Firstly, you need to connect the leading, top, trailing and bottom constraints to the parent view: Secondly, since you want it to be full filled on the screen, you need to set each constraint's constant to 0: The launch screen isn’t an opportunity for artistic expression. A launch screen appears instantly when your app starts up and is quickly replaced with the app's first screen, giving the impression that your app is fast and responsive. iOS Storyboard - LaunchScreen image width constraint to superview. Step 5 : You should click all the I-bars and lines in the center to make it red like below to fill the width (you can see that reflecting in the example box as you click). To accommodate the screen sizes of different devices and environments, such as multitasking, use an Xcode storyboard to provide a launch screen. For the IOS part, I'm following this link: NOTE: I have the image source from image assets, is that correct? If your game or other immersive app displays a solid color before transitioning to the first screen, you can create a launch screen that displays only that solid color. Launch Screen Storyboard with centered image iOS. IMPORTANT Don't use a static image for your launch screen. For a game, the launch screen should transition gracefully into the first screen the game displays. Step 1: Open storyboard file with lowest screen resolution device set (iPhone 4s) and drag & drop an imageview to fill the view controller. There;s no Autosizing or Example UI element, Xamarin Inc., as a wholly-owned Microsoft subsidiary acting as a separate legal entity, adheres to the Microsoft Privacy Statement: Privacy & cookies, If you need to know the dimensions of various screen sizes to help you lay out your designs, see Device Screen Sizes and Orientations.In iOS 14 and later, the launch screen is limited to 25 MB. Step 2: Set the uiimageview source from resources/image assets. Step 3 : Click on the image -> Properties Tab -> Layouts section. For this reason, when in the properties I set the 4 constants to 0, the lateral space still remains like in the following image.

However, the EXACT same code, run in Xcode 11.5 in the iOS 13 simulator (and the app in the App Store) show the launch screen storyboard just fine. All images are in the assets area and work fine. SuatKorkmaz US Member December 2016 in Xamarin.iOS.

Don’t include logos or other branding elements unless they’re a fixed part of your app’s first screen.

Im done all the parts until step 10 (I added a background color and an imageview), here I don't understand how to set constraints (for the imageview) in order to show the fullscreen image for all the devices.

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