This map shows how many Irish Setter Dogs are posted in other states. If you are not able to download the Order Form please call Maureen on 01787 248143 who can take your order over the phone. The Rescue is run by The Trustees, a Management Group of up to 12 people plus our wonderful and much valued volunteers. funds through PayPal via the "Donate" button, or you can visit our donations

In this case, the breeder. If a dog’s identity cannot be determined, it will be, spayed or neutered before placement. Make a date in your dairy for May 5th 2019. Please help us in our mission to *Rescue, *Rehabilitate, — Are you committed to a lifetime of care and responsibility for this dog? raise funds to aid our Beautiful Breed in their times of need. in the Southeast. was £1,482.50 on Sunday evening with some pledges for the walk still to be collected. However, in the event that an IR&WS puppy is found in a pet store, the program may offer to purchase the puppy for a nominal amount in an, effort to prevent the store from disposing of it. Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month at: Allied Gardens Rec. © Copyright 2020  |   All Rights Reserved   |  Irish Setters UK & Ireland. A  Member of our Friends Group has sadly passed away and has donated her large collection of Irish & English Setter Memerabilia to our Rescue. San Diego, CA 92120 For those special-needs Setters can help brighten the life of a once-loved pet who is now homeless by adopting, The cost of vaccinations, routine procedures such as spays You and neuters, and tests continues to increase. would assume all expenses of the placement and would not sell the dog. For more information on donations see our page on Fund Raising. Whether you have a current love affair with the breed, enjoyed the company of Irish in the past, or are completely new to the breed we hope this resource will inspire your commitment to this wonderful breed of dog. 452 Umatilla, FL 32784 FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY ORDERED CALENDARS, THEY ARE CURENTLY BEING PRINTED AND PAT, OUR TRUSTEE, WILL BE POSTING THEM OUT AS SOON AS SHE RECEIVES THEM FROM THE PRINTERS.
How does Irish Setter Rescue work? 17590 We depend on donations to run our rescue, not financially supported by any Breed Club or Society, so we have to raise all our own funds. Each dog will spend a minimum of two weeks in foster care. Thanks to your generosity our initial total  Over 25 dogs have been re-homed since 1993, when the club began the program.

And he will be asked to make a donation to the Rescue Fund to be used, Whenever a dog needing to be rescued is discovered, the nearest willing, IRWSAA member will be asked to take the dog for temporary foster care. The Irish Red Setter Rescue Charitable Trust Registered Charity 1037633 The principal Objective of the Trust is “to rescue, provide care and shelter for lost, abandoned, neglected or ill-treated dogs and to find new homes for such animals wherever possible”. Your donation will assist us in continuing our This email address is being protected from spambots. A decision will be made on, a case by case basis regarding a permanent identification, considering, costs and availability of options where the dog is being fostered. Your donation will assist us in continuing our  This collection of pictures shows the great support for this annual event hosted by Gill and Andy Dale at their Treetops home. Our Coordinator, Bonnie Foster, is a member of the Gordon Setter Club of America (GSCA) and the Irish Setter Club of America (ISCA). UNSOLICITED STATEMENT FROM THE IRISH SETTER BREEDERS CLUB. The sole reward is the knowledge that our rescues will be wanted, well. The Club’s rescue scheme is here to help any Irish Red and White Setter in Great Britain who may be in need. Without you the supporters we wouldn’t be able to  They are hunting dogs and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to follow their instincts and find birds. 17590 More information may be found, Written on Tuesday, 03 November 2020 01:28. The, association has established a dedicated Rescue Fund, mainly for medical, expenses and transportation, but also for the incidental expenses of, document production, postage, and telephone charges.

A great day with great people and dogs doing a great thing  In Aid of Irish Setter Rescue & Rehome Where do rescue dogs come from? Rescue information, membership application, information on upcoming shows, and a list of show results. e-mail: We became a Registered Charity in August 2008 - The Irish Setter Rescue … — Are you prepared to include your dog as a true member of the family? If, this club member desires to continue, the dog may stay there for complete. We can accept She covers the state of Florida for Gordon Setter rescue, and other areas as needed, and serves on the National Rescue Committee. We have asked him to allow us to have access to work it ourselves and are awaiting an answer as to costs etc.
Phone: Please send any emails for the attention of Maureen Hurll to myself, Pat Bouch, at This email address is being protected from spambots.

There will soon be a downloadable  Order Form for the 2021 Calendar on the SHOP page . If neither the, owner nor the breeder can be located, the dog will continue through the, When an owner elects to surrender a dog to the program, he will be asked.

Rescue is all about making sure that we as Irish Setter fanciers do everything possible to take responsibility for the well being of all Irish Setters. If you know of a dog in need of rescue please contact, Irish Red and White Setter Association of America, The Irish Red and White Setter Association of America has established a, Rescue Committee of three members, one of whom is designated as the, National Chairman. Thanks for supporting Rescue! It just leaves me to say, see you all next year May 5th 2019 Same Place Same Time when we will do it all again. With grooming and attention each one makes an astounding transformation in spirit and appearance. or memory, of a loved one.

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