This enrages Eren and they start fighting and insulting with nobody stopping them. Shocked and horrified, Jean tries to ask other soldiers if they saw what had happened to him, but is stopped by a nearby nurse who insists that Jean identify the body and continue to work. [40], After returning home victorious, Jean accompanies Hange to deliver Ymir's letter to Historia. [41], Following the second attack of the Colossus Titan, Jean, along with the rest of the 104th Training Corps, are sent to the front lines to deal with the Titans that have begun entering the city. Fortunately, they do not have to because the Titan breaks itself free in order to attack another Titan, collapsing soon after. I would say Jean’s Height is 6’0 or 6’1 in 854(1.85cm - 1.83cm). [36], As Bertholdt begins to rampage through Shiganshina, Jean and his squadmates ask Armin to instruct them on what to do. Swayed by Jean's words, Hange orders Mikasa to retrieve the serum from Levi so that they can use it, to Jean's relief. [140], Jean questions Armin's idea of talking to Eren, Jean sits quietly in a room with Mikasa Ackerman, Connie, and Armin. [25][26] He is also willing to risk his life to slow down the Female Titan, as refusing to do so would have resulted in additional deaths. Fancying himself a realist, Jean's ideals bring him to blows with the more idealistic Eren, who criticizes Jean as a coward.[9]. [170], Jean is highly adept at using vertical maneuvering equipment, being able to maneuver well even on open terrain, which is considered extremely difficult and not many people can do so. In the morning, Jean goes with Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Hange, and Sasha to see the commandant. Jean shouts at Eren asking him how many times would he have died if he did not have those Titan powers and how many times would Mikasa have had to save him. Special Operations Squad 104th Training Corps Jean finally manages to equip the gear while Annie, Conny, and Marco distract approaching Titans, and despite having a difficult time controlling it, manages to use the gear to maneuver his way to safety atop the Wall. He yells at him to keep civilian losses to a minimum, but Floch is undeterred. Jean is surprised to see how the Titans learn to climb the trees in order to reach them. Then, how tall is he? Although the execution leaves Jean in a daze, he is taken aback when Floch attempts to convince him to join the Yeagerists by appealing to the selfish personality he had during his trainee days. [74] He then apologizes to Levi and admits that he was mistaken and that he will not hesitate next time he has to pull the trigger. [125], When Mikasa volunteers, Jean responds that she might not be able to due to her heritage and Ackerman lineage. Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure, Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function, anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment, Interview with Attack on Titan Creator Hajime Isayama,, In a more recent interview, Isayama revealed that, "Jean" is the French variant of "John," meaning "Blessed by God.". Sasha suggests using a higher vantage point to look for the kidnappers, and the group is able to successfully locate where the thieves are camping for the night. Jean takes part in the assault of the Reiss Chapel against the Military Police. Then he and his comrades observe debate over who receives the serum. He is surprised by Pixis's announcement that they should surrender to Eren and begin negotiations while ignoring the deaths of Zackly and the other victims. Jean Kirstein a major character from the Attack on Titan anime and manga.Jean graduated from the 104th Trainees Squad and was ranked 6th in his class, giving him permission to join the Military Police.He initially wanted to join the Military Police in order to save himself and preserve his own life, however he decided against it, and he went on to join the Survey Corps.

[36] Armin is overwhelmed by the pressure and passes leadership to Jean, but even though Jean acknowledges he can read their current situation, he will still help finding a way to get them out of this.

On another night, Jean brags to his friends about the ways he utilizes his maneuvering equipment, joking that they should refrain from telling his secrets to others so that he will not face extra competition for a place in the top 10 graduates. He takes them away from the squad and decides to kill them, but fails. When it does, Jean calls for his squad to give it all they have, and they succeed in eliminating the Panzer Unit. Then, how tall is he? [60], The soldiers retreat when Eren is freed, but Reiner begins throwing Titans at them.

15[5] Armin devises a plan to clear out the Titans in the supply room using the rifles to blind them so that others can cut their napes. Is she tall? [70], After Levi is attacked by the Military Police Brigade, Levi's squad starts moving in order to follow Eren and Historia. While they wait, Armin confides to Jean his belief that their commander had suspected a spy amongst them but declined to reveal this knowledge. [63], He stands guard again during Hange's Titan experiments with Eren, and is bothered when he is informed that the experiments did not work. He listens to the story about Grisha Yeager and Keith without saying a word. Jean and Armin head down to the meeting between Commander Erwin Smith and the head of the Military Police Brigade, Nile Dok. [67], At their new base, Jean expresses worry over who their enemies really are, and theorizes that they will be hung if their revolution to replace the king with Historia fails. Jean stabs it in an eye to free her. Whether those soldiers died for nothing will depend on him. Find it out here on Anime Height Here are some information about Darius Zackly's height. As repairs begin on the boat, Eren's Titans arrive in Odiha. However, Jean is then blindsided by Hitch, who smashes him in the head with a tree branch. [103], When they arrive at Shiganshina, Jean switches to his vertical maneuvering equipment at the order of Erwin. Currently, he serves as a commanding officer in the Survey Corps, leading a squad during the Raid on Liberio.[10]. Jean is taken away in a carriage along with his comrades en route to Shiganshina District. Although Jean is hesitant, he is quickly goaded into accepting the challenge by Conny and Sasha. [139], After returning to Paradis, the soldiers who were killed in Liberio are buried. [154], Eren makes contact with Zeke, activating the Founding Titan and beginning the Rumbling. Jean is less than convinced. [57], At the edge of the forest, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan, carrying Bertolt, Eren, Ymir, and Historia on his shoulders as the soldiers pursue them. The dinner becomes crazier and crazier because of various reasons: first, Sasha gets mad after seeing all the meat, trying to eat it all, even biting Jean and punching Marlo. Erwin orders the soldiers to retrieve Eren and Jean joins the charge along with Mikasa. Jean retaliates, but his shot misses when the boy from before pushes her out of the way. [92] The conversation changes to Eren's memories and the nature of the Titans, remembering Ymir and Connie's mother. [95] The night before the operation, the soldiers are having a special dinner in order to celebrate and prepare them for the operation.

104th Cadet Corps

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