It also comes with a one-year limited warranty. The Adventure comes equipped with an interactive LCD Display. This 21-speed mountain bike is equipped with a powerful 250-watt hub motor and 9 levels of pedal assist to give you that extra push when you need it. CleanTechnica member, supporter, or ambassador, New Tesla Model Y Owner Is Highly Enthusiastic (Video Review), My Quest For Net Zero & Beyond With Tesla Model 3 — Part 5, Tesla Model Y Offers “Disconnected Bliss” On Weekend Road Trips, Outside Magazine Writes, 1 Year With Tesla Model 3 SR+, $0 Charging. We'll take you along for the ride with all the latest at Jetson. This makes long rides, hills and headwinds an absolute joy to navigate. Somehow the experience made me think less of the regular bicycle which needs muscles to actually move the pedal. e-bike Parts. are also a number of things that are simply hard to not notice. It broke and created a dangerous situation. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the ride, so we’ve equipped the Adventure with 9 levels of pedal assist. Even more, eBikes let you sneak through gridlocked traffic and are very easy to locate parking for. We found ourselves pedalling fast to hold a spirited speed. Some people even ride eco-friendly bikes as much for fun and staying fit as they do for normal transportation. You will be able to go further with much less effort. Safety first - equipped with front and rear disc brakes for extra stopping power and a bright LED headlight and taillight for increased visibility. The current setup, however, could be perfect for anyone with nearby hills or of if there are steep slopes in your commute. Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2018.

Electric Bikes are found here in this link. This e-bike isn’t the always-on communication hub a la Bluetooth we seem to be seeing with other e-bike makers. Email . How do I reset my trip on my Jetson Adventure Bike? Furthermore, the e-bike comes with a front shock suspension which ensures a smooth and comfortable sail when riding. This is a nifty feature we’ve come to like over the weeks. For assistance purchasing spare parts, please reach out to our support team at Contact us. It is poorly made. Sales Richardson Bike Mart sells ebikes from some of the industry’s top suppliers of eBikes. Still need help? One thing that Do not buy this bike! Jetson Electric Bike; Kids Scooters; Hoverboards; E-Scooters; E-Bikes; JetKarts; Ride Jetson App > Back to top. Ever since he has produced green mobility content on various CleanTech outlets since 2007 and found his home on CleanTechnica. GEARS The Adventure is a 21-speed e-bike. Adventure Bike Inner Tube. With the appearance of a normal bicycle, the Jetson adventure has an integrated hub motor that will help you as you pedal along. Will my Jetson Adventure bike move without pedaling, or have a throttle? The front and rear disc brakes improve stopping power while the front LED headlight and rear LED lights increase visibility and safety. Stay tuned for more as we continue to discover this fun e-bike. Installation can be a bit tricky so professional replacement is recommended. How should I look after my Jetson Cruiser battery?
With the motor off, the bike feels heavy and hard to balance for newbies or for those who just can’t keep up with a heavy bike. Ordered vertical grips to attach for a higher hand position, but they don't fit the Adventure handlebar or grips. It comes with an LED headlight and tail-lamp built within its frame which ensures safety.

In fact, when asked what kind of bicycle it was, most were intrigued to learn it is electric. Can the Jetson Adventure battery be replaced? $499.99. Please try your search again later. We offer spare parts for most Jetson products exclusively on this bike shoots up to 20mph surprisingly quickly and I can sail around Stay updated on remaining battery life, see your current speed, track distance traveled, and so much more. The Jetson Adventure e-bike is straightforward, fun, and elegant. The bike is nice but don't expect any fix or service. The Jetson Adventure bike has an internal battery that may be replaced. Get to Know Us. The Jetson Adventure bike has an internal battery that may be replaced. Home Parts e-bike Parts Page 1 of 1 Sort by: Bolt Electric Bike Seat. Additionally, our local service from our factory-trained mechanics during and after the warranty period will enhance your eBike experience. Tags: EV reviews, jetson, Jetson Adventure, jetson e-bike, Jetson electric bicycle, Nicolas Zart Nicolas was born and raised around classic cars of the 1920s, but it wasn't until he drove an AC Propulsion eBox and a Tesla Roadster that the light went on. Page 13 Before your first ride you must fully charge the Adventure - charge for 12 hours for the first 3 times you use it. I even zoomed effortlessly along roads and didn’t break a sweat while pacing traffic. For assistance purchasing spare parts, please reach out to our support team at One of the lightest weight e-bikes on the market, the Jetson adventure is still easy to ride even without motor assistance. There was a problem completing your request. Sold Out. $34.99.

Jetson settled on $1,800 for the Adventure, which seems to be the new entry level for e-bikes these days. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the ride, so we’ve equipped the Adventure with 9 levels of pedal assist. Power will only be applied as soon as you are at a pedaling momentum and it automatically stops the moment you stop pushing the pedal. This means that just pedaling without any extra effort or thought will engage the electric motor. Our eBikes are designed and intended for daily use and carry a strong warranty to endorse their worth, backed by companies with a history of testing, research and producing outstanding eBikes. ©2020 Adventure Electric Bicycles. We do like that it is a fun city riding experience right out of the box. You will have to put your smartphone and other connected devices away in your pockets and enjoying biking. And if you feel like abusing it, it can handle 300 lb of weight.

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