We do not have specific mobile apps at present for our Qasida, Kalame Mawla and Ginans-On-Demand services (unlike our radio which can be accessed through Android and iPhone Apps) but you can listen on your computer, tablet or even smartphone. Composer: Various

JollyGul.com Presentation: 4 Popular Ginans Medley (Instruments-Only ) – Flute, Violin and Tabla The.Ismaili (Canada) Virtual Event: Horizons Series: Music, Islam, and Spirituality – Devotional Music from South Asia Home. Qasida is an Ismaili music radio station for Qasida and Ginans, streaming high quality non-stop 24/7. The tradition of devotional poetry amongst the Ismailis in Persia (modern day Iran), known as Qasidas, is part of the broader literary tradition of Persia found among other Muslim traditions as well. The word ginan is a derivative of the Sanskrit term jnan which means knowledge or gnosis. Thank you. Transports one into peace and entrancement. Greatly appreciated. Best way to promote this wonderful tradition immensely important and useful for younger generation as well as any age group. The best one recited with really good voice and tuning is “Har chand ke man dar”. Ismaili Ginans & Qasidas zainali57; 51 videos; 8,171 views; Last updated on May 5, 2018; ... Lecture on Shia Ismaili Islam (Ismailism, Ismailis, Aga Khan) at University of Toronto Rehmat Ni Varsha - A Shower of Blessings (With Lyrics & Translations), Ginans Akharat (Day of Judgement – Afterlife), Ginans Ruhani Wela (Spiritual Enlightenment), Kalame Mawla (Complete Recital - Zul Dhanji), ILTIJA - A Prayer By Imran Keshwani (Devotional Song With Lyrics & Translations), “Saavan” - Farhan Shah & Shahid Rehman (Udan Khatola). Mashallah . And you see lyrics and translations as you hear the verses.

It is not-for-profit and the goal is to promote the Ismaili music culture amongst the community members and to find ways to make musical connections with other faiths, traditions and genres.

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JollyGul.com is an independently operated human curated search engine and discovery & collaboration platform for Ismaili ginans, qasidas, geets and contemporary music. Ismailis Ginan. Composer:Pir Sadardin, Composer: By Pir Hasan Kabiruddin Salma Lakhani will be installed as Alberta’s 19th lieutenant governor, Rising Star Farah Alibay: A Female Engineer @NASA Conquering Mars and Gender Equality, Dr. Naheed Dosani (@NaheedD) receives 2020 Canadian Medical Association Award for Young Leaders (Early Career), History Made! You may right click download…. Select any qasida recital from list by clicking on title.

Instruments Only, Artist:
Amongst the earliest historical records of Persian music are the writings of the Greek historians who refer to the use of ritual and ceremonial music at the time of the Medes (900-550 BC) and the Achaemenian (559- 331 BC) dynasties. Allamah Nasir al-Din Nasir Hunzai, Artist:

Verily…, The Qasida Gist – By Karim Maherali This is a Qasida composed in Arabic by ‘Ali…, Karim Maherali shares his insights and knowledge interpreting Nasir Khusraw’s Qasida: Dur ze daryayi haqiqat,…. Artist: Gulshan Jessa Toronto. Composer: Pir Hasan Kabiruddin

Misbah Saleem, Salman Karim Hajikuch, Shehzad Amin, Artist: Hanif Gulamani Artist: Gulshan Jessa Toronto, Composer: Synchronized lyrics and translations will appear on the display screen . Next; Nine Ginans of Nine Ismaili Pirs A Brief History of Khoja Ismailis. It is not affiliated to any official Ismaili organization. Composer: Various

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