i dont want him to commit zina and i am not ready to have a child now. To be clear, the present governments of almost all countries on Earth, including the so-called Muslim countries operate with corruption and oppression.

I found a few loose trileptal pills (for mood regulation) too. Social and cultural norms should be valued ,if things work in positive and healthy directions they will automatically fit into islam.

This feeling is not connected to any sexual requirements rather I want to have someone on my side as my lawful husband. There is no standing up for justice in the truest sense without both of these aspects working together, and simultaneously—at all times. I was in a kind of mental health remission, but then I had my son and it triggered something in me. Truly, He is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. Some of the Fiqh rulings of non-devotional practices such as marriage are subject to cultural considerations. is there a way to prevent being pregnant for some time. We don't know much about each other which is something unusual nowadays. Even though our environments have not reached that degree, we can still relate to the feelings of being oppressed and ostracized for our faith. I am feeling like a burden on this earth. It's just not only physical but also emotional and this emotional attachment is really important as well so husband should make his wife ready for this. SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT VISION PROBLEMS Now, with the current climate of racial tension in the U.S. and the revival of the national movement for Black rights, I thought it not only imperative, but seriously overdue to put together a similar list of reactions from our African American brethren. Abu Yazid Dumas, IT Tech, student of religious studies, Detroit, Michigan, I want to talk about a topic that I haven’t been able to discuss openly for most of my adult life; alcohol addiction and acute substance use disorder. It wasn’t because I liked drinking, it’s because being drunk made me forget the things that made me sad and anxious. During this period between the nikah and the rukhsati, it is permissible for the couple to interact with each other in a manner that is permissible for a husband and wife including the actual consummation of marriage. But not everybody in the indian subcontinent does this ( rukhsati). 1)Education Do not tell anyone about it. Funny enough, when I was in Senegal, it felt much the same way. This nikah before the rukhsati thing seems to be something which is an incredible hassle. I’m Bangladesh and Indian myself, and I have absolutely no plans to do this. I had pill bottles everywhere and drugstore receipts. Therefore, African American Muslims were the first Muslims in the United States of America. Loving Muslim Marriage Episode 10#: Do Angels Curse the Wife Who Refuses Sex? May Allah bless us with a beautiful spouse insha’Allah! I’d consume alcohol until I got physically ill. You have been warned quite a few times by Brother Wael and Sister Fozia to not write in capital but you seem to ignore the warnings.

- IslamicAnswers.com Editor), I read ur situation.its more of a thing related with ur mind and you instead of your husband.yup,he may had shown too much urgency getting close to you,but he is ur husband.and u said u had an affair!well,you need to check urself and clean out urself instead of thinking ill about ur husband.you are a woman,a woman brings happiness in a man's life,and see what you have done for ur husband till now!you could have loved him,given respect to him instead of complaining about him.asking for duaa to be happy is not the solution.use ur mind Allah has given u.this is insane u didnt even tried to talk to ur husband.try to know him,get closer to him.you will find peace and every happiness. Posted by heba • March 28, 2012 • Printer-friendly. I can’t figure out how to tell my doctors I need help with this entire process. I recently did nikkah and planning for rukhsati in few months. If one way works for you, that’s fine and dandy, but that doesn’t automatically mean that every Muslim on the planet ought to follow the cultural norms you adhere to. Please don’t state your personal opinion as a fact in deen. Right before you lose your balance and your inhibitions, being intoxicated is like being at a carnival. SEE I HAVE VISION PROBLEM SO I WRITE AND CHECK IF I HAVE TYPED RIGHT OR MISTAKE THATS ALL- Therefore, it is definitely preferable to wait until the actual wedding date before the young couple can fully consummate the marriage. Stay friendly, beautiful, and read the Quran (in your country translation as well). This, however, does not require the average Egyptian Muslim citizen to reject all relationship to the nation of Egypt. One should follow the principles and multiple ways are possible for it. I had kids back to back, every two years. The main reason I’ve heard from younger Muslims why this is taking place is because What they don’t tell you about an alcohol overdose is that it hurts. REGARDS I wonder if I’ll get the urge to go inside. Also, their is a famous Hadeeth which states; I am a 24 years old Muslim girl and my father died two years ago. I don’t think about drinking alcohol much anymore.

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