Black thick Cardstock.

But nothing was going to stop me creating this Fake Neon Light Painting so off I went back to the art shop the next day to get another marker and the shop assistant told me the one I had was faulty LOL Here I was thinking I was just terrible at applying white . ********************************************************************► *Start an Etsy Shop \u0026 Get 40 Free Listings:► *Try Audible \u0026 Get a Free Audio Book:► *Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial: SET-UPCamera: Canon PowerShot SX260 (affiliate)Tripod: Hama Star 700 EF (affiliate)Microphone: Camera's microphoneVideo editing: HitFilm 4 Express / Adobe Premiere Pro (affiliate)Audio editing: AudacityMy filming equipment and set-up: art supplies:'S NEXTSubscribe to Ivy Lily Creative YouTube channel for more art and DIY: out my blog: up to receive free coloring pages: pages: prints - Society6: prints - Redbubble: prints - Artflakes:• So I recommend if you have not used paint markers a lot, then do not skip this practice step.

1.) It's quite relaxing and I don't know why but very satisfying drawing on black paper. 1: Go over each letter with your base color using a round foam brush.

Last week's "bonus video" was this Neon Sign painting tutorial: *Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through my link. On the edge of your main colour, shade lightly with your coloured pencil to create an even more glow effect.

For your next project, make your own paint …

If you have a multi-coloured art piece then repeat the above steps with your next colour. I didn't mention in the video why there are transparent and opaque acrylics. Make sure each paint layer is completely dry before you move on to the next layer, otherwise you will get a rough & raised paint look which is not the ultra smooth look you are after and the paint may smudge.

How to Make Acrylic Paint Vibrant, Opaque & Brighter - YouTube

Since my sign actually had two colors, I used the same technique to paint the red tubing surrounding the sign: Again, I painted this one section at a time so the red paint wouldn’t dry too fast. Do not go back over the top of the line yet. Flip the paper over and place where you would like the design on your black cardstock and colour in quickly over the whole paper to transfer the image onto your paper card. Some of them were just small white dots, and others were little crosses.

HOW TO MAKE A FAKE NEON LIGHT SIGN PAINTING. Trace your outline with your main paint marker colour, making sure the line is thick enough and you have only drawn one consistent line.

Then, sketch out your design. The colors look different, when the painting is dry.2. Draw a simple illustration with not too many lines close to each other. For the finishing touch, I used a small paintbrush dipped in white paint to add stars in a few random places. My sister is an expert at using paint markers, me not so much so after a visit to my sisters and lots of advice on how to use them for this Faux Neon Light style, I have made this short tutorial on how you can achieve this look to make your own custom faux neon … You can use this painting technique with any word/shape you want.

I thought it would be cute to make one of those “on air” signs that you’d see at a radio or TV station.

I might re-do this on a scrap piece of wood or something with a more rectangular shape, since there was a lot of blank space left on the canvas. (I don't really like calling them mistakes, though.) You only need to do this step if you want to, your new Fake Neon Light Sign Painting will still look real hanging on your wall without the pencil shading and looks like it is glowing. Ensure there is enough paint in your tip and that the nib moves smoothly over the paper.

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