During the attack, Maul easily tore through their forces, asking about Tano as he did so. Free of his programming to kill Tano, he began aiding her in her escape and cut all contact with the other clones, leaving Jesse to organize the clone forces hunting her. While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it follows generally accepted ground rules for Star Wars fan groups. Maul went through the Clone Troopers one by one, demanding to know about their adviser, former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. [3], Earlier in the war Jesse wore phase I clone trooper armor with custom blue markings representing the 501st Legion. [Source].

Later on, Maul brought Jesse to the Sundari Royal Palace where he awaited Ahsoka Tano, Commander Rex, and Lady Bo-Katan Kryze of the Mandalorian Nite Owls. The "Bad Batch" took them head on. He survives the many assaults and fights alongside Rex, Fives, Kix, Hardcase, Tup, and Dogma and was led by Jedi Master Pong Prell. Jesse then helped Rex and the Bad Batch invade the Anaxes Separatist Security Outpost before they abandoned it to break into a Separatist Cyber Center.

However, during the voyage back to Coruscant to deliver the captive Maul to the Jedi Council in order to stand trial, Darth Sidious, whom Maul had been growing increasingly paranoid of, initiated Order 66, activating all the clones' inhibitor chips, including Jesse's. Umbara was under Republic control. After Krell learned it was Fives's own plan to destroy the supply ship, along with the disobeying of his orders, Jesse alongside Fives were scheduled to be court marshalled, and executed. Detachment: Clone Trooper Detachment. After the execution of Order 66, however, Jesse became completely loyal to the Sith Lord Darth Sidious as a result of his programming. Jesse, flying an Umbaran starfighter in a space battle. Requirements for all 501st costumes are proportional to the wearer in scale, fit and size. Tano forgave him and Rex helped him out of the palace. Forearms are Phase 2 style animated ARC forearms.

During the campaign, the Republic forces were initially left at a loss, and the planet was on the verge of falling to the Separatists.

Jesse has been upgraded! Biological Information Also as a bonus, a custom printed head with republic symbol is included! The Mandalorian resistance and Grand Army of the Republic managed to land and take control of much of Sundari in the ensuing battle, forcing Maul's forces into hiding. He was a participant of the Battle for Anaxes when Jedi Generals Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker ordered Captain Rex and Commander Cody to form a small squad of trooper to go behind enemy lines and infiltrated the Seperatists Cyber Center. Jesse, or CT-5597, was a clone trooper and later ARC Trooper of the 501st Legion who fought alongside Rex, Kix, and Hardcase. endorse this product. RG-G1 and CH-33P continued to move the platforms up and down to their advantage until they were discovered by the clones; Jesse ordered the droids destroyed. CT-5597, nicknamed Jesse, served in the 501st Battalion and was eventually promoted to an ARC Trooper. Tano chose to let Maul escape so she could save Rex. Items listed in red are intended to further enhance the finished costume. Raised rectangles on each side of the pack are painted slate blue.

Jesse fought during the Battle of Mimban alongside Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex" and Hardcase. The front edges of the kama line up with the outside edges of the front two panels of the belt. Holsters and thigh boxes are attached to the black, X-crossing double waist straps. Thus, ordering an execution. 19 BBY,[2] aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer, a moon[3] Contact: legomaster13@gmail.com. Jesse was killed alongside the other clones when the Venator they were on crashed into a moon. Rex unsuccessfully argued with Krell to release Jesse and Fives, resulting in Krell ordering their execution.

White, ankle high or tall enough to cover the ankle and eliminate any black undersuit visible at the ankle area. His phase II armor bore similar markings but were recolored a darker shade of blue. He then participated in the combined attack on the complex to overtake it. CT-5597[5] "Jesse" was a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett and a soldier in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic's 501st Legion.[1]. For the mission, Cody called for the help of Clone Force 99, nicknamed "The Bad Batch," an elite group of clones with desirable genetic mutations. https://starwarsrepublicclonetroopers.fandom.com/wiki/Jesse_(Clone_Trooper)?oldid=7567, Jesse's Phase 1 armor consists of simplified blue-colored stripes and decals revealing his distinction in the 501st placed on his thighs, shoulders, and T-visor. Clone Commander Jesse is a hard-fighting patriot who proudly wears the cog-shaped symbol of the Galactic Republic on his helmet, and has a large tattoo that covers his face. Rex insisted Wrecker put Jesse down, but the situation didn't resolve until Bad Batch member Hunter told Wrecker to drop Jesse. They told Rex about their plan, but he warned them that he would not be able to protect them if they were caught. LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or Clone Trooper Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Jesse's ARC Trooper Armor wore colours of the 501st and he had a Kama, Pauldron, DC-17 Hand Blaster but he used a DC-15S.

Boots have a center strip running from the toe to the ankle. Jesse sent the 332nd Company to the main hangar to cut off Tano and Rex's only escape. After Rex was injured, he left Jesse in charge of the squad. Belt is approximately 3" tall and divided into segments.

The clone known as "Jesse" was a hard-fighting patriot who proudly wore the Republic crest on his helmet. Thigh boxes have an upper section and a lower section. The main panels of the left shoulder are grey. The front facing side of the forearm has a four button compad. Rex tried to reason with Jesse that they could still decide for themselves if they wanted to kill Tano. The squad fired, but intentionally missed.

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