[32][33], On September 11, forecasting models began to show Ike making landfall just south of Galveston.

-Weather Prediction Center [121] A Galveston Bay Recovery Study (GBRS) was a survey distributed through a random stratified cluster sampling of victims in the Galveston Bay area for research on traumatic stress and disaster exposure.

All NOAA, CURRENT HAZARDS Damages from the homes and the environment helped create these issues amongst the public. Because some winds blew from the north at Galveston, water was pushed back out into the Gulf, and the actual storm surge there was muted to 19 ft (5.8 m),[6] rather than the original prediction of over 25 ft (7.6 m) as with a west-end landfall,[24][25] which would have pushed more water into Galveston Bay, being a channel bay. Ike's effects included deaths, widespread damage, and impacts to the price and availability of oil and gas. Also on September 11, at 8:19 p.m. (CDT), the National Weather Service in Houston/Galveston, TX issued a strongly worded bulletin, regarding storm surge along the shoreline of Galveston Bay. 5 on Louise Street, and 5 on Lafitte Street. -Lake Charles

In December 2008, FEMA published a 60-page report on the storm’s impacts.

[50] She also said that parts of Gonaïves were so severely damaged that the city may have to be rebuilt elsewhere. [47], In transferring survivors out of town, Galveston officials used Ball High School, which was used as a "shelter of last resort" for evacuees, to be a center for FEMA.

pp 4–11 in Hurricane Ike Impact Report. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) positioned supplies, and emergency response crews in Florida and along the Gulf Coast. NWS

Near Clear Lake, where winds reportedly gusted over 100 mph, many people rode out the storm at the Nassau Bay Hilton, across from the NASA/JSC complex. “I am confident that someday something will get built. This area of near-total destruction includes the communities of Bayou Vista and Jamaica Beach, as well as the Galveston Country Club and the Galveston Island State Park.

Buildings on the islands have been severely weakened and 750 people have lost their homes. -Education -Weather Ready Nation Two flood water sensors in Chambers County, Texas survived Ike's storm surge, while those on eastern Bolivar Peninsula were left inoperable during the hurricane. [95] Damages in Ohio was originally estimated at $553 million with 131,000 insurance claims filed in the first few days following the storm. Many highway exits were jammed and caused a gridlock on highways as well, especially during rush hours. [98] Many homes and business were without power for 3–7 days. [74], Entergy Texas, whose service area includes Beaumont-Port Arthur west to cities north of Houston such as The Woodlands and Conroe, estimated that 392,600 of their 395,000 customers lost power during Ike. [11] Over the next few hours, Ike developed additional rainbands,[12] but failed to a centralized area of convection due to the presence of dry air to the storm's south and its location in an area with only marginally favorable sea surface temperatures.
The banana, yucca, coffee, and corn crops also suffered significant damage. Air Force runs down clock to stop Houston rally.

-Local Page. -National Weather Service The Houston Theater District was flooded. [18] Although Ike remained well-defined for most of its crossing of eastern Cuba,[20] the hurricane's core had become disrupted by the time it had reached the Caribbean Sea after spending a few hours over land. -Models This was fueled by the presence of refrigerated trailers outside a Beaumont funeral home.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Following the occurrence of extensive power outages, the Caribbean Electric Utilities Services Cooperation offered to support the restoration of power services. [94] Additionally, a state of emergency was declared in Ohio. Storm surge almost completely flooded Bridge City, breached the levee at the City of Orange, and travelled up the Neches River to flood Rose City, The City of Orange received winds at hurricane force. -StormReady economy. That made it the third-costliest Atlantic Hurricane ever, behind only Hurricanes Katrina and … Before Hurricane Harvey, the last major hurricane to hit Texas was Hurricane Ike, a devastating storm that killed over 80 people and caused billions of dollars in damage. [1], On September 7, The Texas Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (TXWARN)[28] activated its 700-member utility mutual aid network and began coordination with the State Emergency Operations Center and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to begin preparations and notifications to utilities to prepare for Ike. The two unidentified bodies, both found Saturday in Galveston County, are greatly decomposed, but authorities hoped to find more clues to their identities during autopsies conducted Monday. [44] 14 oil refineries shut down production and nearly 150 oil tankers and cargo ships waited off-shore as every port from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Corpus Christi, Texas shut down in preparation for the storm.[1].
In 2014, Texas agreed to fund a report, which is finally expected to be released this fall.

Let’s fund it and get it built.”, As The Houston Chronicle notes, Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush wrote a letter to President Donald Trump, urging him to protect the area because it is the top supplier of energy products from the U.S. military. Deaths happened in 16 counties, with the most in Harris and Galveston.

Some people survived by punching holes in attics,[11] climbing to rooftops or trees,[12] using nearby boats, or floating on debris[12] until reaching solid ground. [77] Two other deaths took place in a car crash in the evacuation phase in Iberville Parish,[78] and two other storm-related deaths in Jefferson Davis Parish that were ruled as deaths by natural causes. All the airplanes, except those that flew out before the storm, were damaged from moderate to severe, but the worst was the complete destruction of the "Aviation Hall of Fame" with numerous personal items of aviation's greatest pioneers. However, operators in the Gulf of Mexico (ranging from major integrated producers like BP and Shell to small privately owned independents) shut in operations in advance of Ike's approach as a precautionary measure. At around 14:00 UTC on September 9, Ike made a second Cuban landfall, this time on Punta La Capitana in Pinar del Rio, with winds of 80 mph (130 km/h). Many residents were forced to wait several weeks until their trailers arrived. It was also the third to make landfall over the Lone Star State this century.

[70] Another fallen tree in Huntsville resulted in a fatality after it crashed into a house.

In evacuation shelters hundreds of miles from the coast, displaced residents — like the loved ones of victims of 2005's Hurricane Katrina — scrolled through address books and blog postings and anxiously dialed relatives, friends and neighbors not heard from. -Air Now Click here for photos | Click here for uReport photos. Tim Miller, of Texas Equu- [114] The storm produced 9 m (30 ft) waves along southwest coasts of the island. [17], On September 11, forecasting models began to show Ike making landfall just south of Galveston. There were 14 oil refineries in the affected region, and 8 were known to have survived with little flooding.

Only 17 were in Texas - and many of those were people killed by fires or generator fumes after the storm had passed. It also forced the NCAA football game on September 13 between the Houston Cougars and the Air Force Falcons to be moved from Robertson Stadium in Houston to Gerald Ford Stadium in Dallas. This "hit and miss" to find gasoline led to the buying out of gasoline once it was delivered.

Each surveyed county experienced decreases in economic performance during the study period with the exception of Liberty County which experienced a growth. [18], After passing over Inagua,[18] the development of a double eyewall—a feature that usually denotes the beginning of an eyewall replacement cycle—slightly weakened Ike late on September 7. ... Ike was responsible for 112 deaths. His current list includes many elderly people and at least 26 children. [12], Bolivar Peninsula got the strong side of the storm.

[38], At 8:19 pm (CDT) September 11, the National Weather Service in Houston/Galveston, Texas issued a strongly worded bulletin, regarding storm surge along the shoreline of Galveston Bay. Never.

Legal Statement. Although post-analysis indicated that the depression reached tropical storm strength at 12:00 UTC that day,[10] operationally the NHC began issuing advisories on Ike three hours later, by which time the system had already gained numerous curved rainbands and well-established outflow.

The film captured the evacuation, storm surge and 17-foot (5.2 m) waves overtopping the sea wall preceding the hurricane's arrival; before and after footage of the historic Balinese Room nightclub that was destroyed in the storm; scenes on the street during 100 mph winds and lashing rain; and the devastation afterwards. In 2012, it jumped to $245,000. There was also damage to hangars and awnings at NASA's Ellington Field,[56]

[12] He said about 375 people, of those who stayed behind during the storm, began to emerge, some needing food, water and medical care. [119], Hurricane Ike also brought many health issues to the victims. The ship had a crew of 22 and carried a cargo of petroleum coke.

By the afternoon, five deaths had been reported in Galveston County: one man who drowned in his pickup, another found inside a motel, two dialysis patients who could not get to their treatment, and a woman with cancer whose oxygen machine shut down. "The wind was too high, and water was still white-capping," he said.

-NOAA The total eastern storm tide was then nearly 16 ft (4.9 m) by landfall at 2:10 am, with higher waves on top. [1] Hundreds of people had to be rescued,[74] including 363 people who were rescued by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Search and Rescue teams in conjunction with the Louisiana National Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard. -NCDC/NCEI [134][135], Hurricane Ike's winds, surge, and giant waves tossed storage tanks and punctured pipelines. -Local/Regional/National

[1], In Ontario, Ike's remnants brought a record amount of rain on Sunday, September 14, in the Windsor region. -Harris County Flood Warning System [11] Two deaths have been reported in League City, both due to natural causes indirectly caused by Ike.[47]. By late October five hospitals that usually served the areas that were impacted by the hurricane stayed closed while only one hospital continued to operate but with a limit of patients.[120]. [40], The seemingly protected back side of the island also suffered heavy damage to tourist areas. The funeral home had lost electrical service and was using the trailers to store bodies of people who died of natural causes until burials could be arranged. -Publications/Brochures Multiple locations were found.

Ike dropped to Category One intensity by the time it crossed the island. 10 of which were in the Oakview addition,. Click here for Texas emergency contacts and information.

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