I don't care how big you are.".

His autobiography, “Lawyer: My Trials and Jubilations,” written with Mickey Herskowitz, was published in 2003.

", "The deputy and I walked into the Sears store and went upstairs to the manager's office. Joseph Dahr Jamail Jr. was born on Oct. 19, 1925, to Joseph and Marie Anton Jamail. The Court included its admonition of Jamail in an Addendum to its opinion "as a lesson for the future—a lesson of conduct not to be tolerated or repeated." “He could connect with juries and judges better than anyone I’ve ever seen,” said Houston lawyer Richard Mithoff, a former partner of Jamail’s. Miller said in 1991 that he believed he was hired in at least one case simply because Jamail was representing the other side. He attended the University of Texas at Austin (UT) for one semester before joining the United States Marine Corps in 1943. They may make mistakes from time to time, but we have courts who can rectify those mistakes. That same chip, however, produced a slow start at the University of Texas in Austin, so the young man joined the Marines during World War II and returned home in 1946. Joseph D. Jamail, Jr., is one of the recipients of the Outstanding Fifty Year Lawyer Award for the year 2003. I have been a big fan of Joe Jamail for a long time. But he examined witnesses and nurtured juries with an actor’s repertoire that could be confiding, angry, cajoling, blustering — pitying the victims and indignant at the villains. It has the added virtue of being true. He’s extremely hard-working and thorough when preparing for a case. After graduating, he took a job at Freeman, Bates & Jaworski. And no matter what, this Houston lawyer will have a captive audience: a jury seated for trial; people wondering what brings him back to the courtroom; or folks simply wanting to know what's on his mind. Recipient of the 1989 Jurisprudence Award by The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. But they also convey a solid willingness to continue practicing and winning — which is very bad news for you if you happen to come up against him in court. Jamail, I'm sorry he's taken most of the time but you have thirty seconds if you'd like to respond.' The wealthiest practicing attorney in America, he was frequently referred to as the "King of Torts". And win,", Professor Morris asked me what my parents did. So, with all the money he could use and 50 years of trials under his belt, why does he keep coming back to the courthouse? ", "I have been told since law school that the lawyer has to be objective, not get involved with the client emotionally.

“Nobody said anything,” Jamail recalled in his audio interview.

Long known as the King of Torts, Mr. Jamail worked on a contingency fee basis, usually one-third of the award, and earned $10 million to $25 million a year in the decade before the Pennzoil case. I looked at them and said, 'Shit, I've over-trained!' Born as Joseph Dahr Jamail, Jr. on the 19th October 1925 in Houston, Texas USA, Joe was an attorney best known to the world as “King of Torts”, who during… I said, 'That's more than enough time. At a young age, he began working at his family’s grocery business.

"I'm starting out pretty good on it," says Jamail, who has a full docket for the foreseeable future. Friday, November 28, 2003 Texaco, whose net worth was roughly equal to the judgment, was virtually wiped out.

About a billion dollars or so. [citation needed], On May 14, 2008, The University of Texas at Austin announced a $15 million gift from Joe Jamail to support the Law School, Nursing School, and the College of Undergraduate Studies. He earned a liberal arts degree in 1949 at UT, then earned his law degree in January 1953, six months after passing the bar. thereby revoking all our constitutional guarantees. [13], On its own motion, having reviewed deposition transcripts in the Paramount case, the Delaware Supreme Court referred to Jamail's conduct as "rude, uncivil and vulgar", "abusing the privilege of representing a witness in a Delaware proceeding", 637 A.2d. No, my friend. Practicing law is no longer about the big payday because, as of Nov. 20, 1985, he had one of the biggest: On that day, he successfully convinced a Houston jury that Texaco Inc. derailed his client's efforts to buy Getty Oil Co. and won a $10.53 billion judgment for Pennzoil Co. A settlement later reduced the payout to $3.3 billion, which still meant a $400-million-plus payout for Mr. Jamail. Variations: Viewing All | Randall Hage Jamail. He ranks #368 in the Forbes 400 list. In a saloon in Lafayette, Louisiana, trying to score with the barmaid when an attorney named Kaliste Soloom intervened to spark Jamail's curiosity about the law.
“The King of Torts,” Joseph Dahr Jamail, Jr., is the richest practicing attorney in the United States of America. So I was looking for people with long marriages, long church affiliations ... people whose word meant something," says Jamail. 637 A2d. No, it's an opportunity to have whatever dispute you've got heard," he says, "Who is the guardian of human rights? Joe Jamail, a celebrated Texas lawyer who had flunked civil negligence in law school and barely passed the bar exam but went on to dazzle his profession by winning gargantuan judgments — including Pennzoil’s $10.5 billion award against Texaco in 1985, then the largest in history — died on Wednesday in Houston. "He's a shrewd person about weaknesses of people," says Richard Miller, who represented Texaco during the suit. It's basic execution that is held up as an example in classrooms, especially in UT law classes. Joe and Dick looked at the other as second,” said Daryl Bristow, who was Miller’s law partner during the Texaco-Pennzoil trial.

Jamail eventually formed his own practice, where he could take the cases he wanted and handle them his own way, which at times veered toward the unbelievable. During an audio recording he made in 2007, Jamail recalled other boys picking on him as he walked back and forth to school. Profile: Please use 'Randall Hage Jamail', as ANV of Randall Jamail. [citation needed], On May 14, 2008, The University of Texas at Austin announced a $15 million gift from Joe Jamail to support the Law School, Nursing School, and the College of Undergraduate Studies.

"Any attorney who goes into court thinking he's going to flim-flam a jury is nuts," he says. Jamail was born in 1925. Outspoken, colorful, and very successful, this website was used to promote his book: Lawyer, as well as present highlights from his long and prolific career as a trial lawyer. In 1986 The University of Texas School of Law created the Joseph D. Jamail Centennial Chair in Law and Advocacy in his honor.

The smile that creases his face never wavers while he recalls the countless highlights of his legendary career, which has grown to near-mythic proportions. I would like for you to remind the doctor, and I hope he doesn't mind if I call him a doctor. He served in the Marine Corps and became a sergeant. Though his family wasn't terribly impacted by the events of the late 1920s and early 1930s, he still lived through the Great Depression and witnessed how people treated their neighbors in times of crisis. Where was he when he decided to take the bar exam on a dare -- with only three days to prepare? In this April 1, 2012 file photo, Texas coach Mack Brown, right, points to a Texas ring worn by attorney Joe Jamail before the Orange and White spring NCAA college football game, in Austin, Texas. Following a reprimand by the Delaware Supreme Court, Jamail stated in the press "I'd rather have a nose on my ass than go to Delaware for any reason". Edit Artist ; Share.

", "And if we don't continue to have an independent judicial system, they will settle disputes in the streets. [5], After serving in the Pacific during World War II, Jamail returned to UT, where he received his B.A. I bought his book around the same time I was looking online at these super warm North Face down jackets. The University of Texas Ex-Students' Association, Life Member There's just so much you can eat and drink." The Fifty Year Lawyer Award was the first award established by the Texas Bar Foundation.

Recipient of the Southern Trial Lawyers Association 1993 War Horse Award. "I just got tired of it, so when he got close, I nailed him," Mr. Jamail recalls.

In April 2006, a particularly sharp exchange, titled "Joe Jamail takes a deposition defended by Edward Carstarphen.

If you own a Remington Mohawk 600 rifle or a three-wheeled Honda all-terrain vehicle, then you bought it before Jamail personally had them, along with the drug Parlodel, completely recalled because of the inherent dangers they posed. That's where his unusual approach to the profession began. "I'll be honest with you, when you're a winner — and I've won so much — they tend to publicize it, glamorize it, romanticize it....You know everybody's looking for a hero,” Jamail says when asked about the king's crown he was presented by his colleagues in deference to his media coronated royalty. which naturally was used to buy beers for his friends all night long. Audacious, unpredictable, a theatrical courtroom rogue, Mr. Jamail won the hearts and minds of juries with down-home straight talk in a barroom drawl that turned boring contracts and soporific legal jargon into simple, dramatic morality plays, with casts of victims (his clients) and villains (the other guys). But when he got five F’s that first semester, he forged his parents’ signature to enlist in the Marines. I love this stuff," he says with a laugh. He leans in, pulls the room together with his sly smile and knowing wink, then clarifies: "Good drink, that is. His father was a grocer and established the famous Jamail Grocery stores. "Anybody who thinks they're smart enough to go to court and the Holy Ghost is going to descend upon them with all the knowledge they need to win is ... goofy. Has over $12 Billion in jury verdicts and over $13 Billion in verdicts and settlements. A man who won the largest civil damage award in history. That ended that shit.

I would like for you to remind him that when his professional ancestors were putting leeches on George Washington to bleed him, mine were writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.' Has been lead counsel in over two hundred personal injury cases where recovery, either by verdict or settlement, was in excess of One Million Dollars. People who say they are his friends are afraid of him because of his money." But now the King rises. Hilarity ensues" or "Texas-Style Deposition", appeared[14] on various blogs and internet sites (particularly related to American law). JAMAIL Lee Hage (Mrs. Joseph D.) Jamail died Monday, January 15, 2007, after a fiercely determined battle with cancer. What about now?
Mr. Jamail is a Sustaining Life Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation, a trustee of the UT Law School Foundation, Fellow of the International Academy of Law and Science, and Fellow of the American College and International Academy of Trial Lawyers. Drinking with Willie Nelson and former University of Texas football coach Darrell Royal.

Bullies and snobs have always ignited in me the fire that smolders inside my soul.

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