Fortunately, Pavla’s Strikemaster and Obscureco’s Jet Provost T.Mk.5 resin cockpit sets for Airfix’s kit should suit the Sword kits too. XW424/52, the Swords Aerobatic Team, NO.3 FTS, RAF Leeming, 1974. The instructions indicate that nose ballast is required, but not how much. The kit sprues are identical. (Mention of the Strikemaster makes  me recall 1985 when I was an NZ Army officer living in married quarters on RNZAF Base, Hobsonville. This is a bit of a long shot, but I shall give it a try anyway (I have exhausted Google!). Clear wingtip light covers are provided for both the tankless wingtips and more common tanked options. Canon 40D | Sigma 80-400 (used with fluid head tripod). If the airline you're searching for is not in this list, use the 'Keywords' field further down in the search menu. The parts maps do not identify non-applicable parts, which seems a bit lazy, but this has been Sword’s practice to date. Use this option to include only photos taken by a specific photographer in your search. Privacy Statement - There must be at least 20 photos from a specific airport in the database before that airport is added to this list. Fortunately, there are after-market resin cockpits from Pavla (Strikemaster) and Obscureco (T.Mk.5) intended for the Airfix kit that should be fine with Sword’s offerings too.

are available as selections in this menu. These give four views and indicate the national insignia, unit markings and stencil locations. 9187M. A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. If you are looking for photos taken in a specific country, or at a specific airport, use this menu. Thanks to Sword Models for this review sample. It was armed with two 7.7-mm (0.303-inch) machine guns. Jet Provost T-4 kit Sisältää 211 CNC leikattua balsa ja vaneri osaaSuunniteltu WeMoTec 90mm Midi Fan Evo puhaltimelle ja 8S 5000mAhJet Provost T-4 on helppo lennettävä ja laskeutuu yhtä hitaasti kuin traineri Tekniset tiedot:Siipi pinta-ala: 40 dm2Kärkiväli: 1550mmPituus: 1380mmLentopaino: noin 4500g6 kanavaa, Siiveke, korkeus, moottori, telineet, laipat Lentovideo tästä The largest of each pair of main-wheel doors is also closed when the wheels are down. A small pitot and its protective bracket fit under the nose centreline, whilst a bulged cover for the elevator actuator mechanism fits below the port tailplane. All countries represented in our database are included in this selection menu, which is updated automatically as the database grows. Contact Us - Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground.

Jet Provost fleet number. Home  The wings come with tip-tanks moulded in place, but the Jet Provost has the option of tankless wingtips (required for the aerobatic team markings option).

All rights reserved. I am trying to discover the ‘fleet number‘ of JP5 XW405 circa Nov 1972. Thank you for verifying your email address! With the undercarriage down, the Jet Provost/Strikemaster only has tiny doors open each side of the nose-leg effectively leaving the nose-wheel well closed off. Hunting Percival Jet Provost Hunting Percival Jet Provost T Mk.3 Royal Air Force (1918-now) 2 FTS 24 | XM413 | RAF Gaydon, Warwickshire 1967 | BS381C:627 FS18913; Hunting Percival Jet Provost T Mk.3A Royal Air Force (1918-now) 1 FTS 11 | XM461 | RAF Linton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire 1984 | BS381C:537 BS381C:627 FS17875; Product timeline
), or choose to match your keyword to all database fields. The decals, plastic and resin parts come in a zip-lock bag, with the clear parts further enclosed in a small bag of their own. Given the huge canopy, this is a poor effort when compared to similar Sword kits. It is vastly superior to the Matchbox kit. I like Sword kits, and this one has many of the brand’s good attributes, not least very nice surface detail. In fact, this subject’s cockpit really warrants the coloured PE treatment like Sword gave their two-seat Lightnings. The Strikemaster has several avionics bulges plus blade and towel-rail antennae on the ventral fuselage and intake undersides, whereas the Jet Provost has only ventral blade antennae and strakes under the intakes. The T51 was an armed export version, sold to Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Kuwait and Sudan. There is a little flash in places, but this is easy to deal with. In fact, this subject’s cockpit really warrants the coloured PE treatment like Sword gave their two-seat Lightnings. There is also a floor; rear bulkhead; two lack-lustre control columns that are nothing like the detailed examples illustrated in the instructions; a throttle quadrant (again different to that illustrated); a bottle that looks like a fire extinguisher; some basic sidewall detail moulded integrally with the fuselage halves; an instrument panel and its coaming. Advertising - Fleet number is listed as (J-MQ) Construction no. Jet Provost T.3, RAF, No.1 Flying Training School, RAF Linton-on-Ouse 1961-70; Jet Provost T.3, RAF, No.6 Flying Training School, RAF Acklington 1961; Jet Provost T.3A, Russ McDonald Field - Herber City Municipal Airport, Utah, USA 1993; Jet Provost T.3, Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering (DSAE) Cosword, RAF Cosword 2012
Good surface detail, accurate appearance, good value too, from the right supplier. Archive - |  What's New  |  Features  |  Gallery  |  Reviews  |  Reference  |  Resource Guides  |  Forum  |, Jet Provost T.Mk.5 & Strikemaster Mk.80A/88. S u m m a r y . Since then it has had nine owners, the current one being Alan House of Reading. It also has a nose blade antenna not applicable to the Strikemaster. Your account has been created. Airlines are listed in alphabetical order. Performing a pleasing routine at the 2009 Kemble Airshow in the colours of XF877 which it was in RAF service, This Provost was built in 1955 and transferred to the civil register in 1968, the year the last Provosts were retired from the Central Air Traffic Control School at Shawbury, the last RAF unit to operate the type, Atlas Air Flight 5Y8051 Miami-Amsterdam is seen here 38,000ft over Herefordshire, Over the boundary on short finals to the grass runway at Shobdon, Herefordshire, This Su-27 of 831 Tactical Aviation Brigade, Ukrainian Air Force, based at Myrhorod, was one of a pair that attended RIAT 2019. This matters little, as the nicely detailed main undercarriage will block out most of what can be seen. One hundred & forty-six were built. This is a typical Sword kit with nicely moulded parts, fine surface detail, and reasonably narrow sprue gates. The biggest disappointment has to be the ejection seats and their lack of harness detail. The kit is capped off by a two-piece canopy with the option of being modelled open or closed. However, after several years of reviewing them, I still feel Sword rushes things to get to market (perhaps because an almost pathological concern amongst many Czech kit makers that someone else will release the same subject first). is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 4 million screened photos online! The T4 followed in 1960, fitted with a more powerful variant of the Viper engine and first flown on 15 July, and this was followed by the pressurised T5 in 1967. Catalogue Number: SW72089 – Jet Provost T.Mk.5 SW72090 – Strikemaster Mk.80A/88: Scale: 1/72. This pulldown menu, in addition to each year available as a search limiter, also shows the number of photos currently in the database for each specific year, enclosed in brackets. Copyright © 2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Mk.80A, 902/102, Royal Saudi Air Force (with two camouflage schemes). The painting and decal guides use generally adequate black & white shaded drawings in the instructions, and colour profiles on the rear of the box. This pulldown menu, in addition to each photographer available as a search limiter, also shows the number of photos currently in the database for each specific photographer, enclosed in brackets. If Sword does not plan to supply PE then they should at least include full harness detail cast integrally with the ejection seats. The Keywords search field is not case-sensitive. Dave and Eric I really appreciate your responses - ‘83’ it be. sent via this form. Some will require removal in order for parts to fit correctly; but again, this is easily done. First flown in 1967, the aircraft was marketed as a light attack or counter-insurgency aircraft, but most large-scale purchasers were air forces wanting an advanced trainer, although Ecuador, Oman and Yemen have used their aircraft in combat. The nose-lights are covered by a small clear panel.

My next-door neighbour and friend was a junior pilot with the dubious distinction of having ejected from a Strikemaster after hitting power cables during low flying. Each kit has seventy-six grey and ten clear styrene parts, two resin parts, and decals for two subjects (but with four colour scheme choices in the Strikemaster’s case). Please note that, due to space constraints, this menu includes only airlines of which 10 or more photos exist in our database. The instructions provide a brief history of the aircraft that is the same for both kits, and fails to mention the Strikemaster at all! Each kit has a slightly different shaped blade antenna that locates in the same place just to the right of the spine behind the canopy. There are numerous differences between the constructional drawings and kit parts that hint even more detailed and better kits were intended compared to what has been realised. You may select either a specific database field (airline, aircraft, etc. Note: The total number of photos, enclosed in brackets, is updated four (4) times hourly, and may be slightly inaccurate.

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