I’m not sure what kind of moth it is but its a bit small and light brown with dark brown and goldish stripes on its wings. What are my chances of finding a start in my yard. Select from premium Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar of the highest quality. Polyphemus Moth in startle display mode on rusted old sawmill blade abandoned in forest. In any case I’ll be subscribing in your feed and I hope you write again soon! The cocoon should be fine (as long as you only cut the outer silk “shell,” not the actual developing moth inside). That would be very unfortunate. I need to write a moth mating guide…. I’m totally new at this, but am fascinated by the process and want to help, especially if their numbers are in any way compromised. The Polyphemus Moth is the most widespread silk moth in North America, ranging from Southern Canada, to all 48 of the continental United States. I’d really like to raise these successfully. Can she to lay eggs before she has mated? The species is widespread in continental North America, with local populations found throughout subarctic Canada and the United States. I live outside Tulsa Oklahoma. That means a lot! Is there any way to tell?todat at 11:51 am, she is still laying them. The most obvious difference is the plumose antennae. I change the leaves out every day from a variety of trees and he hasn’t eaten once I feel so bad for the little guy and I’m not sure what to do. I will be receiving my order soon of 60 Antheraea Polyphemus eggs. How long will it be this way and if my husband needs to uncover this car, will it harm it? I just found a Polyphemus moth on my front porch, shaking with its legs pulled in. That’s the one thing that I noticed about the eggs is that they were pale white. I know it is normal for birds not to eat at first. Hi, about a month ago I started a leaf collection and was collecting leaves and found one with a cocoon on it, I wasn’t sure until tonight and I didn’t know what kind until now. After about an hour and a half I still didn’t find any to my disappointment. Good afternoon, When I got into my house I put him into a butterfly container. (and especially ADVICE ;] ), The eggs probably aren’t fertile because I don’t think the moth would have been able to mate trough mesh, but you can’t be sure until you wait and see if they hatch. I have a lot of Oak trees to be able to give them branches with leaves. ( Log Out /  I’d recommend buying eggs from Bill Oehlke: http://www3.islandtelecom.com/~oehlkew/eggs2013public.htm — Sent from Mailbox for iPhone, On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 3:00 PM, Breeding Polyphemus Moths. What mushrooms are around this time of year? If they do end up hatching, let me know and I’ll get you a list of food plants for the caterpillars so you can either feed them or release them. Hi. Check out Bill Oehlke’s site: http://www3.islandtelecom.com/~oehlkew/supplies.htm. I checked some other websites and they appear to be eggs. Should I keep it inside or put it outside under our covered porch? I felt awful, for the poor moth damaged its wings and for sure it was dying now. I am interested in moth and other flying insects cause I need them as feeders for my Prating Mantis. Thanks. Not sure what part of the country you live. Hi, my daughter caught a caterpillar last August which quickly formed a cocoon, then just emerged today as a larger, beautiful moth. Anyway, to give any babies that make it the best chance I was trying to figure out if I should buy a small host tree or something to feed them or just collect leaves …. I wanted to save it so I went and got a little plastic cage thing and I put oak leaves and a stick in it. I’m an amateur, to say the least! I hear I’m in good mushroom country. Going to ask the school teachers if they want some to raise in class . She did lay 5 eggs total before mating. The other cant detatch fully from its casing. You can moisten the cocoon and that loosens the silk a little, making it easier to move. I’m a little creeped out because I found the two moths mating on the ground and the female’s wings looked tattered. I put them in a safe place and came to check on them later. If you’re impatient like me, however, you won’t want to wait until fall or winter. Thank you! stays about 73. Sounds to me like your moth mated. The moth laid eggs and hatched. They should start eating soon if they haven’t already. I know where I can get lilac leaves, which I believe they will eat when they hatch, right? I feel so bad for him. Yes, this is fairly common. When the eggs hatch, small yellow caterpillars emerge. We just now noticed your remark about keeping it in the cold… AFTER it came out of its cocoon. It looked like it just hatched which is possible because I have some in cocoons so they are around. I just found a female Polyphemus on the sidewalk of my local pharmacy; she’s pretty bird-eaten, and is two-legged, but since I could tell she was huuuuge with eggs I brought her into my car with me for the drive home… In the midst of the drive, she began laying eggs like mad on a plastic bag I’d put under her. Thanks! Kept in a cage, the male and female tend to ignore each other, unless a food plant (particularly oak leaves) is present. I caught one attached to a painted concrete wall at my grandparent’s house yesturday around 7:15pm. I usually keep mine in a window between the screen and the glass so it remains outdoor temperatures. I placed my female out last night, because I didn’t want her to injure herself and she stayed around my porch and layed more eggs. We found an injured polyphemus moth in our back yard. Its almost too cold for him to fly and he hasn’t really moved. They feed heavily on their host plant and can grow up to 3–4 in long. [1] It is a tan-colored moth, with an average wingspan of 15 cm (6 in). They often damage their wings when they try to fly in captivity. Congrats on seeing your first Polyphemus moth! Males can fly for miles to reach a female. Could there be something wrong with the leaves? Good luck! Check the area surrounding the lights for wild moths sometime between 11:30 pm and 3 am. I’d recommend buying from Bill Oelkhe, a reputable supplier. The moth has not flown away, and is still right next to its eggs. Haldane and his wife, entomologist Helen Spurway, the Polyphemus moth was reclassified, becoming Antheraea polyphemus. — Timothy Sakhuja tsakhuja@gmail.com, On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 6:47 PM, Breeding Polyphemus Moths, My daughter captured this beautiful moth from our front porch the other morning and put it in a bug house. I NEED HELP here are a couple questions. Best of luck to you that’s slot of babies at once. We thought maybe the noise meant it was coming out – though weather wise and the month – it doesn’t make much sense. Nature School For Teachers - Fall 2020 Launch! I was very surprised and a bit worried because he (I now know he is in fact male) is not moving all that much and the edges of his wings are ripped. I am really interested how these huge moths (i.e. Once the cocoon is finished, they take three days to pupate. My daughter found a Polyphemus moth cocoon this spring and kept it in a container ya await it’s exclosure. How can I tell? Sierra . I brought him in as well but he was just flopping around at the bottom of the cage, not trying to mate or anything, I ended up letting him go that evening. I live in Van, TX. The eyespots give it its name – from the Greek myth of the cyclops Polyphemus. The pattern on the hindwings of the Polyphemus moth resembles that on the head of the great horned owl (Bubo virginianus). I’m excited for you! (I know that with praying mantids you can keep the egg case in the fridge to delay hatching)- might this be possible with polyphemus cocoons? =] Thanks for any help! Tim, I had a male/female Polyphemus pair hatch a few days back, lots of egg laying in a large wire lizard cage I use. Hi! Oak and birch are good bets. For a more complete list, check wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antheraea_polyphemus. Since it is still summer here in Montana, will they emerge in two weeks or winter over? My kids want to have a go at it again next year though, so we’re going to order some eggs and we’ll be better prepared for it. Although I can tell you from experience that things get a little more time consuming when you start rearing them by the hundreds (which can happen quite easily if you’re not judicious about releasing newly-hatched moths…). Tim, She attracted five potential mates (2 flying) (3 on the cage). Hi, I found a Polyphemus cocoon yesterday and it hatched a few hours later. Today at 3 pm I came out to check on her and there was one egg next to her with a brown ring around it. Reply ↓ tsakhuja. Do the eggs have to be in humid air?Can the caterpillers eat growing leaves?Can Polyphemus Moths Mate with sibilings?what container should the eggs be in,should it have air holes?do polyphemus moths go into hibernation? Is there some way i can remove them amd transfer them without killing them. Or am I safe…, Hi, Caterpillars will sometimes do some exploring right after they hatch, I tried to get a time lapse but to my surprise by the time I set it up at the right angle, his wings had bout dried already. You should also be able to tell by looking at them. Wow! I kept two and they cacooned mid august. Now what? Is it ok? Where the mail had been originally (on my window shade/bamboo) there were blood droppings. Now it is Nov 1 11 and he brought it home today and it is making noises and you can feel it moving if you put your hand under the container. It is important to keep the cocoon outdoors during the winter so it’s exposed to natural temperatures and lighting, which will ensure that hatches at at an appropriate time (i.e. Regards, Should i remove and put in a moister area (sand on bottom of cage i keep lightly damp with a spray bottle)? Enjoy! In may my dog caught a female giant silk moth. hey there, I got the order about 2 months ago. According to him, “She will know what to do.” Hopefully some other children can learn from this too. the next morning she was gone but two of her wings were there and 14 eggs that look to be fertilized. Taken in 2009 with a Canon Powershot SX110 IS. . Do you think they mated? It’s SO informative! It has been 7 hours since I noticed they hatched and they will not eat. I let her free’d after to lay the rest outside and the males too.. moth hatches and lays eggs with a brown ring around without mating are they fertile. Theyre like little tiny white-wall tires, except instead of being black on the sides theyre a light brownish color. she wasn;t damaged or anything and layed a total of 24eggs after mating. . New hatchlings eat their eggshells, which supplies them with an ample reserve of energy several hours. Moths don’t need any plant material to mate. Pruning of trees and leaving outdoor lights on at night can also be detrimental to the moths. Hi! I live in WI and just finished raising my Polyphemus moth from a caterpillar. This morning I realized that it is already beginning to spin a cocoon!

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