Learn more at, (Meter Burn available, can hold Light Attack to delay the attack and to cancel out of it you can dash out of it), (Meter Burn available, can change trajectory by inputting Up or Forward after normal input). This costume is based on his appearance in The Killing Joke graphic novel. © 2010 - 2020 Planetminecraft.com. These will often provide Mobility, Burst Damage, Air Juggle and Crowd Control Effects. Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. RELATED: 10 Actors Who Nearly Played Joker.

He explains that "it" is her old, psychotic self buried deep in her. His thin, lithe, slender body allows him a surprising amount of speed and athleticism to dodge attacks thrown at him, while his purple suit hides a repertoire of weaponry, ranging from lethal chattering teeth, an acid filled squirting flower, a long barreled revolver, dozens of knives, and the infamous crowbar he uses to pummel his opponents to death, as referenced in “Death in the Family” and “Under the Red Hood”, where he beats Jason Todd with a crowbar and kills him in an explosion.

The Joker carries multiple canisters of the toxin, which he typically throws or kicks at his opponent to catch them off guard, and if he's feeling particularly lethal, he might shoot it to cause it to explode and spread the toxin as a gas cloud. (The Killing Joke Skin Pack), This Costume consists of a black suit with a purple vest, a long red cape, and a large, yet narrow, red dome helmet, and the suit is heavily stained with blood as he was submerged in dangerous chemicals, and he also has stained, purple gloves. Freeze. It definitely harkens back to the origins of The Joker, both in the name and in the overall color of the shader, but be wary of looking like the 1960s Adam West Batman-style Joker if that's not exactly what you're trying to go for. By destroying Metropolis, he set the events in motion which made enemies of Superman and Batman. © 2010 - 2020 Planetminecraft.com.

Food Wars: Who's The Better Chef, Soma Or Erina? Joker wears a purple suit with a white flower on his lapel, skinny leg pants, blood-stained white gloves, a yellow jean shirt, a skinny orange bowtie, a dark green bullet-proof vest, a loose suspenders hanging at his waist, and a black tuxedo shoes. The two of them hijack a Regime vehicle and confront Insurgency Lex Luthor on his way to assist the Insurgency forces against the Regime. This costume is based on his appearance before becoming the Joker. To the right is the base skin for Joker, Clown Prince of Crime. There was only one thing to do!

Head/Cape, Torso, Gauntlets, Greaves and Accessory Equipment. Injustice 2 features a ton of options for character appearances, and we're here to rank every single skin available for the Joker. RELATED: DC: 10 Times Batman Should Have Killed The Joker. He is also Batman's nemesis. For this list specifically, we'll be looking at the shaders rather than the gear, which can do a lot in a few different combinations for the altogether complete look of the outfit. There are a few different things we could look at when looking at the Joker skins in Injustice 2, which has tons of different looks for its many different characters. The Joker, enraged that his trigger failed to detonate the bomb, blames Batman for their displacement and attacks him.

All skins, with the exception of one, actually unlock the same way in Injustice 2. All rights reserved. I found Brainiac's Collection. The Joker tries to find his old gang by hijacking and killing the troops in the van and traveling to Gotham City, where he discovers he is well known in the Regime world, exclaiming; "My fame proceeds me!". The event is then cut short when Hawkgirl and Nightwing (Damian Wayne) arrive with a fleet of Regime soldiers to attack the clan. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! This made him go mad, as the Joker became the greatest enemy to Batman and to the entirety of Gotham.

Note that he is wearing his base armor in each picture. Batman manages to subdue him, just as Regime troops appear and attempt to apprehend the two. RELATED: The Batman: 5 Best Animated Villain Redesigns (& The 5 Worst). And I get to sit back, munch popcorn, and enjoy the show--watching as the world burns! The reason it's pretty much middle-of-the-road is that it isn't particularly Joker-like. Insurgency Joker sports a longer purple coat with black accents, a spiked collar, and slicked back hair. The color combo that happens in the Class Clown shader is kind of sickly looking on the whole, which, while that makes sense when looking at the mental illness inherent in The Joker, doesn't really work well. Update #1 : 04/08/2018 5:10:49 pmApr 8th, 2018. Default Joker wears a purple suit with a flower on his lapel, skinny leg pants, blood-stained white gloves, a skinny yellow bowtie, a dark green bullet-proof vest, and loose suspenders hanging at his waist. None of these weapons are nearly as dangerous as the Joker's lethal toxin Smylex, created by the Clown Prince of Crime himself. One Bad Day is almost the most classic of the skins available to The Joker, and the only thing that prevented it from getting number one on this list is the fact that it's just a little garish. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Possessing no powers outside of his genius cunning and chemistry skills, the Joker is still one of the most deadly villains seen in Injustice. Electrum is actually a really interesting shader choice, despite the fact that some people may not necessarily like the all-white look that using the Electrum shader gives. The Class Clown skin is definitely a little clownlike, aside from the big red shoes. He now has a skinny purple tie and brown dickies. This outfit is particularly toned down, making it one of the more boring picks for his possible shader choices. A lot of the shaders look pretty nice, depending on which specific kind of vibe you want to give your Joker, and since he's had so many different iterations over the years.

By destroying Metropolis, he set the events in motion which made enemies of Superman and Batman. However, he still speaks with the Transatlantic accent that Hamill made popular.

Joker becomes aware of Batman's presence beforehand, and counters him, injuring Batmans leg. Aside from arsenal of weaponry, the Joker's most dangerous weapon is his mind, making him utterly unpredictable and dangerous, even to the godlike superhumans of Injustice. Below You Can View List of Each Characters Injustice 2 Gear Builds, Stats, Moves, Character Powers and Abilities by Clicking their Image or Name Link. According an interview NeatherRealm’s creative director Ed Boon , the character roster in Injustice 2 was influenced by factors including who was left out in the first game, and which characters work well for the story. - ♠ Joker ♣, The Arkham Knight | Batman: Arkham Knight, 『 ʼ 』The Batman 2021 unmasked | DC, ༻ ༺ Damian Wayne | No more Robin.

Harley Quinn slowly approaches Batman, knife in hand, but after seeing his face, she drops the knife. The Flash. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Using premier skines, you can make Captain Cold look and sound like Mr.

In Injustice 2, the addition of Premiere Skins replace what would normally be unlockable characters (excluding Braniac - who is unlocked by beating the story). https://injustice.fandom.com/wiki/The_Joker/Gallery?oldid=147039. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They completely change the look of your character, while keeping the moveset. While the colors for this one aren't really taking any risks, you can't go wrong with the Clown Prince Of Crime skin.

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