M.I. You can instead choose the more affordable and quicker to earn sport pilot certificate. The base price of $23,529 does not include dual controls, brakes, or a fabric covering kit. One of the purest flying airplanes ever made, it’s an intrinsically simple design that by its size and nature seems to encourage builders to keep it that way. Cruise speed is listed as between 60 and 80 mph, so whatever it is you’re carrying in the back won’t need to get there too quickly. Stamped. Multiple nav/coms? – 4 Cylinders – 140 lbs. Where to Sell Your Antiques and Collectibles? It was almost like having an altitude-hold autopilot – it was that good.”, Note: These specifications assume a 200 lb pilot and an 85 hp Hummel Engine operating on grass. Hummel Engines has the capability to perform the machining operations required for VW conversions, maintenance and upgrades. Forget it. Notable for its roomy cabin, the Rebel combines low empty weight and a high max-gross (1600 pounds for the bigger engines, 1450 with the Rotax 912) for good utility. In a very broad sense, new aircraft kits have barely kept up with inflation and the pre-COVID-19 appreciation of certified aircraft. Most are built with converted VW four-cylinder engines, which provide excellent performance: cruise of 100–130 mph, 800–1200 fpm climb, all with a 42 mph stall speed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. https://www.antique-hq.com/where-to-sell-your-antiques-and-collectibles-online-2276/. The KR’s speed comes from its compact dimensions, including an 82-square-foot wing. And speaking of wings, the Dakota Hawk has the option of folding feathers. It is intended for 65-85 hp with most being built for a VW conversion engine. Being based out of Ohio, Morry knew a thing or two about the cold. A few things before you begin to flip to our survey. With the airframe kit starting at $22,000, the HP offers a choice of engines well suited to this modest point of entry: the Italian MZ 201 twin-cylinder, two-stroke of 45 hp; the MZ 202 of 60 hp; or the Rotax 582 of 64 hp. God had spared my life for a reason. There are other Aventura models intended for the Rotax 912 or the AeroMomentum engine, but they’re more expensive kits. Antique/Collectible Trade Magazines and Publications, Important things to remember when buying or selling antiques/collectibles. The videos go step-by-step, explaining which parts will be used and visually showing how they are pieced together. ½ VW PARTS, SERVICES AND COMPLETE ENGINE PRICE LIST, 32 HP at 3600 R.P.M. The crash occurred during the 3rd circuit. The Hummel H5. She has over 150, does anyone know how the auction houses work? That means a basic tube-and-fabric design, taildragger configuration and some form of four-cylinder Lycoming up front; Wag-Aero says power from 125 to 200 hp will do. Hummel has you covered. © 2020 Kitplanes.com. I am moving to a smaller home, and do not have the space. Wing area is just 86 square feet, giving good wing loading for the 1600-pound max gross weight. You could roll into a 60 banked turn with almost no pull on the stick at all, and the altimeter stayed pegged on whatever number you were when you started. The VW and Continentals are in the 80- to 100-hp range and bring the KR-2S up to a cruise of 150–180 mph. This means that you can build your H5 in your garage without having to worry about fixed wings that are too long for your space or that get in your way. Like most mature kits, there are many options. Elevator trim was more than adequate and suitably quick to establish whatever speed condition I liked. I lost my right leg below the knee, my left leg was badly broken, and my face crushed. What does this really tell us? effects of eBay on the collectible market, Where to Sell Your Antiques and Collectibles Online, Best Auction Houses In the US to Sell Your Antique or Collectible Clock, M.I. Engines from the Lycoming O-290 up to the O-360 can be accommodated, and an S-18 with a 180-hp engine and constant-speed prop is said to go 180 mph in cruise and climb at a strong 1500 fpm. ADS-B? Dynon D-1 Pocket Panel EFIS, LED lights, Cleveland brakes 6:00-6 (can use 5:00-5 for speed). This worked just fine for 5’9” Morry who weighed far less than 200 pounds. Perfectly contented with 150–160 hp, the RV-4 is amazingly efficient, doing better than 200 mph on fuel flows that mean 32 gallons of fuel is generous, not stingy. As Paul Dye reported when he visited, “Customers can simply buy a set of plans and get started, or they can choose to purchase blanks (precut sheet metal), fully formed parts, or partially completed assemblies. But, then again, when your only goal is simple aviating, speed is not always the prime concern. The wonderful Hummel team anticipated that some of us would benefit from a little more guidance and instruction during the build process.

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