Stu: Listen Teddy. I, uh, I’m not quite sure he ever left Vegas, you know? Alan: I’ve been, uh, meaning to ask someone, I noticed that this is a fishing village, is there a Long John Silvers on the island? Alan: Well, he turned out to be a gay. Detective Inspector Peters: Yes. Phil: Your password is Belloni one? Alan: Just the first time I’ve heard of it. Like oh my homie Taio, we can all sip again We married fifteen years. You know that’s a felony, right? I got a hangover, wo-oh! Like charades. Irrelevant [sitting around a camp fire at night on the beach] Phil: Stu, am I going to be okay? Started a full on f***ing riot! It always ends like this. Phil: Stu, it’s a waste of time. Mike Tyson: By the way, you really need to move that f***ing tattoo from your face. I’m not going back without Teddy. I’m sorry. Alan: Well, that way we would look exactly alike. Phil: Stu, forget it! Here you go. [he suddenly jumps onto Alan]. Stu: You said, I’m a joke. [after trying to wash the tattoo off his face Stu looks at himself in the mirror and screams] Stu: But it’s where her parents are from and it means a lot them. But, we weren’t ourselves last night. Mr. Chow: Oh, you never do blow before? Phil: No. Isn’t that right, Grand Wizard? Stu: No! [to Stu] Stu: Look at what I’ve done, Phil? [Chorus: Taio Cruz] Not yet. [after finding Teddy and getting back to Stu’s wedding on Chow’s speed boat] Phil: What did you do to the marshmallows, Alan? Phil: Excuse me? Phil: Why can’t you just get married in Vegas, like you did last time? Phil: Oh! Stu: Oh, my God! Mr. Chow: Don’t you remember anything? Smoke it in. I’m pre-med. Alan: Sorry for the last minute change up to performance, Mike. Mike Tyson: M*therf***er! You smiled at me when I held up the bag of marshmallows. [pointing to Alan] Alan: No! I have a demon in me. Stu: Well, it’s my decision. Phil: Yeah. Tattoo Joe: The tattoo? I got an empty cup, pour me some more Alan: Actually, Phil, that would be cheating. Polar bears are white. If you don't know Now that’s pretty f***ing cool, if you ask me! I got an empty cup, pour me some more But that same demon, took us to hell and back to find him. It’s two hundred dollars a plate! Alan: That was, uh, my dad. Stu: F***! Phil: Alright. Alan: What? [Stu continues singing] We got a situation. Stu: He knows something! Doug: Alan? Phil got shot, we got beaten by a monk. We don’t own him permanently. Phil: You’re not my friend. Tattoo Joe: No refunds. Hey, you’re not married yet. Tracy: Seriously, what is wrong with you three? I’m not some weird milky, ricey, watery goop that you feed infants and old people. Stu: I really am. But I don’t! Alan: Phil, I think it’s happened again! You know, we found him in a drunk tank. Chow’s dead. Fohn: But Chio loves khao and that’s when I realized, Stu is khao. Alan: I just wanted things to stay the same. Alan: Ever heard of that guy, Doogie Howser? [as he hangs up talking to his dad Alan walks over to Stu and Lauren] Alan: Is it a movie? [after finding Chow is alive] Stu: Well, maybe the Jonas Brothers are in town. Yeah! So what do you think? The guy’s worthless. Phil: Jesus Christ! Stu: No offense to you. Stu: Uh, no! [Alan touches his head and laughs] We were discussing your wedding gift. If I f*** this up, I lose everything. But this being Thailand, and with Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) again in attendance, anything can happen. [to Lauren] Doug: What? Just let me do one bump. [just as Phil is leaving Stu’s dental office] I wanna keep it going, keep keep it going, come on! Comedy sequel directed and co-written by Todd Phillips, which follows two years after the events in Las Vegas, and now it’s Stu’s (Ed Helms) turn to walk down the aisle. Alan: So what are you a doctor? You made a promise Samir: I don’t know. How young do you want this kid to be? [at Stu’s pre-wedding dinner, Lauren’s father stands to give a speech] Get some chocolate chip pancakes, a lap dance from the waitress. Pay attention when I’m going to talk to you now. Mr. Chow: Well, it used to be just Belloni. Stu: American teenager in Asia. Cause that real productive! I got a hangover, wo-oh! I've been drinking too much for sure Come on, Stuey! Phil: And then we delete them. Stu: No one needs to see this stuff. Phil: Stu, it’s not the end of the world. I got a hangover, wo-oh! All Kinds apparently. Phil: Come on guys, let’s go. [to Lauren’s father] Stu: [shouting] Look at my face! Perhaps you should bring your question to the garden of meditation. Phil: F*** that! You ruined my life! What? Open up a little dentist office. They used Teddy as bait. Phil: That’s bulls**t! Report a dead body who was shoved into an ice machine? Phil: Did you understand a word he just said? Watch. Alan: There you go. Please note the office will be closed until the twenty fourth. The world needs khao, just as the world needs people like Stu. [Phil walks out of the office again] I’m so sorry. [he looks around and notices Alan is bald] Phil: I don’t remember s**t! How much worse can this day get? [first lines; Stu’s office telephone answering message] Doug: I get it. Stu: I’m sure he has. Phil: No. Stu: Well, we’re living here in Alan Town, and he’s driven our lives into the ground. [he goes to read from his last card] Linda Garner: Well, I’m sorry darling. Alan: My uncle Roger said that he once saw an albino polar bear. Phil: No! Samir: ‘Hello’. He’s not part of the wolfpack. KID INK - \"WORTH IT\" : |⭐ HATSUNE MIKU - \"PO PI PO\" :⭐ QUEEN - \"DON'T STOP ME NOW\" :⭐ MALUMA - \"EL TIKI\" :⭐ EQUINOX STARS - \"SEPTEMBER\" :⭐ ULTRACLUB 90 - \"WHAT IS LOVE\" : | (fitness version) | (car version) ⭐ DYRO \u0026 DANNIC - \"RADICAL\" :⭐ SHAKIRA FT. WYCLEF JEAN - \"HIPS DON'T LIE\" : |⭐ DNCE - \"CAKE BY THE OCEAN\" : (earphones version)⭐ SILENTÓ - \"WATCH ME (WHIP/ NAE NAE)\" :⭐ ERA ISTREFI - \"BONBON\" :⭐ FAST FORWARD HIGHWAY - \"I LOVE ROCK 'N' ROLL\" :⭐ GIGI ROWE - \"RUN THE NIGHT\" :⭐ JORDAN FISHER - \"ALL ABOUT US\" :⭐ O-ZONE - \"DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI\" :⭐ WILL.I.AM FT. BRITNEY SPEARS - \"SCREAM \u0026 SHOUT\" :⭐ ANITTA - \"BANG\" :⭐ LATINO SUNSET - \"CARNAVAL BOOM\" : ⭐ WANKO NI MERO MERO - \"OISHII OISHII\" : (girl) | (boy)⭐ ONEREPUBLIC - \"WHEREVER I GO\" :⭐ THE WEEKND - \"CAN'T FEEL MY FACE\" :⭐ JACK \u0026 JACK - \"GROOVE\" :⭐ ARIANA GRANDE - \"INTO YOU\" :⭐ BEYONCÉ - \"SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT)\" :⭐ DAYA LUZ - \"TE DOMINAR\" :⭐ CARLOS VIVES \u0026 SHAKIRA - \"LA BICICLETA\" :⭐ DJ SNAKE FT. JUSTIN BIEBER - \"LET ME LOVE YOU\" :⭐ ARONCHUPA FT. LITTLE SIS NORA - \"LITTLE SWING\" :⭐ THE FRANKIE BOSTELLO ORCHESTRA - \"TICO-TICO NO FUBÁ\" :⭐ HALLOWEEN THRILLS - \"GHOST IN THE KEYS\" :⭐ CHEB SALAMA - \"LEILA\" :⭐ DAVID GUETTA FT. SIA - \"TITANIUM\" :⭐ DEORRO FT. ELVIS CRESPO - \"BAILAR\" :⭐ INNA FT. J BALVIN - \"COLA SONG\" : | (candy version)⭐ SANTA CLONES - \"LAST CHRISTMAS\" :⭐ ZAYN - \"LIKE I WOULD\" :⭐ MAROON 5 - \"DON'T WANNA KNOW\" : #JustDance #JustDance2016

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