Also the book version would make a sailor's ears fall off, Absolutely my fav character in the book because of her swearing and general attitude. It's just not explained in the tv show, so... there ya go. The entirety of the fourth book in The Expanse series, Cibola Burn, takes place on the planet Ilus, a setting which does not appear in the first three seasons of the show. Really hope they bring her more in line with book Chrissy next season, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Didnt feel that way about hte husband but agree on the cursing. In the series, she appears in the very first episode. Early on, while the series was still broadcast on SyFy, fans also complained at her cleaned up language and lack of creative swearing. When a writer, or two writers, can stretch their legs to the tune of a few thousand cumulative pages, they can delve deeper into the characters than a TV series can ever hope to go, even with nearly 50 episodes under its belt. This is more like the source material. She also kind of leaned in to the swear words a bit much, sorta made you feel like she was too aware that she was swearing. u/hamsonk. I agree that the swearing in the first 3 was effective, appropriate. Her swearing is actually one of her defining traits in the books and what really adds to her charm. Some of the technology that appears in the book series pops up at different points throughout the show. In the books she curses like a sailor from the start, S1-3 the script itself before editing was tamer due to it being a TV production still. S4 Avasarala just matches the language she used in the books. Show: Season 4 spoiler. Now it's just for the hell of it. The Expanse book series is hard science fiction (science fiction based in science fact), much like Frank Herbert's Dune and Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. Chrisjen Avasarala's dialogue in season 4. She got even more hardcore like overnight. I swear to God, because I can see in real life what’s happening as a result of corrupted politicians making decisions. Even if she does it more in the books, I think the limited use of swear words really fit the actresses personality better since she cursed when she wanted to make a point. Particularly Chrisjen Avasarala, whose potty mouth is the stuff of legends. Avasarala's swearing. Used to be to emphasize a point. I think they can edit for TV, but keep it going in the same vein as in the first seasons. Sometimes these twists, which generally introduce characters to a larger world than ever before, can go horribly wrong (as in Battlestar Galactica), but The Expanse seems to have handled it well. And thank God he did. RELATED: The 10 Worst Sci-Fi Storylines Of The Last Decade, Ranked. Yes, scientific accuracy has already been mentioned, but it really can't be brought up enough. Show. Profanity is a part of the mask. The Wit and Wisdom of Chrisjen Avasarala, in charming inspirational shareable images! In the books, he's very idealistic, but in the series, he's less of an idealist and more of a freedom fighter. One of the hardest things to translate from stage to screen is character. That’s how she is in the books. SyFy premiered science fiction series The Expanse way back in 2015. But I do feel that hurt Avasarala's character, despite bringing her closer in line with the books. Avasarala was the only major misstep this season imo. The first season takes on Leviathan Wakes, the second Caliban's War, the third Abaddon's Gate, and the fourth the aforementioned Cibola Burn. “Everyone gets a pony, and a blowjob.

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