I used a jar of caramel topping and a bag of the Heath Bits ‘o Brickle Toffee Bits. For the ice cream am I suppose to be using regular heavy cream or heavy WHIPPING cream?

it was truly an awesome recipe……. I’m going for the sweet & salty thing- fingers crossed that it is delish! I love this recipe! It’s delish.. but oh, 5 grams of fat per tbsp of whipping cream? I made a cinnamon persimmon ice cream! I was planing to add melted chocolate but slightly cooled…. I found your post while searching for tips to make ice cream at home without a machine. I added a syrup i made, Spicy Balsamic Blackberry (made with balsamic vinegar, fresh blackberries, little bit of soy sauce, brown sugar, infused with a seeded serrano pepper… cooked and reduced to around corn syrup thickness).

Just by adding Hershey’s or some other type or syrup? This looks so easy! He added a packet of Cherry Watermelon (unsweetened) Koolaid and fruit-flavored mini marshmallows.

I think you should make a mint chocolate chip recipe… because it would be delish. oh my god, it is honestly the best ice cream ive ever had. Delicious! hehee Funny. here’s what I did: http://scarletnguni.com/2011/11/15/tart-to-tongue/ Thank you for a such versatile recipe. Thank you for this super easy idea!! In another recipe it said 14 oz or 400 ml. THANX I knew those two ingredients would get me in trouble.

Add vanilla to heavy cream and whip to stiff peaks in large bowl. I just recently started making my own ice cream when I found your site , I think I’m gonna try the chocolate mocha one sometime :) , just one question , do you have any low fat/fat free recipes? Apr 21, 2020 Brian Woodcock. Double chocolate cookies and cherry chocolate chip ice cream are the perfect summer incarnation of a Black Forest cake. I will definitely be experimenting a lot more recipes soon! I just found your website today.

My Heavy Cream did not peak? @ gaylene hans, brownies with chocolate syrup 2tbsp have 30 calories of fat / Whole can 300 Is there a proper ratio of add-ins to basic ice cream? of peanut butter all around the top, as many as you like, then fold gently a couple more times and freeze. I bought heavy cream, i bought chocolate condensed milk because store ran out of the plain ones and i bought some chocolate oreo cookies. I dumped a bunch of cocoa powder (1/2 c.? (I used a food processor and it did excellent.) I followed your directions and then put it in to churn. And I added pecans… Mmmm. Kevin and Amanda. Pour into a 2-quart container and cover. Some friends already tried the recipe with different flavors and it all turned out spectacular. I appreciate your input. Slice a banana fairly thin and throw it in the freezer. Think outside the (ice) box with these creative recipes. I have an ice cream maker and am looking for a recipe with minimum ingredients and no eggs. I’m going to try making this maybe Wed or thursday. Could you tell me how I could make Tiramisu flavored ice cream? Make sure they are fine enough to blend properly, but not so fine as to lose all sense of “donut.” My son LOVES cherries so I am going to make a chocolate base recipe and add sliced maraschino or pitted cherries to it. Yay I am so glad I came across this recipe! Please tell me you did not actually make those all at once! It’s especially good for injuries because it stays flexible and can be molded around ankles, knees, wrists or other sore areas. Same as for the condensed milk. This will be fun! would love to incorporate it in ice cream.

Next on my list of ice cream flavors is Salted Carmel. Sounds delicious! Put the first ziploc bag, with the seal side facing downward, into a second ziploc bag and then place in the freezer. I share this recipe with my friends. I kept it simple and used vanilla extract but it’s still good and it didn’t even mix well lol. Made the best frozen chocolate fudge swirl! My whole family loved it. She is going to be making a root beer float ice cream (she’s doing just the cream, milk and a 12 oz can of root beer and some vanilla) I’m making a like moose tracks type (chocolate chip cookie dough and the chocolate fudge magic shell)..Cant wait to try both of them. Besides, it’s not in the budget.

I’m a 3rd grade teacher & I asked each one of my students to bring one ingredient. Great to have a recipe for ice cream that doesn’t need a machine.

Ha ha!

Add powdered milk and blend until thick. The latest concoction is my favorite: a minty ‘iced’ lemon meringue pie – great for summer! So, I’m expecting baby #2 any day now and I found your recipe for ice cream.

my dad almost couldn’t believe I didn’t buy it from the store. I added little bits of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to this homemade ice cream! It will make it extra creamy, and taste extra buttery! It turned out great & disappeared in minutes! (I hope I converted it right). Tonight, I made the Hazelnut Mocha one and I made my own…MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP (I will never buy store bought again) – heaven.

I have been making this ice cream for over a year in many flavors and I am always asked for the recipe. I just bought a back to basics ice cream maker off e-bay brand new for $26 and I love it already. How many people does this serve?

Just what this very pregnant momma needs! I’m going to to try to make a chocolate brownie kind and then a Reese’s PB cup kind (or maybe PB M&M kind as lately the Reese’s PB cups have been tasting funny. Great minds think alike! This recipe is great! Oh…my…gosh! I like to bake a pan of brownies and crumble up about 1/2 the pan and put it in the ice cream then pour it over the top of the other 1/2 and freeze. With the peanut butter, I found it easier to to freeze the peanut butter for about 20-30 minutes, and then chunk off the peanut butter in bits. Malted Milk Ball….crusted into chocolate….which was made by melting semi sweet baking chocolate….it was *delish* And then I *LOVE* banana choc chip….move over Chunky Monkey!!! :) I know what I’m going to try next…. I saw a Ben&Jerry’s flavor that had different flavors of cookies swirled in. The peanut butter ice cream and thin chocolate cookies are cut out using the same cookie cutter to give this decadent sandwich its neat, uniform size.

:), Hi guys ! I’ll let you know. Store in freezer. I wonder what would happen if i added about 1 1/2 cups of chocolate pudding and some pb? Non alcoholic Pina colada drink mix would work too. After almost two days it was still soupy…..so I made a cookie crust in a pie plate and dumped in on top and then it froze in 8hours. Voila…Key Lime Pie ice cream. * One of the tricks with the Krispy Kreme donuts is to leave them in the food processor for long enough that the bits of donut don’t interfere in the ice cream coming together as ice cream. But if you're ready to get next-level genius this summer, skip those boxes of oblong chocolate wafers with sub-par.

I did what Eerie suggested “dissolve about 2-3tsps of instant coffee with a couple of drops of vanilla essence or extract in 3 tablespoons of hot water, then mix that into the condensed milk before mixing it into the whipped cream.” and I added a splash of coconut rum to it. Just put the dry mix in a bowl, add milk and cream, whisk together and then freeze.

Thanks. I added a teaspoon of almond extract for the nutty taste, IT was better then store bought ice cream which is loaded with chemicals, lol! <3. Thank you! Have a great night! I’m in love with this whole site. Thanks for sharing your great recipes. I made this today for our 4th of July party. I feel like a clod in the kitchen, but you just made it look so easy Im gonna try it again…. I plan to try the hazelnut mocha fudge swirl next. For the 4th of July we got out the old fashioned crank machine…it was fun for the kids who came….and everyone loved having homemade ice cream. 60 g sugar (1,92 oz) I’m thinking fresh strawberries and bananas. There were some crumbs and some bigger pieces. Please tell me, how much whipped cream should I use for the recipe? Thanks for answering my comment so quickly! 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Your the best, Amanda! Thanks for sharing this super easy recipe :). No refrigeration necessary, however.

Really good & creamy. It’s a mousse like texture and it isn’t setting even though I set it for 24 hours. Thanks again! Thank you in advance for any advice.

Thanks for the ideas! :). Hope it turns out as great as yours did!!! I put in peanut butter and chocolate chips and some chocolate mint syrup in. I love Nutella and I love Peanut butter so it sounds like a nice mix! Maybe a little better was Almond Joy which I used ghiardelli hot cocoa mix with the condensed milk, toasted organic coconut, a few spoons of coconut milk I had in the fridge and crushed roasted almonds on top.

): Hey, is it necessary to use Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Mill? Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! I’ve never made an attempt at it before, but guess what? :) hope that helps. I blogged about it on our blog. I’m going to make three variations today, one favorite for each family member. I have a batch of chocolate and spice in the freezer setting up as we speak – I was going for something along the lines of Haagen Das’ “Mayan Chocolate”, or Lindt’s cinnamon-chocolate truffles, but with a broader mix of spices, like in a chai. Thanks again. If mint chocolate chip is your go-to flavor, this brownie-ice cream sandwich will blow your mind. Tasted great in the bowl hope it works out frozen! There’s a powdered egg nog mix. Just make my own. And now that I’ve found the recipe again, I’ll be making it again *real soon! It’s a respect issue… I gotta say, this is YUMMY! My mom always made this as a chocolate ice cream pie! for this recipe. Thanks for this great recipe! thanks for the simple and awesome recipe :), This recipe is my favourite – I’ve made various versions over the past few months (and everyone is always so impressed that it’s made without a machine!).

My little boy loves it and he loved making it!!! Good thing I’m going to get groceries tomorrow… I can buy the ingredients and have at it with my sons! I made this with a little bit of vanilla, lemon juice, and lemon zest because I like things simple and that alone is divine!

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