Out of fear, Tasha reluctantly implicated Q for the murder with an anonymous tip, while distracting him with sex. All the street lessons YOU got sir, are the same ones, Thomas got AS WELL. Thanking you in advance, PLAN B | A desperate Ghost needs money to pay Jason, so guess who he calls? | Gubenatorial hopeful Rashad Tate is having vigorous sex with… his fiancée? How Kanan still walking around on the streets and NOBODY knows he is alive yet? Tasha and Lakeisha starts to get into a physical fight, which leads to Tasha accidentally shooting Lakeisha in the chest.

At that same moment, the bailiff — who placed the water cup in front of the defendant — gets a text from an unnamed contact saying that $10,000 has been transferred to his account. All I know is this show be having me in my feelings, for real!!! Tariq's business begins to flourish. Since the first season she's been going to Tommy. Ghost was loyal until Tasha and tomas wouldnt respect the fact that he wanted to go legit. Tommy enlists LaKeisha to help with his business. Typo but anyway.. She already is listed in episode one of season 4 (4.1) what happens after episode one well will see lol.

DONOVAN’S LAST, WORST DAY | Donovan and his men get Dre and daughter Heaven ready to leave the safehouse so he can testify against Alicia at her trial, but then one of the guys keeping watch outside stops answering his radio. I learned long ago that the character is just the character. That he left Tasha to explain to the kids why he wasn’t living there anymore and to function as a single parent. She better practice her seductive look in the mirror for next time. Ghost KEEPS underestimating Tommy. Terry tells Tasha to have Tariq turn himself in but she refuses since that will put him in danger. (Side note/confession: I don’t 100 percent understand why the campaign needs the St. Patricks to appear as a unified couple, but maybe more will be revealed in time?) Yassssss if he wasn't a kid...I would say his azz needs to die too.. jk but he needs an azz whoppin. If Tommy takes down Milan he could possibly let his friend move on with his life. I'm almost 100% certain that the old lady is Ghost's grandmother. This, of course, is precisely the opposite of what Tate wants. *dead*.

I get tired and bored after while even if it is good. Tommy later talks to Tasha about Lakeisha's being dead, and believes that Ghost killed her.

Heaven eventually ends up with her dad, then Donovan takes a bullet in the shoulder but still manages to take down the assassins. Felt bad for Tommy losing Holly, Rejoiced in Tasha and Ghost getting back together and felt lead to go to Tommys IG account and tell him "He better not kill Ghost" but after watching this over again I have come to realize that Tommy is going to have an epic plan and all will end well. Tasha weak. Relationships Yes they are. The next day Tasha's daycare get searched for drugs, which lead to one of the mother's epiphany stop helping Tasha from selling her drugs.

Yep...cause that's why Tommy said, "Ghost did this to you" when he was stabbin Vibora....LAWD!! Is she comin back? Take that ol 8th grade romance and bury it with Holly. Tasha has a business plan of her own. And if you’re wondering, yes, many of these are merely opening acts for the final two—the characters on Power that I hate the absolute most. Relationship Information Tasha did what she always been doing & thats going to Tommy when she don't understand Ghost. I couldn't understand that either but Tasha is worried that Milan is going to kill her and her kids. I heard men wear a sock. Tasha secretly talks to Tommy, about Ghost and Tariq. I'll be back, I don't think she was trying to be seductive.. Tasha returns home and gets a message from her son but is shocked to see it is a picture of Kanan with him demanding a ransom for his return. That little boy pissed me off in the Barbershop movie too ?? Aliases Whatever she chooses, it'll likely be with grace and control. Later on, she meets with Angela who is angry at her for linking her to Ray Ray's demise but Tasha informs her that Tariq was the one who killed her not James as Angie believed. well maybe thats just his face cause Ghost always looks confused.

They'd completely fall … Lol @ Omari only being sexy when he is Ghost. Before leaving, Ghost warns Tasha that if she keeps helping Tariq sell drugs, Tariq will end up dead and his blood is on her hands. Why should she be giddy about a new ring?? Although Tasha wanted to kill Angela, Tommy was ultimately the one who killed her. Part of "Tommy's plan" if you will to show his loyalty to Milan, while acting like he's portraying Ghost. When James tells Tasha and Angela that instead of turning themselves in, they can frame Dre for Ray Ray's murder. ?kid needs a good whoopin? Hopefully Angela goes to jail and we are done with that chick! And you aren't trying to rectify the situation. Then Tasha meets with man name Q, who instantly falls for her, but Tasha stops him for almost having sex with her because of her lasts relationships.

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