You can see that at the top right of each employee in the 2nd tab (edit employees and desks screen). Can 'The Secret' Help You Win Sweepstakes? The Hi-Low Bonus game, the Extra Poker Hand Bonus game, and the Lucky Money bonus game offer players the chance to multiply their bet by 5x-40x with a guaranteed win of at least a 2x multiplier.

It took me about 30 to 40 min straight of tapping….don’t pause to long or you will reset you taps back to zero. Click with both hands Gotta keep working. Master Tools 3.0 | 25x | $800 | 25% ", Affirmations are always positive, in the first person, and in the present tense.
The first feature to look at is the wild symbol, as represented by the Lucky Day symbol. expect from such a thing. * The ROBOTS are now CHEAPER! Just thought I’d say I’ve been playing since December and I’m on the 16th trophy, which is Russia, and if I didn’t manipulate the date and time setting ma on my phone it would’ve taken me probably a year or more to get there. I have some robots up to 3100% And the option will be present on the screen when i try to hire them? 10. Your Lucky Day slots game uses a TV game show theme and backs it up with the prize money that you would The bar to the right shows the progress to the next level. Country 05 — Germany Almost finished This game… After like 1,5 year…. Okay, I have the game on my tablet, and it sounds like I do *NOT* want to upgrade!!! Country 07 — Japan They also launch bonus games, which we will discuss in a moment. Currently on level 14, took about 3 months because I dont use the time warp cheat. And more. Updates are where they tend to screw you over. Okay, where’s everyone at right now?

When you upgrade a factory, while still working towards the same trophy, you get to keep your factory and “fist pound” multipliers, until the end of that trophy. The percentages on the workers can be increased 2 ways. So these would be, for now, our Make More! Or is it because I used them in the pass and not replaced them with robots. This means that it would be nothing but a waste of money to buy more because I will never (or rarely) be away from the game for more than 11 hours. What level is the last level? For example, one of the principles of feng shui is that clutter has a negative effect on your energy levels. 631 current dollars

I have laser tools 7x, working on getting ludicrous tools 10x costs $999 :( If you see two Hostess symbols on the screen at once, you will go straight into the Hi-Low Bonus game. But this is superstitious nonsense, right? Trophy 04 — Eifel Tower is the world’s leading independent online gaming authority, providing trusted online casino news, guides, reviews and information since 1995. A HUGE UPDATE for Make More! Another thing to note is that the workers max out at 500%. Don’t overdo it here, though: always check the production times and plan ahead. The medals do 2 things: One – it will raise the employee up to level 10 immediately. I have only 2 game trophies and 1 extra trophies. So the numbers you see floating up represent the number of finger taps. I really hope you’ll find them useful and they’ll help you progress through the game faster. Big Boss and Robots Then do your device switch, download the MakeMore app and go to settings->cloud and click Load from Cloud. Make More is a brand new game for Android and iOS powered devices, one that comes with a interesting new approach to the genre, making it more addictive like ever. That should restore your game progress….I’ve already had to do this across 3 devices. No achievements yet though:(Reply.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve gathered you get to keep ur green bux and previous factory upgrades? I am playing this game too. Planet 06 — ? Rounding out the RTX 3000-series releases is the RTX 3070, which was originally expected to launch on October 15 but was pushed back to October 29th to increase launch day …

Might I also add that robots can resign too.

game tips and tricks. Your task is to guess if each card is higher or lower than the preceding card. For example, think about winning a prize, actually feel yourself winning your dream prize, and use that visual image to fuel your luck. * Make big profits on FASHION INDUSTRY and ROBOT INDUSTRY! Our recommended casinos have been verified by the likes of: Try it out for free then enjoy it for real, What makes Your Lucky Day so great to play, Play Your Lucky Day for free before you try your luck for real money.

Master Tools 7.0 cost $800 and gives you 45x multiplier

Your Lucky Day slots does, however, have three scatter symbols that cannot be replicated by this wild symbol: the Hostess, the Host, and the TV symbols. The Your Lucky Day online slot game has three bonus rounds that offer great winnings.

Trophy 05 — Big Ben I found it quicker and less tiring by using both hands, three fingers on the duckie. From let’s say lvl 20 to lvl 21, you lose you’re gold but you get 10000 gold bonus for upgrading for the next tier i.e lvl 21 to lvl 40, Just in case anyone is thinking about trying: No, you can’t give medals to robots! Today when I opened my make more I saw a letter of a worker in make more and when I opened it a picture appeared and my worker was not there he was fully upgraded.Why it happened? It sounds almost like he could have been a sweeper! I’m seriously thinking about taking the plunge and flashing a new ROM onto my Android tablet… it would be a step up or two, from Jellybean to KitKat. You may wager up to twenty coins per line and the coin sizes start at £0.01 and go up to £0.50. * Other improvements and bug fixes, version 1.5.1 on android from google play store Well I am working on my third trophy in the third set. Got diamond and lucky leaf, just going for trophies now. Take Second Girl and spam sexshop till you get the pillow and basket (basket for her) 5. While it might seem to be smarter in the short run to keep the contests and answers that you find to yourself, everyone needs some help and encouragement at some point. Sorry, thats the best I can explain in words. * Get the CLONING MACHINE to hire clones of your favorite workers! Planet 04 — Mars All of my factories are actiting like they are still maxed at 20 levels each.. but I’m only half done with the trophy.. please help me. Country 10: Finland You can check out the production times to fill the storage in the workers menu, by tapping the speech bubble of the boss, the one that appears to the top right. You'ill never be able to correctly call every toss of the coin or win every giveaway you enter. Planet 10 — ? That’s actually the price of the product. Trophy 43, 44 and 45 are all puzzle pieces as well. The next trophy I might even limit it to 300. Planet 03 — ? Don't let negativity steal your luck. Studies have shown that being optimistic can relieve stress and help you live longer. Country 04 — ? We’ll update this article with tips regarding to these mechanics once we get them (or you can share with us your tips in the comment section below). Does the top product on the first factory earn less than the other top products on the other factories, do the products in the 5th factory earn u more money than the products in the 1,2,3 and 4th factory? Even the luckiest people aren't lucky all the time. Keeping the tap bonus to 2 or 3 should be enough in most cases, especially early on. For some people, they don't reach out to a higher power, but turn inwards instead, using meditation to help them focus and enter more quickly and persistently.

1) Did you tool upgrades (gold, maybe jade) carry over from one trophy/level to the next? Once you have robots in all your factories, you can spend gold on giving them higher percentages, but I don’t know if there is a maximum to this. Country 07 — ?

Hard work and determination is key to winning. I am about halfway through Level 2, waiting to purchase the second trophy. I’m curious to see if there are any other set of 10 trophies after the 30th trophy. Now for the Your Lucky Day bonus games. 5. Nice I’m 7 trophies deep. completed 16 trophies ..and did not purchase the cloning machine, Country 01 — UK/Great Britain Currently I’m at 1400/3000 mini levels…1600 more to complete, hopefully in the next week. Once there, look for the upgrade to move on. Oh and what makes workers leave? :), The medals for the wort kerbs carry over but I’m not far enough in the game to confirm if they do for the robots. Others have lucky superstitions like a ritual they perform before they start their daily sweepstakes or a favorite song they like to play. If you're the type of person who believes that the glass is half full, not half empty, then you're already practicing positive thinking. Many people turn to a greater power to help them increase their luck.

And it's true: A messy, disorganized space makes it difficult to find what you need and to concentrate on your goals. If so, did that carry over from one trophy/level to the next? I’m about halfway through the nations/countries. @redcreep, how far along are you in the game? :(, Gold tools = $100 gives 2x multiplier Dragon Glass tools =$250 gives 5x multiplier.

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