The Evolution bullet weighted exactly 160 grains. 0000005151 00000 n Bob and I returned from the range extremely pleased with this new Hornady LEVERevolution ammunition. Exceptional accuracy and overwhelming downrange terminal performance. 150 grain RN Interlock - SD .226, BC .186 The first two rifles are Bob's and the scoped M-94 is mine. 160 grain Evolution - SD .240, BC .330 The key to its innovation and performance is the patented elastomer Flex Tip ® technology of the FTX ® and MonoFlex ® bullets.

0000163274 00000 n 60*�2�4�e����]mn� At 25 yards we used a sandbags padded with a towel.

To save space, the following abbreviations are used in the table below: Wb = Weight of bullet (in grains); MV = Muzzle Velocity (in feet per second); BC = Ballistic Coefficient; MRT = Mid-Range Trajectory; yards = yds. 0000001663 00000 n This trajectory table can also serve as a comparative tool, allowing the reader to compare the trajectories of different cartridges or loads.

It has taken some 145 years, but we finally have spitzer bullets in high performance, factory loaded .30-30 ammunition, as well as four other calibers popular in traditional lever action rifles. While we were at the 25 yard line, Bob fired a 5-shot group with the old Model 1894 carbine, with pretty dismal results. The early independent tests and field reports that I have seen tend to confirm that the Evolution bullets' terminal performance is approximately as claimed. Allowing a greater mid-range trajectory might result in shooting over an animal at an intermediate distance. 44 Mag 225 gr FTX ® LEVERevolution ® Item #92782 | 20/Box US Patent: 8,413,587 | 7,380,502 | 8,161,885. We did our shooting for record with the scoped rifles at 100 yards, and at 25 yards with the iron sighted Model 1894. 0000085274 00000 n Hornady Leverevolution 44 Mag Trajectory Chart And Kofs Shotgun Review Uk On Hornady Leverevolution 44 Mag Trajectory Chart And Kofs Shotgun Review Uk Sale . Look inside store for get more discount,If you want to see more details Can be ordered at the online store that we recommend. C4 LED technology, impervious to shock with a Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells, THE PERFECT TIP & BLADE We started with the tip of the blade, the part that has to fit the gun screw properly, and the most important part of a gunsmith's screwdriver.

Hornady LEVERevolution Ammunition.

NOTE: The innovative LEVERevolution® FTX® and MonoFlex® bullet designs may require a newer magazine follower to provide best possible functioning of the last round out of the magazine in certain guns. We fired at the 100 yard targets using lead sleds weighted with a single 25 pound bag of lead shot. Terminal ballistics is the study of how a projectile behaves when it hits its target and transfers its kinetic energy to the target. At 100 yards: Hornady LEVERevolution 160 grain Evo @ 100 Yards - Average velocity 1995; extreme spread 33 fps. ��˖.������f�~sD���5�&.H�o��r� X�FGF�WE�@��TP��ϳVTkjb'6��oA�{ʓRv%� �k2^�̞}y~��=�ovg3�.`a��r�Uz�� �r��/�M8{��滷����׻���oG��a�̿��5R�0��fӳ�i�2dI��y�4��1KVfȉ��h�/͏������1H�י�L���;�Ơ`�%wH�������r��%b�\Q��c ѳ���������'Ĥ�"#@�e)�{��)��)�v�F3���?�w��̪t�ˈ�dD{Z �4�1#ن����H�~���x{p�V�(�p?G䖠klt�vup������C��]�ٲ|k��$�6�T}��Cn�ǷFzѲ7�=�w� ��j���8�|��շ`kpx?z�b����U�I�/���#׵�����7��[�*ߺ�>_����ᶵ�!u����N ���Э���P+BT�w�G~fB0�J���}x�1(����W��/>����?~����Ю���A��j��d�ќ�k7��۪S��T� 0000160499 00000 n 0000004377 00000 n Bob and I took turns shooting 3-shot groups with both rifles, expending a total of about 60 rounds of ammunition. The bullet’s design, as well as its impact velocity, plays a huge role in how the energy is transferred. 29 44 Hornady ® Flex Tip ® technology allows the bullet to expand reliably from 800 to 2000+ fps. Gain a deep knowledge of ballistic science and access our improved ballistic calculator. Ballistic Charts. Dan, The 44 Magnum is a Pistol Cartridge!

This system maximizes the distance in which no "hold over" is necessary. Searches for products like these typically include: Shooting Gear,Slings & Check price and Read more Detail At MidwayUSA, Provides a 800 lumen blast of light for maximum illumination while clearing a room or searching an alley. Federal 150 grain FP - Average velocity 2200 fps; extreme spread 5 fps.

Sighting-in a hunting rifle to hit a certain number of inches high at 100 yards (or 100 meters) maximizes the point blank range of the rifle and cartridge and is superior to zeroing at a fixed distance like 200 yards. The table below is designed to serve as a starting point from which a shooter can work. 0000105064 00000 n Except consumers, that is, who have made the Winchester Model 94 and Marlin Model 336 the best selling hunting rifles of all time.

I calculated the recoil energy of the new load (160 grain bullet at a chronographed velocity of 2240 fps) in a 7.5 pound rifle at 11.6 ft. lbs. By the Guns and Shooting Online Staff. HORNADY AMMUNITION BALLISTICS V Varmint Express ™LE LEVERevolution® C Custom™ LM Light Mag HM Heavy Mag T TAP FPD™ M Match HORNADY PRODUCT LINES Ammo Description Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft/lb) Trajectory Tables CARTRIDGE BULLET ITEM # MUZZLE 100 yds 200 yds 300 yds 400 yds 500 yds MUZZLE 100 yds 200 yds 300 yds 400 yds 500 yds The .265 grain .444 and 325 grain .45 bullets remind me of little pointed fire plugs.

H��W[�� }�~�섺K���6n�vloRmQ�s�w��v����hD�8���" �oH�gI���prɯa A�z�pQ�v�N�����_���O�N��j��������.���?�����O��?����'�y�h���b{�~%o��_��i��9����Et���?O�Ͻ����"��WEXK���/֏���Azz��`��_�����^̰�׵�_������l�JN-O�����˛%�E�V���yqz��ɽ��X�]^~���գ�O�O�5�?~���գ�;��l~���� �~sJqU1,��U��X�a����I���_e�_�ݪ �� ��!.���9}{zq��>�_������=��`�q�w�R��?���G�^��?

LEVERevolution ® represents a breakthrough in ammo design for lever action rifles and revolvers. LEVERevolution® ammunition outperforms conventional loads for high weight retention, delivering up to 40% more energy than traditional flat point bullets. x�b```b``�����$'��π ��@Q�9L �gGh00�������U6�(��]��S�L���1�`jֶS73�ݫ�*c����h``vq� ������@�������Қ@������g���l �,�d���37��m�) �O�9�#G��YB����G���xv�-�3PI�g�i�fhb����=��A�����j����` �"�bk�4#���A��a`7�g`x` i?EW The initial LEVERevolution loads include a 160 grain Evolution spitzer/boat tail bullet in .30-30, 200 grain Evolution spitzer/flat base bullet in .35 Remington, 265 grain Evolution spitzer/flat base bullet in .444 Marlin, and a 325 grain spitzer/flat base bullet for the .45-70 and .450 Marlin. The blade tips are then custom, precision-ground in a crisply Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells, Polymer80's RL556v3 brings all of the Do It Yourself benefits of their original line of 80% AR-15 lower receivers, coupled with a bold new look and functional upgrades that'll set your AR-15 apart from all the others on the firing line. ku�:�; X>;��� ������ST��Pq�a@�bsBmC�p�*H����P�@��Jc���@�1(�d����/}(rs���r��$֘t/W,�L��%���2���`��RI�.XnnX�:Y������E�)��FYڠ���^�&F��q+ 7���p�.������E�)8L�.��Hv(�A�&F���&����:�*H�1�^f(j��z���P����H��͉�W#�]Ab�I�r�"�p�xy_ zU���W�ɀQ��-��.rs#ʻ*H�1�^�X$`�B4k��݉f`�,�n|QF�Ʈ ��_��\�H� 0000002562 00000 n When I examined the powder under a magnifying glass it looked like a duplex load of some sort, as some powder kernels were very small and round, while others were larger and flattened.

Offered in Check price and Read more Detail At, Tagua has been making quality gun products for decades. Of course, all rifles are different and your .30-30 may prefer some other bullet or brand of ammunition. Out of curiosity, I pulled the bullet from a LEVERevolution .30-30 cartridge and found it to be loaded with about 35.1 grains of ball powder.

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