Jehovah-Shalom. If we are to come out of the battle with victory sitting on our helmets, we must go into it with the Dove of God brooding in our hearts. The Christian life is continual warfare, but in it all, " the peace of God which passeth understanding" may " garrison our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Jehovah of peace, or prosperity, the name given by Gideon to an altar which he built in the place where the Angel-Jehovah had appeared to him, … God lifted a man called Gideon from the weakest clan, Manasseh. On numerous occasions in the Old Testament, the God of Israel distinguished Himself from the false gods of surrounding peoples by making His presence known in the midst of Israel. Gideon considered himself to be the least in his father’s house.

Jehovah-shalom "Jehovah send peace." Even if they beg.

In doing so, their fear and forgetfulness were the precursors to sin that eventually separated them from the blessing of God’s presence. Over the tortured waters of the cataract the bow of promise and of peace lies unmoving, though its particles are in perpetual change. Jesus knew that His followers, both present and future, would face challenges and dangers in their ministry, but He didn’t want them (or us) to live in fear. According to Dr. Tony Evans, God is “the one who brings calm where there is chaos, stability where there is struggle.” Those who trusted in Him found comfort and calm in the midst of the worst storms, struggles, or battles.

The Christian life is continual warfare, but in it all, " the peace of God which passeth understanding" may " garrison our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

The picturesque story is familiar of the simple husbandman up in the hills, engaged furtively in threshing out a little wheat in some hollow in the rock, where he might hide it from the keen eyes of the oppressors; and of how the angel of the Lord, unrecognised at first, appeared to him; and gradually there dawned upon his mind the suspicion of who he was who spoke.

As it is written in Isaiah, “the steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in you” (Isaiah 26:3).

", International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.

However, Gideon went on to defeat the Midianites with the power of Jehovah Shalom. All rights reserved.

The Christian soldier's feet are "shod with the preparedness of the gospel of peace."

All rights reserved.

(Jehovah (is) peace ), or, with an ellipsis, "Jehovah the God of peace."
(See JPS). Shall I not shrivel up to nothingness when His fiery finger is laid on me?"

God is always true to His promises.

More importantly, He was active in pursuing and maintaining an intimate relationship with His children, something no other people or god could boast in. The prophet is God’s ultimate weapon of warfare. Then Gideon piles up the unhewn stones on the hillside into a rude altar, apparently not for the purpose of offering sacrifice, but for a monument, to which is given this name, "The Lord is peace." As 1 Peter 5:7 says, we are to “cast all of our cares and anxiety on Him because He cares for us.”.
At Ophrah, the Lord reminded the newly minted warrior and soon-to-be judge that He, the Lord, had been with the Israelites every stage of their journey and was with them still (Judges 6:8-10).

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