Trim the ends of the cloth strips. Repeat until all the skin is removed and a layer of glistening fat remains. A whole country ham can be quite large, often over 20 pounds. Place the ham, fat side up, in a pot large enough to allow the ham to be covered completely with water. You can easily purchase this at a grocery store. "The flavor of a country ham is enhanced by the thinness of the slice," he said, "and it's difficult to slice a ham when the bone is still in it.". It's a lengthy process, but it fully honors every morsel of a country cured ham - meat, fat and bone.

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Try to do your best to keep the skin and fatty layer intact, as this will serve the purpose of keeping the ham moist when you cook it. Next, turn the ham over and do the same to that side, making sure that you are cutting all the way down to the bone. Return to the thigh bone in the butt portion of the ham.

Don't forget to save that bone, though! Barnabas Baker was an enthusiast for Portsmouth. If you wish to freeze the bone for later, a bone will last two to four months in a sealed container. To remove the cap bone: About 1?3 of the way from the hock end of the ham is a small bone, like a kneecap, that needs to be removed. It can be hard to find. Soaking and simmering the ham takes large pots, but if you can manage it the precooked ham is easier to debone. To remove the aitchbone: Start at the large end, called the butt end, where a vague outline of the bone is visible.

Trim off any hard, dark surfaces where the meat was exposed to the salt cure, cutting about 1?8-inch into the meat. He was educated at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Cut carefully around the knee joint, then separate the muscles of the shank from their bone.

Hitman killed Norfolk grandmother over drug deal she had nothing to do with, feds say. Find the seam of the meat, and, beginning at the hock, slice the ham lengthwise, following the bones with the knife all the way to the ball joint. Lorraine Eaton,, - Cooking vessel large enough to allow the ham to be covered in water, - Five or six strips of strong cotton cloth, - 1 to 1 ½ inches wide and long enough to tie around the ham, Owners of Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News file for bankruptcy, 11 candidates compete for seats on the Virginia Beach School Board, Here’s who is running for Virginia Beach City Council. Cooking a whole ham is not only a rewarding feat, but can be a challenge if you are not quite sure how to cut the bone out of that big chunk of meat! Image Credit: Dio5050/iStock/Getty Images Bone-in hams have a long, thick femur running through the entire cut of meat.

Hams are cut from the hind quarters of a hog and include the hip and thigh portions of the leg as well as a small portion of the shank. "The more you put on, the better job you will do of bounding it together," Schiemann says. Again, follow the contour of the bone to remove the ham. It can take three hours or more to slice a bound ham. It will make the base for some wonderful soups or stock.

"The meat at the bone is the sweetest because that is where the meat muscle tissue originates, from the bone outward," Schiemann says. The thinner the slice, the more flavorful the meat.

Hold back the large muscle with one hand and free the meat from the thigh bone with long strokes of your knife.

Reach underneath it with your knife tip, cutting away the bone as far as the knee joint.

This will help hold the ham together for slicing. "The molds grow all over the surface of these hams as they age, and it won't harm you at all," said Cal Schiemann, a retired Virginia Tech agricultural extension agent.

While doing this, the meat opens up, butterfly-style, to reveal the entire femur bone and hock. Country Hams. Place the ham on a deep platter to catch any juices and allow to cool at room temperature for three hours. "Sometimes your knife is in deep, sometimes it's not in very much at all," Schiemann says. Here’s who is running for Virginia Beach mayor, Josh Thompson, son of Virginia Beach developer, dies after battle with ALS, Nine autumn restaurant openings — and re-openings — to check out in Hampton Roads, World Central Kitchen serving free food to voters waiting in line in Hampton Roads, Hampton bakery owner to compete on Food Network’s baking competition, The McRib is coming back: After 8-year hiatus, McDonald’s to offer cult classic nationwide. Sprinkle the interior of the ham with 1/2 envelope of unflavored gelatin. "Do not boil the ham; I find that makes it tougher.".

Shake off excess water and place the ham on the cutting board and allow to cool at room temperature 20-30 minutes. Using a sharpened boning knife at least 6 inches long, press the edge of the knife against the outline of the bone to cut all the way around it.

Make several small slices along the bone to remove it, leaving as little meat as possible on the bone. Remove the ham from the refrigerator to a cutting board. They wash their hands. How to Debone a Pork Shoulder Wear insulated rubber gloves to lift the hot ham out of the pot. Trim the end so the surface is flat. Schiemann prefers inexpensive Kiwi-brand knives available at some local Asian markets. How To Do Things. Then refrigerate overnight.

But winter is coming.

Those who prefer prosciutto-style ham can skip this step, although the ham will be harder to bone. Here is a simple step-by-step method for deboning a ham: First you will place ham, fat side down, on a cutting board. Cover and heat on the stovetop until the temperature of the water reaches 185 degrees, using two burners if necessary.

These scraps can be used for seasoning greens, beans and other dishes. Finally, to remove the bone, simply push the bone through the center of the ham (the part you just cut). For the butt portion, it's more difficult because of the "aitch" bone (aka the pelvic bone). Through it, locals learn to cure hams the old-school way in vintage smokehouses, a process that starts in January and ends with Friday night's 4-H ham show and livestock auction in Pungo. Pennsylvania, yes.

Remove the meat from the hock (and maybe taste a little bit of it at this point).

Place a paper towel over the top of a cutting board with a groove around the edge. The adage is to "slice it so there's only one side.". Here’s what it’s all about. Starting at either end, cut off the first strip of binding. He ships it to far-flung friends.

Wisconsin, no: Supreme Court issues flurry of last-minute election orders.

A skinning knife or a kitchen knife with a curved blade is ideal for removing the skin.

Christian-Republican or Christian-Democrat, We Are All One In Christ! It won't exactly slip right out, but shouldn't be too hard of a struggle either, depending on how good a carving job you did! That completes the steps of deboning a ham. In the forms of bacon, ham, and a staggering number of sausages and deli meats, pork accounts for many of the world's favorite cured products.Some of the most glorious are the dried hams, including Italian prosciutto, Spanish jamon and America's own country hams. Wearing a protective glove, position the knife blade to cut through the thick skin, but not into the fat and meat. He ships it to far-flung friends. Most restaurants use the picnic ham part because it is cheaper and has more flavor to it when cooked, although it takes more time to prepare compared to Boston butt. An oft-told Tidewater tragedy goes like this: A local epicure, whether he be native or transplant, acquires a taste for salty, meaty, country cured ham - one of the region's most iconic foods.

Another way to keep the ham moist during cooking is to seal the center cavity closed before cooking. Don't pour the water down the drain; it contains fat and will clog pipes. Carving and deboning a large country ham takes time and practice, but it's within the abilities of any home cook. The cooled water and fat can be poured into the grass or mulch bedding outdoors. Once fully detached, remove the bones to a plate. "The bacteria in the soil will eat it, and you won't have any smell or odor," Schiemann says. Tie the cloth around one end. Because of the odd shape of the bone, you'll end up with smaller chunks of ham. When the ham is done, the temperature in the thickest part of the meat should register 150-160 degrees.

His articles have appeared on numerous home and garden sites including GoneOutdoors, TheNest and eHow. They pen a note to the sender: "Thank you for the ham, but as it was covered with mold, we threw it away.".

The broth can be saved for later use, but allow it to cool so that the fat can be skimmed off the top before using. Deboning the ham while it's uncooked is more difficult because the meat is denser, but it leaves you with compact portions that are much easier to soak, simmer and bake.

You can also ask your butcher to debone the ham; he will usually do so at no extra charge.

Cut around the end of the bone, angling your knife tip in behind it until you find the hip socket.

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