If your Trust requires a distribution to you, and you’re not receiving it, you may be wondering “how long will this take?” Unfortunately, there are times when a Trust distribution takes much longer than it should to be made. The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Just explain the key facts, which usually are that: 1. the living trust has become irrevocable because of the settlor’s death 2. you are in charge of the trust assets, and 3. you will distribute the trust assets to the beneficiaries as … Distribution of assets from a living trust can take weeks, or even years, depending on the complexity of the estate, the specifics of the trust agreement, and the circumstances and relationships between the trustee and the beneficiaries. FreeAdvice®, formerly a unit of Advice Company™, is now a trademark and unit of 360Quote LLC. Contact all beneficiaries listed in the trust agreement. As the trustee, you have the power to transfer accounts, such as bank accounts and brokerage accounts, into the names of the beneficiaries. What if the Beneficiary has been waiting for more than 18 months? Finally, the creator must transfer legal ownership of the assets to the trust. So is there a living trust distribution time limit? But what’s reasonable? Some things, such as personal belongings, may not have specific values listed in the trust agreement because their values fluctuate over time; in these cases the items will have to be appraised at current market values. The trustee cannot distribute any assets or income from the trust until the survivorship period passes. It all depends on the circumstances of your case. Was the grantor in the right mind when creating a Trust? How long does a trustee have to distribute liquid assets to beneficiaries in an irrevocable living trust. Now, the Trustee knows they have the fiduciary duty to put everyone above their self-interest first and to comply with the wishes of the Trustor. What determines how long a Trustee takes will depend on the complexity of the estate where properties and other assets may have to be bought or sold before distribution to the Beneficiaries. In cases where the trustee distributes only the trust's income, the trust remains in existence until an event, such as the death of the last beneficiary, meets the trust's requirements for dissolution. Disclaimer: Communications between you and LegalZoom are protected by our In fact, a Trust that has no issues, and only cash, may be reasonably distributed within four or five months of the settlor’s death, not two years. If, however, you have seen warning signs of misappropriation of trust funds, or lack of transparency, you may need to seek counsel. A trustee should always consider discussing contentious options in full detail with any involved lawyers or financial experts. This doesn't influence our content.

We have seen cases where a Trustee has waited five to ten years to make a Trust distribution, and there is no reason for that type of delay.

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