The book provides the necessary vocabulary for everyday occurrences and the basic phraseology that one needs in order to communicate.

HTML version and Links to Intermediate and Advanced exercises in comments. will enable you to improve your knowledge of Italian. The cards are immediately understood. It is formed of 22 teaching units with varied thematic areas: Encounters; in school; time passing; at the restaurant, the character; the emotions and sensations; the physical description; health; family; home; our everyday activities; idioms like “fare”; che tempo fa? For each grammatical unit there are exercises and tests that allow the student to assess their knowledge and progress. In bocca al lupo! The Italian B1 level language certification is an ‘intermediate’ level and means you are proficient enough in the Italian language for everyday interaction to live, study, and work in the community.

If you are uncertain of what a B1 certificate is and how to get it, you are not alone. Your B1 level certificate must be certified by an educational institution approved by the Italian Ministry of Education (“MIUR”) or Ministry of Foreign affairs (“MAECI”) in order for it to be approved and meet the requirements.

Learn Italy USA, LLC 226 W 37Th Street, New York, 10018 Tel: (917) 903-3093 E-mail : INFO@LEARNITALY.US; Website:, 4. This book is great for students from level A2 to B1. Communicative and interactive activities are included, but also vocabulary exercises, morphology and syntax, which can also be done without a teacher thanks to the solutions given. They include a lot of activities and exercises related to the stories. Depending on your knowledge and propensity for language acquisition, preparation times will vary. It is therefore suitable for students with a medium to advanced level, from B1 to C1. eBooks - Language: Italian - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. As stated, these times can vary greatly depending on your language aptitude and comprehension. It even has a long paragraph to explain what “slang” is.The style is conversational nearly to the point of be This page was last updated by Jason LoPresti. It is divided into 5 levels foreseen by the Common European Framework for Languages from A1 to C1. D 7. This book is entirely dedicated to the Italian verbal tenses and modes; which many foreign students consider difficult. Each of them describes a recipe and gives an insight into the Italian way of cooking.

There are also useful panels where one can find the most frequent and used forms of the practical and authentic language. Italian short stories for beginners with slow audio to learn Italian. If you are the spouse of an Italian citizen and are applying for Italian citizenship through residency or marriage, you are now required to obtain a B1 level Italian language certificate or above. To learn more about Italian language proficiency levels This text can be used either with or without a teacher; it is addressed to students from level A1 to C1. It will take just few minutes. Italian language test Let’s give a try Choose the language level that suits better your competences and start the Italica School Test. This book offers articles on Italian society, life, culture, and habits, allowing students to get closer to the reality of Italian culture, and at the same time to further develop their knowledge of the language. As an Italian citizen, you are granted the right to live and work legally in Italy without restrictions, granting additional possibilities for education and employment throughout the European Union.

It is recommended to check with your desired education program to see which level is appropriate. There are many questions regarding the B1 certification requirement and exactly who is required to get it prior to obtaining Italian citizenship.

The grammatical sheets present various verbal tenses, highlighting both their morphological aspect and analyzing the way they are used. This book is addressed to students that already possess a good knowledge of the Italian language, and want to further develop their competence. A 38. ); expressing ones taste; free time; communication; food and shopping; meals and cooking; clothes; sport; a little bit of geography; the city; holidays. Registration for Italian Citizens, Law Changes Affecting Italian Citizenship by Marriage, Italian dual citizenship through great grandparents, Dual citizenship Italy and Brazil, and South America, Italian citizenship through descent South Africa, Gathering Citizenship Documents From Italy, The Differences Between Applying for Italian Citizenship in Italy vs. the Local Italian Consulate.

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