So far, we’ve been fairly objective about this topic. Make sure all the gaps are taped tightly, as overspray will get in anywhere that is not completely sealed.

), looks great... it certainly has the aged look... good on you for taking a risk painting your car and kudos for the finished product, 6 years ago

For a 24-hour job, the owner was pretty happy with how the truck turned out, and mentioned that it was one of the most entertaining paint jobs he’d been a part of. So, anyone got any idea's? Well, from the previous materials lineup, it's the Blue Patina aging solution. Mainly because … especially with certain makes and years [ such… Read more », Excellent question! Reply A light mixture of dirt and grease can make a new wiring harness look correct, and for hoses it’s usually sufficient to rub them with dirt. A trained eye can typically pick out resprays or blends very quickly. You can never really be afaraid to drive original "patinia" cars.. It’s irreplaceable and not restoreable, once it’s gone it’s gone. Here’s our inspection process: First we look around the trim for evidence of resprays. After it had flashed off for half an hour, it was sanded like the rest of the body. The paint on my old truck could stand some work, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to go this route! You also don’t want to lay super glossy clear over the top, as that will emphasize the faux patina. When everyone else is trying to be brighter and shinier than the next guy, the best way to stand out and get noticed is to do the opposite. Spraying just wont cut it here. Kevin Tetz grew up elbows deep in muscle cars, trucks, and automotive restoration. In my view, gentle wear and repair over an extended period. Basically, the goal was to mimic the actual use the truck would have seen, so obviously places like the tray edges are going to be worked over pretty hard. In a step-by-step format, Kevin walks you through creating patina from existing paint, preserving *already there* patina, and painting patina (steel, plastic, glass). It'll cost a bit more, but automotive paint gives a much better look than other paint types. GT Refinishers was roped in to help bring this ’79 GMC Sierra workshop hack up to scratch, as the company has developed a faux patina technique that is somewhat authentic looking. Often, interior components, various brackets and electrical components will be part of the work. As it has moved into the spotlight, however, its value and application have been diminished when used in the wrong context. If so, we may paint our dogleg replacement Pale Primrose first, then topcoat it in BRG. Sand recently painted areas of the car with 600- to 800-grit sandpaper, so that paint in both the new and existing colors is visible. Rolled-on red oxide pic looks damn fine to me!

Most Bugattis with all this amazing “wabi sabi” are made to look the way they do–not as an incidental by product of history and use.

Un misto di profumi, odori che non sono più comuni e dimenticati, parti consumate ma non trascurate che regalano una “patina” appunto che rende non solo bello qualcosa, ma unico. Get the boys around and get stuck in! Except, as it turns out, the ones near me. If he ever saw what I'm about to suggest... let's just assume it wouldn't go over well.

You have a few option here. Excess wear due to… Read more ».

We’ve also created and curated a lot of automotive content, most of which focus on DIY and How-To articles, so when we saw this book, we wondered of all well-documented automotive procedures, we would argue that preserving and creating patina lands pretty close to the end of the list. "Patina, patina, patina." But ! So, for this first step, go ahead and tape and mask the parts of the truck you don't want painted (bumpers, windows, etc) and paint the whole thing black. The wretched excess pretense and blatant bs that surrounds both the museum as well as Mr Mullin I personally cannot and will not tolerate . Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. Try to avoid excess scratch marks around the edge of a patch, by using 500 grit around the edge to feather the spot out. Grant used a few different techniques to start building up the texture, while building up the paint layers. A brush is a surefire way to accomplish that.

A bonus to this strategy is that thinner layers usually have less shine. I find this to be rather distasteful and pretentious. Most of the older cars used a red-oxide primer, which is what we're going to duplicate here. Patina That is blatant abuse thats being over romanticized by its current owner … Mr Mullin * ( * FYI ; There are many positive things that can be said about Mr Mullin and his museum/collection …. Misrepresenting originality is a far greater sin than a proper restoration. The later being visually interesting enough that it no longer needs to function to be beautiful. My idea is to use production clear (2 coats) with some flattening …

but in reality there’s more than a fair amount of criticism that can be leveled at the man and his venture as… Read more », Martin, let’s be honest – most of the museums and collections are literally barns.

If we find holes or weakened areas, we’ll likely consider sympathetic repairs. It’s just an old paint job that needs to be forgotten.

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