That doesn’t just include new colors and line extensions but totally new stuff like the recently announced HYT Skull, HYT H3, and this HYT H4.

The watch is not due to be officially launched until next month at Baselworld but … While the movement is cool, it needs to be babied a bit. Necessary Data HYT is producing the HYT H4 Gotham ref. Many fashion people only love the HYT collection, not for other reasons, but only for the Replica HYT Watches is the symbol of Luxury. HYT probably didn’t need to call this replica watch the H4, but rather could have called it the H1 Skeleton or H1.5, or something like that. While the strap looks and feels very nice, it has an alligator-pattern to it (even though it is rubber). Time flows and only gains meaning through how we experience it. I have a feeling that in future models, HYT will tease the visual appeal of the movement a little bit less. The reason is because of how the liquid hour indicator system works. On the wrist, the HYT H4, at least the HYT H4 Gotham in 3DTP carbon, is very comfortable, given the lightweight and the short lugs. The folding buckle is also DLC-coated black titanium. >Friend we’d recommend it to first: Courageous types who like their replica watches bold, futuristic, and mechanically fascinating. Seasoned collectors should have at least one thing by HYT in their collection – if anything, for how unique the movements are and the liquid indication of the time. Attached to the HYT H4 case is a black rubber strap that has a Nomex fabric center. … I mean look at the HYT H3 for example and its rectangular case. Of course, HYT Watches are your essentials. Time flows and only gains meaning through how we experience it. If you are new around here and haven’t heard of HYT yet, the point of the brand is to use liquid to help indicate the time. >Model: H4 (H4 Gotham as tested) Inside the HYT H4 is the manually-wound HYT caliber 401 mechanical movement that is exclusive to the brand and operates at 28,800 bph (4Hz) with a power reserve of 65 hours. Welcome to, try searching in our online store and enjoy a wide selection of Discoun HYT Watchess ready for you! HYT was born of a question. Dressed all in black – literally head to toe – the HYT Skull Bad Boy even features a new black liquid for the time zone indication, quite a deviation from the bright colors we are used to seeing. I’ve been a big fan of HYT since they debuted a few years ago and continue to be really bullish about the brand. Of course, it is also a traditional timepiece, despite the ultra-modern “fluid mechanics” design, with its hand-beveled and decorated movement.

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