Starfish make interesting and meaningful souvenirs of seacoast vacations. Do not place anything on the starfish’s legs if they are already stiff, as they may break. Once you have neutralized much of the rotting smells within the starfish, you must then lay the starfish out to dry. google_ad_width = 336; Pour 1 qt. Submerge the foul-smelling starfish in the undiluted isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol odor dissipates over time. Let starfish sit for a minimum of another 60 minutes before removing to dry. After two years, Braun left to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Soak the starfish in the isopropyl alcohol for 48 hours. Soak overnight in full strength bleach solution. //-->
I soaked my starfish in alcohol for 24 hrs, then placed it on a piece of cardboard w/ pins in arms as mentioned above. The alcohol odor dissipates over time. Follow the packaging instructions carefully. One easy alternative method of preserving the starfish is to lay it out flat on a plate and cover it with a generous sprinkling of natural sea salt.