The Holy Prophet Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam: Peace be upon him immediately came at the spot, took the pick­axe in his blessed hands and struck at the rock. Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem. You will not find most of them thankful." Shaykh ali abul hasan ash shadhuli, (may allah sanctify his secret) said  when you read ha meem seven times in hizbul bahr, don’t think, you repeating the same words. siraat allah zeena anamta alaihim gairil magzubi alaihim walldaa leen. Eating and Drinking Conduct of Prophet Muhammad, ELEVEN SIGNS OF LOVE FOR THE BELOVED PROPHET, Equal protection of law for Muslims and non-Muslims, Etiquettes of Drinking Water According to Islamic Sunnah, Everything Allah decrees is good for the believer, Everything You Need to Know about Hajr e Aswad, Forty Hadith on Purification of the Heart, Friendship Criterion According to The Quran And Islam, Getting to Know Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: A Brief Biography, GHAUS - A - AZAM SHAYKH ABDUL QADIR JILANI R.A, Grand Intercession of the Prophet MuHammad, Guidance and Success are awarded to the Believers, Guidance is granted to Those Who have Taqwa, Hajj and the Neglected Legacy of a Great Woman, Hazrat Abu Hurraria (R.A) – Leading Narrator Of Ahadiths, HEALTH DANGERS OF TATTOOS AND ITS PROHIBITION IN ISLAM, HELP YOUR CHILDREN TO LOVE THE HOLY QUR’AN, History of the Cemetery Of Jannat Al-Baqi, House of Haleemah (may Allah be pleased with her).

Oh, Most High! Eat only barley chapatti, with water, or salted water and zam zam water. contains the Ism al-'Adhim-Greatest name of God: "- 

Allah hoo walliyuallah zeena amanoo yukh rijhum minnazalu maati illanoor wallahzeena amanoo yukhrijhum  mina zzalumaati illanoor waallahzeena kafaroo aoliyaou humu ttagootu yakhri joonahum  minnoori elaa zzulimaati oulaeka, shaabun naari humfiha khalidoon.

(ra): “It is a name of Allah, “It is the greatest name of Kaaf Haa Yaa Aayn Saad.

Ihram is two piece cloth which worn during hajj or umrah. Each of them has its own secret, as the one who sticks to them will discover in no short time if he holds to piety and righteousness without taking on too much; and Allah knows best.

Ha meem.

Don’t talk with people when reading the hizbul bahr.
HOW SCORES WILL BE SETTLED ON THE DAY OF RESURRECTION, HOW TO CONVERT TO ISLAM AND BECOME A MUSLIM, HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE QURAN, How to Memorize the Quran More Effectively, How to Perform the Five Obligatory Prayers, HOW TO SEEK BENEFIT IN YOUR RECITATION OF QUR’AN, IF THEY WOULD ONLY PUT THEIR TRUST IN ALLAH, ILM UL GHAYB- THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNSEEN, IMAM AL-BUKHARI AND THE SCIENCE OF HADITH, Imam Ali (a) – Success on the Nights of Qadr, Imam Ali (RA)-Birth Aniversary In The Month Of Rajab, Implications Of Mosques And Markets In Light Of Hadith, Importance and Benefits of Reciting Ayatul Kursi, Importance of Da`wah (Preaching) In Islam, Importance of Husband in the Light of Quran and Hadith, Importance of Lailatul Qadr (The Night of Decree) in Ramadan, Importance of Time in The Light of Surah Al Asr, Improving Child Discipline is Improving Ourselves, Improving Concentration and Prerequisites of Offering Prayers, INCREASE YOUR FAITH (IMAAN) AND EARN REWARDS, Indicating Sovereignty on the Day of Judgment.

Than start your reading for that day, every day of the course you have to repeat the same way.Don’t go out the cycle before you finish the reading, for that day. finally 7th Recite Ha-Mim and then

THE IMPORTANCE OF FRIDAY AND JUMMA PRAYER Friday is the sixth day in Islamic week.

'alayhi tawakkaltu wa huwa rabbul 'arshil 'adheem: Allah will suffice all his 5 Most Unique Teachings Of The Holy Quran, 7 Prevailing Signs Of The Age Of Fitnah (Trial), 7 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight During Ramadan, 7 tips for improving your relationship with the Quran, 7 TIPS TO TACKLE HUNGER AND FATIGUE IN RAMADAN, 8 Easy Steps to Finish the Qur’an this Ramadan, 9 Ways To Purify Your Heart With the Remembrance of Allah, A Discussion of Obedience and Authority in Islam, A Short Summary of Ghazwa (Battle of) Badr, Aayatul Kursi / Ayatal Kursi Translation in Urdu, Actions that put a person beyond the pale of Islam, Adam's Virtue of Knowledge is demonstrated, Afford and Effort in Hajj and Umrah: The Issue of Muslims’ Faith, Al-Mundhiri on love for the sake of Allah, Alcohol in Islam and Science: Conflict or Concordance, All goodness is in complying with and submitting to the command of Allah, All Is Not Lost – Make Ramadan Beneficial If You Can’t Fast, ALLAH EXISTS WITHOUT A BEGINNING NOR AN END, Allah God Is The Most Beneficent And Mericiful, Allah multiplies the reward for good deeds, AQIQAH – CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF YOUR CHILD. Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. This is the 'evil of the whisperer.' “And Allah, all unseen, has Bismiallahi rahmaani  Arheem.
It is recited individually as well as in a group, for general benefit or for specific aims. In Your hand lies the good.

E. Musatqeem. He saw Paradise and Hell, and saw the Shaykh leading a great throng into Paradise, his sons among them. Shaykh ali abul hasan ash shadhuli, may Allah sanctify his secret, spoke of this hizb as, “the instrument of protection and prevention.”.

Smiling is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Some Life Changing Lessons from Holy Quran, SPEECH ON PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.S.) There are seven surah which start with ha meem,  for example, surah baqarah has three letters alif laam meem , they are the key of that surah. awhamis-satirati lil qulubi 'an mutala'atil ghuyub. surrounded them. Had the people of Baghdad known it, the Tartars would not have taken the city.’. ", And Baynahuma 'adheem. rabbul 'arshil 'adheem, “Sufficient for me is

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