701 past & present clients - TV presenters, reporters, hosts & media personalities - coached by Glenn Kinsey. There was nothing left in TV for me.” She was still some years away from her 50th birthday at the time. It certainly won't be your usual chat-show fare.". Meanwhile, there is no visible sign of rivalry between Kathryn Thomas and Grainne Seoige, despite the fact that they're competing for the same big gigs. While Lucy Kennedy is less visible (she's currently presenting a 2fm radio show every Saturday and Sunday between 7 and 10am) and Sile Seoige has moved to presenting a show on ‘Newstalk’, big sister Grainne is so comprehensively spread through RTE's autumn schedule that critics say she'll be ringing the bells for ‘The Angelus’ next. “That's not true, especially not now. “It didn't matter how long you had been at the station or what your status was,” she recalls, “you didn't have the luxury of finding out face to face. I went out to my husband and said, ‘You're not going to believe this, Johnny...’. During the boom, it might have been more possible to pick shows that played to your strengths. The list below is in no perticular order and we will be updating the list below from time to time. “On the other hand, both women are solid presenters with good managers and long-term plans. In 1999, Mansfield retired fully from RTE to devote herself to painting. Carrie Crowley was a classic case in point.”. “Seoige and Thomas might seem to run the risk of over-exposure,” says an industry insider. She laughs about it now, but back then, it bothered her. “Female presenters do have to be thick-skinned,” says Joanne Byrne.

You have to develop a thick skin and say, ‘Whatever'. Anne Dawson. Chloe Everton. Again, she was over-exposed and left not only the station, but the country, moving first to England then to India, where she continues to run the Raheem Residence hotel in Kerala. “She didn't have enough time on air to really get her foot in under the table. “They wanted to get rid of the old faces and bring in some new ones. “There's no doubt about it. “Laura was RTE through and through,” says a former colleague. Read our presenter blogs for the inside scoop on everyday goings-on and backstage fun. Managed by Noel Kelly, who also has Ryan Tubridy on his books, Seoige has always carefully controlled her career. Hard decisions on how to stop the rot will determine its future viability. Craig Rowe. She had been offered a radio presenting job, but says she turned it down on the basis that it meant another presenter would have been axed to make room for her. She didn't hear it at a meeting with RTE executives in Montrose, she says.

Andrew Lynch: RTE is not keeping up with the times - something’s got to give, We can no longer continue as we are, RTE boss warns, RTÉ may sell off €1.2m studio amid calls to cut salaries of top stars to ease crisis, Ray D'Arcy will negotiate new wage deal with RTÉ - but other stars remain tight-lipped, Law to link top RTE presenters' fees to public sector pay scale proposed by senator, Dead Still review: 'It’s a real joy to come upon an RTÉ comedy that feels confident and fully-formed from the very first episode', ‘The Crown’ remains a must-see as action-packed season four kicks off with IRA bomb which killed Lord Mountbatten in Sligo, ‘She directed it, she edited it, that’s her baby’ - Lucy Kennedy reveals Amy Huberman was ‘very nervous’ ahead of Finding Joy premiere, Watch: Series 4 trailer of The Crown shows Queen and Margaret Thatcher going head to head, The accidental stand-up... Meet Cork comic Sinéad Quinlan, Ireland's newest comedy queen, 'This is unlike anything we've seen before' - RTÉ staff warned on new financial crisis. Alex Kramer.

Lucrative broadcasting fees paid to RTÉ's top presenters would be linked to public sector pay scales under proposed new laws. Instead, she was buying petrol at a garage in the west of Ireland when she spotted a newspaper headline on the stand. When women reach peak-time, they're over-used to the point of saturation. There was lots of money and more people floating around, but nowadays, a smaller amount of work is being spread around a smaller group of regulars. When contacted about the proposed changes to its Saturday night schedule, RTE declined to comment. London, UK-based with clients worldwide. Sections, Jennifer Zamparelli revealed recently that she had her ‘tubes tied’ Photo: Gerry Mooney 20/8/16, Niamh Horan Twitter

The plan for a revamp of the Saturday night chat show schedule comes after D'Arcy told the Sunday Independent in May that he was expecting to present the series for another year. Male presenters aren't expected to cross over between serious and light in that way, yet it seems to be expected of women.” Production budgets are down and a spokesperson from RTE said that the station is facing very challenging times with a forecast net deficit of €17m this year and even greater difficulties in 2012. Of course, in the late Noughties, Caroline Morahan and Pamela Flood found themselves exposed and vulnerable when they lost their slots on ‘Off the Rails’. The Gossies 2020: Best Female TV Presenter – Sponsored by ClearSkin, Love Island fans say islanders will have to CHOOSE to keep and dump one twin, The Gossies 2020: Most Stylish Lady – Sponsored by Bulmers Rosé, Nicky Byrne posts touching tribute to late father – 11 years after his death, Ryan Tubridy’s RTÉ Radio 1 replacement revealed as the presenter takes a break, Baz Ashmawy praised for ‘beautiful series’ as DIY SOS Ireland wraps up. After 30 years of working at RTE, Mansfield found out that her show was being cut, alongside every other punter who went into the garage to buy petrol that day. Having started out in local radio in Waterford, she had moved to Dublin and quickly turned heads in RTE, presenting the Eurovision in 1997.

‘Crimecall’ seems like a big step back for someone who spent a year covering feature stories on the ‘Daybreak’ sofa. The coveted prime-time slot is currently held by Ray D'Arcy - who could see the number of episodes of his television chat show The Ray D'Arcy Show more than halved - from 32 shows to 13. “Look at Miriam O'Callaghan, presenting a fluffy Saturday-night chat show as well as fronting a serious current affairs programme like ‘Prime Time’,” says one TV journalist. Kathy Tayler . “It is, after all, a semi-state body and they have to be seen to save money,” says one freelance contributor to RTE programmes. Menu Jackie Kabler. Log in. For a while, she seemed to be everywhere. RTÉ star Ray D'Arcy said he is prepared to take a pay cut from his €450,000-a-year salary, but his fellow presenters remain tight-lipped on whether they will follow suit. Both hungry for success, in their thirties and still with a lot to prove, Seoige and Thomas are neck and neck in the popularity stakes at RTE right now. Today we take a look at some of the most prominant and hottest female reporters/presenters and hosts for different sports channel networks around the world. She and Marian Finucane are the true alpha females of Montrose, both cementing places in RTE's top 10 earners. Once again, we’re delighted to be honouring the best female TV presenters in the Irish entertainment industry this year. Sky News Ireland’s office closed while she was its news anchor.

Many observers can't understand why Anne Cassin and Con Murphy were replaced as ‘Crimecall’ presenters. While Pamela still does some work at RTE and has started a family, Caroline is living in Los Angeles where she is in a play, according to her sister and former manager Olivia. OMG the best, cutest, hottest dubstep chic ever / DIO MIO la chica mas sexy, hermosa y mejor bailadora de DubStep.

Some industry sources say it's simply a matter of RTE using the talent that they already have when money is tight, and possibly of fulfilling contractual obligations.

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