released September 16), 60% of U.S. Public Transit systems will need to reduce service without the emergency aid.

An example of this model in practice can be found in Ontario, Canada, where Hitachi is a member of a consortium that is implementing such a project. Intelligent rail delivers end-to-end, multimodal service that solves mobility problems while making the best use of available funds.
Combining this information with artificial intelligence-led analytical tools means that: The takeover move supports Hitachi Rail’s vision to provide superior transport solutions by using digital technology designed to improve the reliability of thousands of passenger services across the globe, including the 276 Hitachi-built trains running across the UK network today. WMATA Selects Hitachi Rail for 8000-Series Cars Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor The Washington Post is reporting that the Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is in negotiations with Hitachi Rail to build 256 8000-Series rapid … It was previously listed on the Borsa Italiana and was a component of the benchmark FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index. Investments in mobility infrastructure are needed to retain a great quality of life that includes ever safer, more convenient and more sustainable mass transportation solutions within and between cities. © Hitachi, Ltd. 1994, 2013. [15] Hitachi subsequently made a takeover offer for the remaining shares. Hitachi’s intelligent rail systems can deliver predictive maintenance that helps the operator avoid potential shutdowns — reducing the inconvenience to passengers while saving money. [18], The company's operations are split into two divisions: Freight Rail and Passenger Railway / Mass Transit. Planning and supervision Learn more about how Hitachi Social Innovation is Powering Good. Headquartered in Genoa, Italy, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi.

Our focus on social innovation is at the heart of the design, implementation and operation of our systems with our commitment to powering good. Providing design, manufacture, installation, integration and maintenance of a wide range of train control systems and equipment dedicated to safety, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, Hitachi Rail STS employs 4,327 people worldwide.
Go to the Gallery section. How to Take the Stress Out of Urban CommutingNext. Compagnie des Signaux pour Chemins de fer. The quality of urban life is also enhanced when citizens can attend and participate in their rich mix of culture, arts and sports without having to worry about their trip home. Rathburn Road Aerial View of the new Hurontario Light Rail to be developed by Hitachi and the Mobilinx Consortium for a portion of Ontario, Canada.” The Hurontario LRT is an 18-kilometre, 19-stop light rail transit system that will run along Hurontario Street from Port Credit in Mississauga to Brampton Gateway Terminal. By Jian Sun, Director of Business Development – Systems Innovation, Hitachi Rail. This website describes our products and technologies for our range of product lineup including trains, traction components, signalling system, and train management systems. This means the system can detect and adjust to real-time conditions. wheel sets, gearboxes, motors or bogies – faster and more accurately than traditional condition-monitoring approaches. Andrew Barr was also granted the operational powers necessary for the management of the Company and the Group. © 2013-2020 Rail Media. Smart cities can become even more sustainable with autonomous, on-demand and networked rail services. Rather than having to make large, upfront expenditures, in the public-private partnership model, cities partner with companies like Hitachi to build, operate and maintain these intelligent rail systems.

In 1993 the parent company Ansaldo SpA was merged into the Finmeccanica holding, a state-owned entity privatized during the same year. Go to Hitachi Rail Web TV. When a physical device requires repair, intelligent rail systems help the operators understand where the wear and tear on the system is located so that they can plan for the repairs ahead of a breakdown. Modern rail systems are much more than just well-built, safe trains — they are intelligent, fast-moving ecosystems. For example, a major cause of train delays in subway systems occurs when the doors will not close. Communities that want to future-proof themselves will prioritize sustainable mobility. 2 Keone'ae - at UH West O'ahu. [10] In occasion Perpetuum’s product utilises wireless condition monitoring to spot faults and have them fixed before they delay passengers’ journeys. Our goal is to improve the journey for passengers, operators and public authorities. Hitachi Rail STS commissioned the first high-speed rail signaling system (TVM) for the first LGV line in France, in 1981, connecting Paris and Lyon. For example, Hitachi developed applications to screen passengers in the waiting area. Hitachi Rail is to acquire Southampton-based railway technology firm Perpetuum to accelerate its UK digitisation strategy. “This is the first facility that Hitachi Rail is opening in the United States, and we’re excited that the company has chosen to invest in our world-class community,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez. By 2030, it is expected to handle more than 120,000 passenger trips each day while reducing significant use of motor vehicles. Connected mobility solutions improve quality … During the first meeting of the new Board of Directors, chaired by Alistair Dormer, Stefano Siragusa has been confirmed as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Company, with the powers to manage the Company and the Group. As a result, Hitachi can provide seamless support to transit authorities or rail operators with on-train and wayside digital solutions, real-time monitoring and supervision, alarms and warning notifications, condition-based maintenance, data management, analytics and advanced data processing, remote control and management, life cycle asset management, and planning and decision support. The Honolulu Rail Transit Project (also known as the Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project) is a light metro system under construction in Honolulu County, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S. [12], Stefano Siragusa, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Company, resigned on 31 March 2016 and remained in charge until 13 May 2016 when, on the occasion of the Shareholders’ General Meeting the new Board of Directors were elected. Rail is a future-proofing solution because it provides safe, high capacity, low-emission solutions for mass transit in high-density urban areas, acting as a greener alternative for transporting suburban commuters to and from metropolitan areas, and it is easily linked to other multimodal forms of transportation with connections to airports and ferries. Fifty-five percent of the world’s population lives in cities. ERSAT EAV projects: the satellite technology applied to the railway traffic management for the first time in Europe, Hitachi Rail STS is able to operate in the Railway and Urban Transport Systems segment as a provider of both ”turnkey" solutions, Hitachi Rail STS is an industry leader in signalling and rail transport systems, About Hitachi Australia and different Group companies in Oceania, Report presents non-financial information and clarifies how sustainability issues relate to financial activities, The history of the Hitachi Group, from its founding in 1910 to today, Hitachi’s approach to addressing the social and environmental issues, Strive to provide total solutions for sustainable, urban development worldwide and to address critical global issues, Hitachi Support will assist you with most enquiries, View the Hitachi group's official channel on YouTube, Search for your nearest recommended Authorised Service Centre, 11 Viola Place, Eagle Farm, Brisbane Qld 4009, Australia. In March 2015, after the Public Tender Offer launch on the society and after the purchase of other shares at 10.5 euros each, Hitachi Rail Italy Investments arrived to 50.7% of the share capital. For example, Hitachi’s driverless metro system in Copenhagen adjusts the frequency of service by monitoring passenger numbers in real time. Hitachi Rail meets these needs through intelligent rail systems. Once they are installed on trains, Perpetuum’s self-powering digital sensors detect on-board vibrations and send back real-time data about the performance of critical train parts – e.g. However, its future inclusion as a Hitachi group company will create new opportunities to fit self-powered sensors to the hundreds of trains already serviced around the world by the wider mobility business. Find out more. We look forward to better supporting our existing and new customers in the future.”. It also follows an £8.5m investment into constructing a new welding and painting facility at its Newton Aycliffe train manufacturing facility. [6], In 1881 the US company Union Switch & Signal (US&S) was founded by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from the assets of the Interlocking Switch & Signal Company (interlocking controls) and the Union Electric Signal Company. PUBLIC NOTICE: Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. With Covid-19, there has been a material impact to the US economy and public transit authorities across the nation require some $32b in federal emergency funding to avoid consequential decisions in their existing operations and, of course, future planning. The path of growth of Hitachi Rail STS is continuous and strong.

“Hitachi Rail has a great history in the United States and this project marks the beginning of the new direction under the management of the Hitachi Group.”. Hitachi works as a partner to its customers and invests in innovative solutions. Hitachi Rail STS's transit control systems build upon traditional signaling technology for a new generation of more advanced systems, i.e. The path of growth of Hitachi Rail STS is continuous and strong. In Australia, our company works closely with passenger rail operators to create and develop reliable and sustainable transport solutions that ease urban mobility, increase the capacity of established inner city rail lines and provide seamless support to expand service availability for fast-growth regional centres. [19] The company also managed projects for signalling, train control and/or maintenance for the Metro systems of Paris,[20] Los Angeles, Rome,[21] Milan,[22] Hong Kong, Naples, Shenyang,[23] India,[21] and Thessaloniki.[19]. Designed as the heart of the island of Oahu’s multimodal transport system, HART will be America’s longest automated, driverless, urban light metro system.

Technology company Hitachi Rail STS provides specialist engineering services, systems integration and turnkey project delivery of signalling, communications and control systems for metro, light rail, passenger and heavy freight railways throughout the world. Today Hitachi Rail STS adopts the Optimizing Traffic Planner[33] as a late successor of the 1966 CAD. [4][5] The company’s namesake comes from the Italian company Gio.

All rights reserved. Railway vehicles are much more flexible in accommodating the countermeasures to combat pandemics like Covid-19. Applied on-line, OTP can produce significant capacity gains across a large freight oriented network. It also adjusts these multimodal schedules by taking into account road conditions, traffic patterns and the weather. Gallery.

The European Train Control System (ETCS) Movie. Steve Turley, Perpetuum CEO, said: “We are very excited to launch this next stage for Perpetuum after the success it has had since entering the railway market less than ten years ago. Hitachi Rail USA Inc. is the operating arm of Hitachi Rail Italy throughout North America. © Hitachi, Ltd. 1994, 2020. For Hitachi, as a supplier and a socially responsible business, we recognize that transit is essential infrastructure linked to the core of the economy and the nation’s quality of life.

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