Objects in the house don’t affect the game; make sure you are satisfied with your decorating. Performance is flawless there we can give to every Homescapes walkthrough a well deserved 10 out of 10 for such a smooth animations and responsiveness. Remember that, finishing the day will not restore your stamina. Planes are effective here to help spread the carpet between two faraway tiles, while Bombs and Rockets help in spreading the carpet faster.

Don’t go into Homescapes thinking that you’ll be able to rush through its puzzles.

Glove: This Booster lets you swap the places of two tiles. Even if you've chosen to change your life, by moving to a new city for example, a counselor can help you adjust if you're having difficulty. Do not forget how handy booster the Rockets are for completing puzzle games.

Try to start the stage with special blocks or with the big chains reacted place. There are more Elements to discover in the game, but you’ll be experienced enough to solve them on your own by the time you meet them. All characters have different lifestyles. There is also required to do interior design. If you can’t do it efficiently, this stage can eat up your moves. Hold your finger over an object in the house you’d like to change, and you’ll be given fresh options on what you can change it to. It also has a healthy and supportive community who will be there to help you when you get stuck on some levels. You could use this to put two power ups beside each other, allowing you to combine them for awesome effects. It can be a daunting task, but we’ve got some advice for you…. You don’t have to worry about running out of content in this game. Basic Knowledge for Starting Homescapes Game, Cheats for Homescapes With Additional Tips and Tricks, Homescapes Guide that Every Player Should Know, Know Your Power Ups and Their Functionality, Clears 4 surrounding spaces, and 1 additional in another area, Clears a 3 x 3 area and 3 random obstacles, Replace all the elements of the same color with Bombs, Eliminate all the elements of the same color with Rocket, Clear all the elements of the same color with Paper Plane. Luckily, bombs, aeroplanes and rockets can all help spread carpet - but again, they must have to touch carpet first. Together you can make cozy home and warm yourself. Here I listed those types of unique tiles that you will see in Homescapes game. But as level progress, you will face some difficult stage. New carpet There’s a diverse cast of wholesome and interesting characters who visit Austin’s home every day, and they always bring something new to the game.

Here you will get a simple guide on the best tips, tricks, and cheats to overcome difficulties, get more rewards, and eventually become the best player. You should make use of power ups to clear as many tiles as you can on each turn. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and in case you are aware of other tips for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below.

It means when you use a rocket beside Cookie, it will destroy the cookies without clean up the rest of the row or column. Be sure to make the most out of them! Take a look below at our Homescapes tips and tricks, and with some good luck and fast fingers, you’ll have mum and dad’s house decorated in no time at all. Even Rainbow Balls are ineffective here if they are used on tiles without a carpet. Objects in the house don’t really impact the overall game much, but do make sure mum and dad are happy - but of course, the person you should satisfy most with your decorating should be you!
You better bring out your designer gloves and your analytic spectacles for this game!

In these stages, it’s important to not clear random rows of three if they’re not touching carpet. Boxes: First encountered on level 22, they start out as minor annoyances and then evolve into hard to destroy blocks in later levels. If you can match five tiles in an L shape, then it produces a bomb. It can remove one block from the board. Combine for victory The three Boosters you could choose from at the start of a level are: Rainbow Ball: This will let you start with a Rainbow Ball Power Up on the level, allowing you to clear a lot of pieces early on. You can use this to cleverly position rockets and clear out plenty of objectives. Swapping two power-up positions will combine their powers and will trigger bigger and more awesome effects. All the Plane Power Ups you make by matching four pieces into a square will send two Planes instead of just one. With the help of some free tools, you can easily make money to meet your needs.

It requires a few coins. You could save time by quitting a tough level halfway through. But Austin does not want to lose the legacy of having a traditional house. When these special blocks are mixed together you can even activate more special abilities, such as a multi-row rockets by combining a rocket and a bomb, or exploding paper aeroplanes with the bomb and aeroplane combo. There are six Boosters in the game. The blocks fall to the stage may be random, but the starting point is not. Once the story is completed, you will be asked to choose the design you want for certain parts of the house. When you want to change an object in the house, hold your finger over it; after that, you will get options on what you can change. If you do not want to renovate what Austin asks, it does not hamper your game progress. Getting rid of groups of three blocks is one way to make progress, but it’s not the most effective. Your created combo cannot help you if you waste your moves. You’ll get introduced to Boosters early in the game, but you should keep them until you’re around level 100. Bomb and Rocket: Similar to Rainbow Ball, this lets you start a level with a Bomb Power Up and a Rocket Power Up. There are various ways to earn coins in Homescapes: If you have enough coins and stars, it will be more accessible to furniture swap, buy Boosters, and progress through games. Become familiar with how the power ups work so you can learn the best time to use them. I did this by accident a while ago and couldn't figure out why I was on level 1 suddenly (I uninstalled only because of some glitches). To successfully overcome those stages, you have to know essential tips and tricks. When you have enough stars, you can start working on renovating the house. After that, it will fly to a single tile and remove it as well. To get that, you have to match four tiles in a square. You can remove it when you match tiles beside them. It can be hard to figure out how to finish these levels, so here are some tips on how some to deal with some of the most common Elements in the game. Rockets can be the most useful special blocks in the whole game, if you know how to use them. Reveal them gradually. With that in mind, refrain from doing Activities that will potentially end the day unless you’re planning to end the game session soon. You have to analyze properly before you slide anything. Learn how they work and you’ll be fine. Clearing blocks three tiles at a time won’t get you very far. Simply swapping the Rainbow Ball, you can eliminate every match color tile on the board. In order to save the house, Austin must solve some match-three puzzles, earn stars, and redecorate the entire house! Swapping and matching pieces that’s our favorite job, and this time there’s plenty of levels to solve. It’s vibrant and positive game, and it never fails to cheer me up whenever I start a game.

The game’s objectives involve clearing pieces in different situations and sometimes, special conditions. This game can let you create an atmosphere according to your preferences. It’s very similar to Gardenscapes, but now you’re helping Austin restore his childhood home into the great mansion that it once was.

If there is an opportunity to make Rainbow Ball, grab it up! By the time you run out of lives, you will have collected many stars. Events are a great palette cleanser from the thousands of levels that Homescapes has. You can keep playing forever if you do it like this! This game loved by millions of people, so the developer created some tough stages to pass.
These individual pieces will reveal themselves to be Rockets or Bombs. The important part is that you enjoy the experience that Homescapes gives you – a calm and lighthearted puzzle game that rewards you with home décor for your mansion. At level 8, you will see first boosters, Hammer. You will love those characters. If you know about it before you face that strange condition, you can encounter them well. Don’t waste your Rockets, identify the hard area to make the most significant difference.

Remember, time is of the essence here.

More often than not, you can start the stage with a special block or with a big chain - just look carefully for the best place to start. Getting a headstart You can. Simple Walls: Walls that you can destroy appear on level 71. This game looks simple but let me assure you: it’s no walk in the park. If the column is built using tiles, it will be clear horizontal.

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