Old Me. Out on the town sippin crown gettin' dosed Too much shit I gotta try and grapple

(Stupid love songs) Stressin these nervous twitches lately turning vicious Had a baby it gave me a meaning of life So done with wishing she was still here I don't need all these snakes tryna snitch to my P.O Wollongong will be like Campbelltown after Kerser battled 360. So tired of tears Over the stress and the ex she be dead to me Feeling like I dropped the ball I call my son up every day but she been piss taking My parents are still heroin addicts to this day, my brother is the most violent man I’ve ever met, and my three little brothers have been spread over the country through docs. I spin out that they vibe it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESDf6tk7rw8. Plus I need to remind a few peeps People have been hitting me up and letting me know their favourite lyrics, sending me Snapchats of them smoking bongs to my shit, haha.

Make sure you buy tickets. Now I got real ones paying for meals and shit But I can't so I just abuse 'em It's been months They’re right. I got the bud so that bitch got the head for me

Now that I'm alone I'm a fiend and it eats me alive Words by Christopher Kevin Au On his harrowing new BRAiNUMB EP, local rapper HUSKii BEN offers a five-track insight into his reality, filled with drug-fuelled conflicts and suicidal flirtations. But it feels like I don't even need 'em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz1uLpGeF8Q. They think they OG's but they lie they be weak I swear I just need to be high I'm so fed up with my thoughts of you Turning off the radio, Cause I'm so sick of love songs I seen a dude at the main intersection of ‘Gong like ten times with a boom box and mic spitting bars – if you’re from Gong, you know this.

I grew up around this life. Used to this bullshit I drink up a glass I ain't slaving or snapping my spine for the likes People don't notice the demons that be in my mind Sick of the pressure from spittin these bars Sick of depression I live in a mask I been givin' it up man this shit is too hard I ain't droppin' no albums, I ain't droppin' no mixtapes People tryna get shit from me, they can see how my dick tastes People tryna get shit for free, I been tryna get this straight Where were you fuckers when I needed you Yeah yeah Cheki One man jo kikolo ama kivela na but Ten times mugambani vile brain inarun Am so sick huskii mtaani nimegonjeka tu sai Ndio nikaona kunguni imekidhinda na zikiwa hizi sides Tangu nianze kuifanya kazi roundi hii nina bright Pang’ pang’ nigga nigga muone rebell design Mi huspeak pole pole nina toka vita (Leave me alone) Leave me alone (Stupid love songs) Don't make me think about her smile Or having my first child I'm letting go Turning off the radio 'Cause I'm so sick of love songs So tired … I ain't droppin' no albums, I ain't droppin' no mixtapes To be honest, I never thought anyone would listen to my music when I started jacking beats of Soundcloud. Nah, thankyou! I been sleeping alright 4 . I write a track and now they say they lovin' it So tired of tears I been wavy off g's that I light never gave no fucks Back to vac-packing sacks for these cats to move 'em I ain't droppin' no albums, no mixtapes homie I don't do shit And I swear that it feels like nobody can see them MC Raj: Huskii brought something to the scene that no one had ever really seen, heard or done. No more walking round Until I've won all my battles

Much love to anyone who came before me. There's no more anniversary Do do do do do do do-do Syrup gang or you can suck a dick She got lawyers takin piss from me, thought she loved me I was mistaken Mitchos Da Menace, Wombat, Nerve – all these cunts are stepping the game up, I fucks with everyone. Now they all scream we believe in you That's marked July 15th And your memory Gotta fix that calendar I have Everyone has their ways to heal with shit, all I know is that drugs isn’t one of them. (it's ridiculous) These things are like the backbone, I reckon.

Little Kathmandu kids trying to be badmans spitting grime, I fucks with it. 3 . Do my first live set and commit suicide on stage. People hit me up all the time now, saying how my music has helped them and they even say thankyou and shit. ), Said I'm so sick of love songs About as good as it gets in Australia. Massive shout out to HustleHard TV. Listen to Huskii Radio, free! Fuck what any other local rapper says. I'm so over being blue Don't make me think about her smile Now I charge for the features I write I ain't droppin no albums, but I been droppin all these bricks lately I ain't droppin' no albums, I ain't droppin' no mixtapes

So why can't I turn off the radio? That I ain't fuckin' with nobody I don't care about his mates

I be down for the count 'fore I crown on my bros Nothing was ever steady coming up. Discover lyrics and videos from Huskii on Shazam. The Youtube views don't make it true shit I’ve never even thought about a show.

Sick of the pressure from spittin these bars Oh shit, we going deep! I been keepin inside I'm alone like a thief in the night Stress Lyrics: People ain't seeing my grind / People don't notice the demons that be in my mind / Pour up a three in my sprite, seem to be fine man / I swear I just need to be high / I'm a fiend Try to jump in my lane for the day just to see what it's like How I been bleeding over all these tracks Brain numb to know what my heart doing The latest mixtapes, videos, news, and anything else hip-hop related from your favorite artists. Used to have to rack feeds for my wife Everytime I think about it I fill up a glass to it So done with wishing she was still here

[Part I] [Drake:] Astro, yeah Sun is down, freezin' cold That's how we already know winter's here My dawg would probably do it for a Louis belt That's just all he know, he don't know nothin' else Share. I just wanna shout out the OG, triple OG, Greely.

And how every song reminds me So tired of tears Before I was born was a victim of drugs Meet ‘Sweet Nuthin” – The New Life Without Andy X Globe Collection, Ever Wanted To Run A Label? And for some reason I just

We could be here for days cuz, you’re a busy man, let’s not get into it haha.

“First thing I wrote was a suicide note now the streets like, you beast on the mic/The reason I write/Is it keeps me alive/I ain’t never said shit for the people to like.” Anyone wanna rap battle hit my Snapchat, @kinghuskii – I’m easy to find, haha. I don’t know what tempo or any of that shit means, I just hear something and I gotta have it. And I know it makes no sense Sick Lyrics: Brain numb when i lay back / Where i came from can't change that / Been tripping lately i say that / On suicide watch but i came back / Body sick of them meds now / Minds saying Copyright: Writer(s): Tor Erik Hermansen, Shaffer Smith, John Bettis, Mikkel Storleer Eriksen Lyrics Terms of Use, Mmmm mmm yeah I've been down in this rum, bound to be close to my death My mum done eight years for attempted murder in South Australia. So done with wishing you were still here And I'm so sick of love songs Crying over you. (why can't I turn off the radio? Ain't too many I've been fuckin' with

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