To be successful you have to comb kitty regularly even if they do not exhibit signs of fleas. Bathing the cat with fleas makes you feel like you are taking back control and winning the war when them suckers run. Neem oil ain’t. The next day you remove the lavender plant and use the water as a dip, spray or to comb into your cat’s fur. Tip: It will look like a mix of salt and pepper! It is harmless to cats, so long as it doesn’t get into the eyes. You can use catnip in a number of ways with regards to repelling fleas : You can grow catnip in your yard where it will repel fleas from your yard as they just hate the smell of the stuff (the odor is just a nice minty aroma). Moreover, you cannot use such medications and chemicals on a kitten. Care for your cat naturally, use these simple remedies and take control of the flea situation without using harmful chemicals. While getting rid of fleas, fill a small bathtub with some warm water and first introduce the cat… The most direct way to get rid of fleas on a cat is to treat the cat's skin and fur with a lemon juice solution. The flea comb is essentially a mechanical method of stripping fleas and their eggs off the cat’s fur so the more regular you comb the better the result – plus your cat will probably appreciate the attention once they are used to the flea comb. Now, this is a little complicated as we all know that cats hate getting wet. The reaction usually takes the form of skin irritation around the collar area that clears after stopping use. Using coconut oil on your cat will soothe irritated skin, kill off fleas, and is safe for cats – indeed by grooming after the oil has been topically applied to their coats they may get some of the other benefits of coconut oil for cats. The problem is that oregano contains phenols that are also very bad for your cat. By all means water down lavender oil and spray on furniture and fabrics to remove/kill fleas in the home but make sure your cat doesn’t ingest the high concentration gear. You can use this solution as often as you need but keep a sharp eye out for any signs of irritation or skin reaction from your cat. Water alone is not enough. Some people recommend adding four drops of geranium oil to a cup of water to make a spray that can effectively repel fleas. Although an indoor cat can be infested with fleas. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It will repel and kill off fleas on contact. To successfully get rid of the fleas, the flea comb should be dragged slowly across the hair but as close as possible to the skin. This is particularly useful if you want to treat a kitten or don’t want to chance essential oils.

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