When she closes the café for the night, Kathy is startled when James appears and greets her - explaining that he has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Baffled by the reveal of Kathy's age, viewers took to Twitter to express their shock. Kathy's husband Gavin Sullivan (Paul Nicholas) had convinced her to fake her death to keep her children safe. Phil's brother, Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp), reveals that Mark Fowler (Todd Carty), the husband of Ben's childminder Ruth Fowler (Caroline Paterson) and Kathy's nephew, has AIDS. Shocking as it may seem, Kathy Beale is in fact 70 years old. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. "[32] Kathy remained in a prominent role throughout her original stint on the serial, featuring in high-profiled storylines involving her rape at the hands of James Willmott-Brown (William Boyde) and the discovery of a long-lost daughter, Donna Ludlow (Matilda Ziegler), after she was sexually assaulted as a teenager. Taylforth was in the show until 1998, when she opted to leave. OK! Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson recently started following ex Tiffany Watson on Instagram following his split from Zara McDermott. When Kathy returns again for Ian's short-lived wedding to Melanie, after Ian lied to Melanie about his daughter Lucy Beale having cancer, and Melanie revealing she had a one night stand with Steve Owen (Martin Kemp), she is met with hostility from Phil's mother, Peggy (Barbara Windsor). Holly Willoughby shocks fans with pricey pink pyjamas as she says she’s ‘found her lockdown look’. Kathy insists to Phil that he justifies his reasons to Ben about the car lot land. Phil is overjoyed about becoming a father, as is Phil's mother, Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor). He patiently pursues her, but after a few dates, she becomes hesitant and after she sees him kissing Eibhlin O'Donnell (Mary Conlon) - his former girlfriend visiting from Ireland - their lukewarm romance ends. Fans will remember that Kathy was one of EastEnders’ original cast members, appearing in the soap’s very first episode back in February 1985. Bobby's feud with Sharon's son Dennis Rickman Jnr (Bleu Landau) escalates when Bobby kills Dennis' pet spider. Underneath, though, things are very different. As Buster awaits the verdict from his son Dean Wicks's (Matt Di Angelo) rape trial, Kathy reveals her two rapes to him during a heart-to-heart, they later embrace. The study found that the character of Kathy Beale was labelled in the "morality/potency" category - a moral character, family-oriented, warm, likable and steady. "[14] While in March 2008, Gareth McLean of The Guardian used Kathy Beale's rape as one of only two instances of a drama series that dealt with the subject "remotely realistically", the other being Sheila Grant's (Sue Johnston) rape in Channel 4's Brookside. In January 2013, she became a housemate on the eleventh series of Celebrity Big Brother. He angrily declares that her absence is to blame for the current state of his life, declaring that he is the reason Phil has left due to his homosexuality, but Kathy tells him that she and Phil knew that he was gay before he even started school, and that they have always loved him. Our. [23] Despite indicating to Phil that she was prepared to give their relationship one last try, he failed to rendezvous with her in time, and although he made it to the airport, he was persuaded to let her go by Ian. [10] In the on-screen events, Kathy was shown to leave the serial for five months to stay with her brother and recover from the trauma of seeing James again; however, in reality, actress Gillian Taylforth had to be written out of the serial to go on maternity leave. She wrote to the then Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd, to try to stop the episode being repeated in the soap's weekly Sunday omnibus, suggesting that it violated the BBC's own code of practice. Alex is prepared to give up his job to be with Kathy but she has second thoughts and considers moving to Cape Town, South Africa to live with her brother Ted Hills (Brian Croucher). The BBC later confirmed that she would reprise the role of Kathy permanently later in the year and she appeared again regularly from August 2015.[5]. Kathy's comeback to EastEnders (Image: BBC). She ends the relationship. Nick uses this to blackmail her, which eventually forces her to tell Pete her secret and he reacts badly. However, her romantic journey is set to hit a stumbling block before it’s even properly got off the ground – after Peter (Dayle Hudson) created an online profile for her – and lied about her age. "I couldn't understand how they could work around the fact that she could do that to her children" the actress explained. Here’s the lowdown... EastEnders viewers couldn’t quite believe that Kathy Beale is 70 when they caught a glimpse of her dating app profile last Friday night (October 16). I thought she might come back to see Ian (her on-screen son) and have some illness. I still keep in touch with some of them, and my line when I left the show was, 'I won't say goodbye, just au revoir', and that is how I feel. ", How is Kathy 70 in EastEnders???? I love them so dearly. However, she is relieved when it is a mistaken identity and comforts Ben when he discovers it is his boyfriend, Paul Coker (Jonny Labey), who is dead. Ian demands to see Kathy and she explains to him that Gavin forced her to go on the run with him as part of an insurance scam and he had controlled her for years and she felt she had no choice. It is nice that they have left the door open for Kathy to return. After he snatches Ben and leaves him near a fire while he passes out drunk, Kathy leaves him. Kathy left Albert Square again on 6 January 2000. Nikki Wright in ITV's The Bill (2006–2008). After deciding to leave Walford with her son Ben for South Africa, Kathy found herself the object of desire from several Walford residents, all keen for her to stay and form a relationship. Kathy feels she has put her troubled past behind her but Nick Cotton (John Altman) breaks into Dr Harold Legg's (Leonard Fenton) surgery and reads Kathy's medical records. Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry gives first peek inside his stunning new home. Since then, the actress has also appeared in all five series of Footballers’ Wives, been a recurring panellist on Loose Women, competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 and appeared in Celebrity Big Brother in 2013. She made a brief return in 1999 for the storyline to aid the departure of her brother-in-law Grant, played by actor Ross Kemp. Nikki Wright in ITV's The Bill (2006–2008). Kathy later learns from Phil that Luke attacked Ben, and the trio later find out from Ian about James' plan - further discovering that Max had in fact been conspiring with James to exact revenge on Walford for being disbelieved over the fact that Bobby killed Lucy and how the impact had led him to be wrongfully imprisoned for Lucy's murder. Irrationally, Kathy blames herself - but she won't trust him with anyone else"[17] and according to Dr Richard Lansdown of London University's Institute of Child Health, "Such extreme anxiety is only natural [...] This constant checking is very, very common when children are seriously ill."[17] Kathy's concern for Ben was shown to have a negative effect on her relationship with Phil, leading into the start of the couple's most notable storyline, Phil's descent into alcoholism and the consequences the condition has upon the sufferer's domestic life. Ian later decides to rebuild his relationship with his mother and allows Kathy to move into his house. Kathy confronts Fi over what James did to her and about all the women James has destroyed, including her own mother. That makes her six years older than actress Gillian Taylforth, who turned 64 in August of this year. Phil responds by threatening to shoot Grant, devastated that he lost Ben and Kathy again. [12] The story, however, continued in the next episode, when Kathy reached the police station and received very sympathetic treatment from a male detective and a WPC. Realising what he has lost, Phil tries to stop drinking and rebuild his marriage. Luis Troyano has died following a private battle with oesophageal cancer. After a heated conversation in which James pleads for forgiveness, Kathy convinces him to leave Walford. She played the role for all five series, which made her the only cast member to appear in every series without taking a break. More down to earth. With Kathy being left mortified by both the fall and the fact she was dishonest, has she ruined her chances of a future with Iain? It was revealed that she had not died but instead faked her own death in South Africa in 2006. Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry has bought his first home, and afforded fans a peek inside. Inside Alexandra Cane's festive home gym as she admits she 'misses curves' following weight loss. However, actress Gillian Taylforth was born on 14th August 1955, making her 64-years-old. [19] Phil is eventually shown to blame "his destructiveness on a response to self-hate: violence [...] the basis of his problem: his father had beaten him as a kid and he fears that he will do the same to his son. [1], Author Christine Geraghty has described Kathy as a character that could "be trusted by the audience to divine what is right and to hold firmly to that position".

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