All parts of true lilies are non-toxic for humans but are deadly for cats. Any type of skin allergy should never be left untreated. A feeling of local numbness may follow. You may also like: Touch Me Not Plant (Mimosa Pudica). Chewing or biting into this plant will release these crystals causing tissue penetration and irritation the mouth and GI tract. Many people experience severe skin irritation from contact with Elephant Ear’s leaves. Areas with a lot of moisture and heat are usually the best places for alocasias. All parts are poisonous.

It is important to let the attending physician know that the patient came in contact with the Elephant's Ear plant. If any part of the plant is found infected by some disease, it should be removed to stop the infection in other parts of the plant and pesticides can be used. Patients who experience diarrhea should drink plenty of fluids in order to replace the electrolytes that they lost from the diarrhea after they have received permission from the poison-control center. Death is caused by the swelling blocking the airways, though the swelling is usually not severe enough to cause this. They will give you further instructions. An unidentified chemical in the plant causes kidney damage in cats, which is often fatal. All Rights Reserved. So, proper care must be taken while propagation. Alocasia Polly is also known as Amazon Taro, elephant’s ear plant, kris plant and Polly African Mask. Ingestion of Elephant's Ear can be fatal and immediate emergency room treatment may be required. Seek emergency room treatment immediately if there is the presence of hives or blisters on the skin, tongue, mouth or other body areas from contact with Elephant's Ear plants. If you suspect your pet may have ingested a potentially toxic substance, call the APCC at (888) 426-4435 or contact your local veterinarian as soon as possible. Poisonous by ingestion, dermatitis, and eye injury. The alocasia is highly poisonous to dogs, cats, horses and humans and can cause death if consumed. Brown leaves with yellow markings. Severe skin irritation may require the use of prescription topical and oral drugs. This plant likes a bright lighting but direct sunlight is not at all favorable. Your local poison center can be reached directly by calling the national toll-free Poison Help hotline (1-800-222-1222) from anywhere in the United States. Elephant's Ear (Alocasia) is a common outdoor garden plant and container plant for indoors. This irritation may last for hours or sometimes may result in death. The Association advises that most often contact dermatitis is seen on the hands, arms or other body parts that came into direct contact with the irritant.

Found in: Houseplant or interiorscape; landscape, as cultivated summer ornamental. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Many people experience severe skin irritation from contact with Elephant Ear’s leaves. This article describes 12 common houseplants that are poisonous to humans and pets, symptoms of poisoning to look out for, and examples of safe alternatives. Alocasia plants contain insoluble oxalate crystals similar to other plants in the Araceae family. The alocasia is highly poisonous to dogs, cats, horses and humans and can cause death if consumed.

In winter, less water can be used but moisture should be maintained in the soil. These plants should be kept out of the reach of small kids and pets. When handling the alocasia, protective gloves should be worn in order to prevent skin irritation. It should be kept in a temperature of between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Toxicity Class (third column in table below). It grows best in a very humid and warm temperature.

Leaves and stems are the most poisonous parts of the plant.

In summers, plants are growing at full pace and they need more water. SKIN IRRITATION SEVERE!

Flowers are seldom seen. The calcium oxalate crystals found in the plant have sharp edges that cause irritation on everything that they touch. General description: These two native species are very similar in appearance. The alocasia is a perennial herb that is sometimes called elephant’s ear. Most of these bugs can be put off by keeping humidity high. Chewing it’s leaves may harm oral tissues and cause painful irritation in the mouth and body. Amaryllis, alocasia, dieffenbachias, crotons, ivies, azaleas, lilies, and philodendrons are just a few of the highly poisonous Plants are a great addition to homes and offices, but it’s important to know whether your plants are dangerous to children, pets, or even adults. Those parts should be trimmed with proper care. VERY rarely, swelling of the upper airway occurs making it difficult to breathe. This national hotline will let you talk to experts in poisoning. Symptoms of Lily Poisoning Include: vomiting; Elephant's Ear is a perennial tropical summer ornamental plant that does well in outdoor landscapes or indoor container gardens.

It’s striking foliage adds a uniqueness in the environment with glossy green leaves and silvery-green veins on it. Can Plants Release Toxins that Are Poisonous to Humans?. Alocasia Polly needs very humid environment to grow just like Blue Star Fern. Botanical name: Alocasia brisbanensis, Alocasia macrorrhizos. HIGHLY TOXIC, MAY BE FATAL IF EATEN! Fruit/Berries: The fruit are red berries 8–15mm long, ovoid shaped and clustered along the spike. Skin irritation consists of burning, itching and possible inflammation. Text STOP to opt-out, HELP for more info. The poison-control center should be notified about the size of the individual who swallowed the poison, how much of the plant the individual ate, what part of the plant the individual ate and how long ago the plant was consumed. Seek emergency room treatment if any part of the plant was ingested. Keeping the plant in kitchen or bathroom is a good idea. Phonetic Spelling kol-oh-KAY-see-uh es-kew-LEN-tuh This plant has medium severity poison characteristics. Both species have very large leaves, and both are called elephant’s ears. Every part of this plant is poisonous. Difference Between Alocasia & Colocasia. Moisture is required round the year. Needle-like, calcium oxalate crystals; possible proteins. They grow to 2.5m high with large fleshy leaves and thick fleshy rootstock and stems, which can be semi-prostrate. This plant is also used as an ornamental plant during the summer. General description: These two native species are very similar in appearance. They will give you further instructions.

If the leaves are looking like the one in the photo below then it's likely due to one of the following: N.C.

Some plants defend themselves against insects and predators by producing toxic chemicals. The safety of … Symptoms: If any part of the plant is eaten or chewed, it can cause immediate pain, burning sensation and swelling of the lips, tongue and mouth. If it touches the skin, the alocasia can cause skin irritation. However, they are small, clustered on a spadix and surrounded by a modified leaf (the spathe). The National Eczema Association recommends wearing latex-free gloves when handling plants that can cause skin irritation or contact dermatitis as a preventative measure.

Pot all the divisions and water them properly in a well drained container. Seek emergency room treatment if any part of the plant was ingested. Every part of this plant is poisonous. These plants should be kept out of the reach of small kids and pets. The plant gets its common name from the shape of the enormous leaves. If it touches the skin, the alocasia can cause skin irritation.

You can place your Alocasia at any spot in your house where the air used to be more humid than other areas of house. Poisonous to Humans Problem for Cats Problem for Dogs Problem for Horses; Poisonous to Humans: Poison Severity: High Poison Symptoms: HIGHLY TOXIC, MAY BE FATAL IF EATEN! A number of these chemicals are also toxic to humans. Alocasia Polly is toxic for pets such as cats, dogs, horses and others. It would be better if you make a watering schedule and spare your time for it regularly. Some species of alocasia are poisonous, while other species of alocasia are used as a food source.

You can use a curtain if plant is placed on a sun facing window. Oral antihistamines can help reduce itching, burning and inflammation from the skin irritation. The treatment information in this article does not replace the experience or recommendations of a licensed physician. If it touches the skin, the alocasia can cause skin irritation. All rights reserved.The ASPCA is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization. The household plant Dieffenbachia, one of the most common indoor plants, is so poisonous it can kill a child in one minute and an adult in 15 minutes. The leaves of the alocosia plant are green. They should then contact a poison-control center. According to the University of Florida, it grows in USDA hardiness zones 8b through 11 1. According to the National Eczema Association, topical analgesics, moisturizing creams and lotions can provide temporary relief from contact dermatitis symptoms.

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