Stall: 46 mph.

Lots of unhappy stories of non wooden props on 4 cyl Jabiru. Length: 16.5 ft. Wing span: 26.25 ft. Wing area: 85 sq.ft.

Cruise: 129 mph. 10 0 obj <> endobj �UV��,+���HY�Er�G�2k��K/���'J�5 H\a��F8�D�1��L�7p2����ST��i��A��z+�֞�Z;~. 35 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9402973F9F63B747AF46AE00BD3A8CAA>]/Index[10 45]/Info 9 0 R/Length 114/Prev 111424/Root 11 0 R/Size 55/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream By 1998 sales were underway in the UK and worldwide 130 ezamples were flying.

h�bbd```b``� "�@$�f�Z����50yL��`RL~�\-`sBA��0[D:$�M���`��@�Ѿ!n� ���Me`�m&X�������� � f Jabiru Calypso: Initially factory-built; now available only as kit; previously known as UL 450 ; SLA (Small Light Aeroplane to UK's now-replaced BCAR Section S), first aircraft was built in Ireland in 1998. Fuel capacity 65 litres (17.2 US gallons; 14.3 Imp gallons). CUSTOMERS : Production of complete and kit aircraft totalled some 535 by December 2002. Jabiru Engine: Jabiru, 80 hp. Jabiru Performance Measurements & Specifictions Performance Measurements Jabiru 230‐D Jabiru J170 Maximum Speed 130 knots 115 knots Cruise Speed Vh 120 knots 100 knots Vne 138 knots 132 knots Stall (Full Flap) 39 knots 38 knots Stall Clean 45 knots … +�/�/!S���o1�C��A�i��� _���� In-flight adjustable pitch trim; wide-span slotted flaps. Landing gear: nose wheel.SK60 Engine: Jabiru 1.6lt, 60 hp. Cruise: 90-95 kts @ 14 lt/hr.ST3 ULStall: 35 kt / 40 mph / 65 kmh Cruise: 85 kt / 98 mph / 157 kmh VNE: 116 kt / 133 mph / 215 kmh Empty Weight: 253 kg / 558 lbs MTOW Weight: 450 kg / 992 lbs Climb Ratio: 1000 ft/min / 5 m/s Glide Ratio: 1:14 Take-off distance (50ft obstacle): 1180 ft / 360 m Landing distance (50ft obstacle): 1180 ft / 360 m, Contribute / share information, experience and/or images, The fields marked with * are required to be entered. endstream endobj 14 0 obj <>stream Powered by Joomla!.

LANDING GEAR : Non-retractable tricycle type, with 15° steerable nosewheel coupled to rudder. Prototype built by Peter Kayne of Narrogin, Western Australia. I have been considering a few engine options, but it looks as though the simplest and most cost effective solution is to go with a replacement Jabiru of the latest specification. endstream endobj startxref Jabiru SP-T: Tailwheel version of SP. Thanks for contributing, sharing and contacting us. Landing dist: 300 ft. Service ceiling: 15,000 ft. Seats: 2. ROC: 1200 fpm. Fuel capacity as SP4, or 85 litres (22.5 US gallons; 18.7 Imp gallons) optional. Jabiru ST : Certified version; in factory production from mid-1994; first was 50th production Jabiru in mid-1998, the 17th production ST was registered VH-JRU to Jabiru Aircraft as the first ST3 short span and fuselage. PROGRAMME : Design of original Jabiru LSA, started 1987; prototype (first of two, VH-JCX and VH-JQX) made first flight August 1989; first customer delivery April 1991; factory-built version certified to CAO 101 Pt 55 on 1 October 1991; 20 built with KFM engine before change to 44.7 kW (60 hp) Jabiru 1600 flat-four, many of these subsequently re-engined; kitplane construction certification achieved in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, UK and USA by early 1997; marketed in US as amateur-built kit, achieving FAR Pt 21.191 (g) certification on 8 February 1996 (as well as Australian CAO 19 equivalent); marketing office opened at Aiken, South Carolina, in anticipation of substantial US sales of at least 100 per year but later closed in favour of network of dealerships. Sold to 22 countries. SYSTEMS : 12 V DC electrical system with 100 W capacity 20 Ah battery. Fuel cap: 17 USG.

Jabiru SK: Quick-build kit version of ST (components are manufactured alongside production aircraft); first was 66th production Jabiru; quoted home-build time is 600 hours.

Endurance: 4.5 hr. Donc, pour répondre à la question de Kawa, ce que j'ai modifié de mon Jabiru 2200, dans le but d'agir sur la fiabilité, (l'avenir nous dira ds quel sens !) All Rights Reserved.

Take-off dist: 480 ft. Seats: 2.

The longer fuselage and the standard SK wing. Ultralight or certified aircraft, suitable for factory or amateur assembly.

Jabiru SP4: Kit, combining longer fuselage of UL 450 with Jabiru 2200 engine and short-span wings of SK; originally designated SP. Differences from SK include wing span increased by 1.37 m (4 ft 6 in); fuselage by 0.61 m (2 ft 0 in); flaps by total of 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in); and reduced ventral fin. SP 470 Engine: 2.2 Jabiru.

Speed max: 138 mph. Cruise: 75 % 90 kt. Gross: 1060 lbs. %%EOF endstream endobj 11 0 obj <> endobj 12 0 obj <> endobj 13 0 obj <>stream bfRegisterSummarize("ff_elem13", "", "", "not available", false) The agents in the USA for the original Jabiru circa 1997 were Tiger Aviation.The SP 470 model is a combination of the best features of the SK and UL models. Original short rudder supplanted by full-height rudder (also available as retrofit) on all versions.

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